Turnstiles have become an important element of security systems in large spaces where the flow of people is high and safety is a primary concern. Introducing them is an effective way of controlling who can access the facility conveniently. It is secure and used to enforce one-way traffic in commercial, government & industrial buildings to avoid overcrowding at entrance/exit gates.

The original use of turnstiles in commercial facilities dates back to 1913, when Clarence Saunders, the owner of Piggly Wiggly supermarket store in Memphis, Tennessee decided to use a turnstile access control system to avoid overcrowding and make the shopping process convenient for everyone. Today with the rise of capitalism & technology, turnstiles are more advanced than ever and come in-built with an incredible range of breakthrough technologies.

In this article, we will share different types of turnstiles available in the market and how to choose the right type for your business. Keep on reading to learn more.

Different Types of Turnstile Gates


This is a half-height turnstile with three revolving arms that rotate vertically to allow one person to pass at a time. It is reliably strong, secure, and can be configured with access control devices according to the security requirements of the facility. Tripod turnstile is also called a Waist High Turnstile, due to its length that comes up to the waist of the user.

Applications: Park, School, College, Shopping Mall, Metro Station, Airport, Parking Lot


This is a large turnstile with multiple rotating barriers. It is low-maintenance, convenient to use, and designed for facilities where maximum security is required. It offers both one-way & bidirectional passage and can easily be integrated with industry-leading access control systems.

Applications: Power Plants, Oil Refineries, Data Centres, Stadiums, Parks & Prisons


This type of turnstile features a swing gate that revolves around a fixed post to avoid tailgating of users. it is fast, highly secure and offers remarkable integration opportunities with advanced access control systems. Plus it is ideal for internal and external applications.

Applications: Entertainment Parks, Construction Sites, Corporate Buildings


Speed gate is a type of electronic optical turnstile designed for high-traffic, busy facilities. It uses optical sensors and access control systems (for example – card reader) to quickly guide authorized people in the facility. This type of turnstile is sleek, modern, and adds unique elegance at entry/exit points.

Applications: Hotels, Restaurants, Modern Residential Facilities, Sports Facilities, Government Buildings, Education Premises.


Half-Height turnstiles are ideal for indoor & outdoor applications were securing a specific area of entrance & exit point is a requirement. It is made from stainless steel and can be modified according to the security needs of the facility.

  • PERCo RTD-03S Waist-high Rotor Turnstile (Built-in RB-03S guide barrier, remote control and battery backup, 23 persons/minute)

  • PERCo RTD-03S Waist-high Rotor Turnstile (RB-03TP guide barrier, 23 persons/minute, bidirectional passage)

Applications: Amusement Park, Shopping Complex, Hotels & Airports

Advantages of Using Turnstile Gates

Adding turnstile gates to your security checklist is an intelligent way to keep your resources, assets, and people safe all the time. They are better than conventional security measures and can be customized accordingly. Here are two key benefits of installing turnstiles in entry and exit points.

advantages of using turnstile gates

Enhanced Level of Security

Turnstiles provide the highest level of security in busy facilities by ensuring only authorized people enter the building one at a time. Thereby avoiding overcrowding, tailgating, and restricting trespassers.

Easy to Integrate with Access Control Systems

Depending on the operational needs, security system administrators can easily integrate turnstiles with access card/biometric reader and face recognition terminal. This practice significantly reduces the need of hiring receptionists and saves time for employees and workers in commercial and industrial buildings.

Best Turnstile Brands in UAE, Qatar & Saudi Arabia

Here are the most trusted and reliable brands that design and manufacturers world-class turnstiles in the GCC region.


With over 30 years of experience in security systems, PERCo is a pioneer in building the world’s best turnstiles and railing systems. All of its products come with a 5 year warranty period and offer incredible functionality.



mAGNETIC is another well-known name in the parking & pedestrian management space. The brand manufacturers high-end turnstiles with an in-built access control system.


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Thanks for reading! We hope this article gave you a clear overview of different types of turnstiles, their applications, and key advantages. If you have any questions, please contact us here. In case you are installing new turnstile gates in your facility and finding it challenging to select the right type, we recommend reading the following buying guide exclusively created for you!

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