Innovative multi-biometric access and identification solution

ViRDI, from Union Community Co. Ltd, is a world-leading brand for biometric solutions. The brand is first to introduce an anti-counterfeit fingerprint technology that detects fake fingerprints.

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VIRDI Product · Biometric & Card Terminals

ViRDI’s multi-biometric solutions for access control, enrolment and OEM integration are powered with high-performance fingerprint and face recognition algorithm. With over 20 years of experience in developing convenient biometric solutions and distribution network in more than 100 countries, ViRDI has more than 500 million users in the retail, government, hospitals, banking anf education sectors. With biometrics technology innovation at its core ViRDI has developed products for access control systems, time & attendance solutions, fingerprint scanners and modules. ViRDI’s parent company Union Community Co.Ltd has set benchmarks for user-friendly security products especially in biometrics, and the company develops biometric technology for manufacturers,

for example – It worked with Samsung on fingerprint scan business for Samsung S1. It was Selected as “Best Biometric Product of the Year” by Silicon Valley in the USA. Biometric and access control technologies from ViRDI is used by some of the esteemed organisations including – Samsung, Korean Army, and Korea Electronic Power Corporation. The company opened its Dubai Branch in 2016. Being one of the leading suppliers for biometrics solutions in the middle east, Stebilex Systems provides all ViRDI products in the region. We sell biometrics, access control and USB fingerprint and card scanners from ViRDI in GCC through our offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar. Talk to our technology experts today.

Solutions From VIRDI

Access & Time Management

ViRDI access control and Time & Attendance Solution manages access records obtained from biometric or card authentication without the need for any additional time & attendance device. The access control system from ViRDI is based on high performance facial and finger print recognition algorithm offering best security. ViRDI time and attendance data can be used to manage human resources functions and monitor access history.
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Portable Tablets

Portable fingerprint terminal UBio Tablet is a 5inch device, widely used in ID issuance, visitor registration, ID document issuance and time attendance. The UBio tablet is also used for e-voting. It offers optical fingerprint reading.
Products: UBio Tablet5

Enrollment Solutions

ViRDI’s biometric identity verification and enrollment solutions are equipped with optical sensors designed by Union Community Co’s patented optical technology and fake finger detection. The fingerprint technology is FBI certified and is widely used in banking and public institutions for information security and identification.
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OEM Modules

ViRDI OEM modules are used in various products for fingerprint scanning and as access control solution in door locks, lockers, appliances, POS, ATMs, and much more. ViRDI OEM Modules are empowered by its patented optical technology and feature fake finger detection. Know more
Products: NScan-FM, NScan-SM, NScan-SDL, FAS06D, FM-30FP


ViRDI Softwares for access control and time management allows live management and monitoring of access terminals, access times, real-time alerts, message broadcast, Anti-PassBack, Web-Based Reporting and much more.
Products: UNIS, Mobile Key Service

UBio Alpeta Web-Based Software

UBio Alpeta is ViRDI’s latest web-based access control and time & attendance management software providing next-generation integrated security. With open framework, UBio Alpeta software allows integration with any access control system, and is designed for both small and enterprise-level security and workforce management. It provides system integrators and users a customisable solution that meets their requirements.
Products: UBio Alpeta

UNIONCOMMUNITY Co. Ltd is a total biometric solution provider with its core technologies evolved from fingerprint, recognition.

Biometrics and Card Terminals

Biometric recognition systems by ViRDI offers the highest levels of security with fake-finger detection, live finger scanning, and 3D face scanning. It provides the level of security required by the government, airport, military and commercial organizations.

Products: UBio-X Pro, UBio-X Pro Lite, UBio-X Slim, AC-7000, AC-5100, AC-5000 PLUS, AC-5000 PLUS IK, AC-2200, AC-2100 PLUS, AC-2000, AC-1100, SR-100FP, VS-R20D

Access Controller

Access controllers or Door Controller controls access for up to four doors. The access controller can be integrated with an eight zone Intruder alarm system.

Products: V-LC015B, MCP-040


Nscan Series

NScan devices offer easy integration with USB and clear reading of both flat and rolling fingers.


Fingerprint Scanners

VIRDI’s patented optical fingerprint sensor incorporates both LIVE and FAKE finger detection using a combination of the technologies.

Products: FOH02, FOH04, VScan-S30MA

Stamp Scanners

ViRDI stamp scanner offers clear reading of stamp, seal or fingerprint using optical sensors.

Products: VScan-S30MA

  • ViRDI AC-5000 PLUS Premium Outdoor Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (Dust & water proof, outdoor application, multi card reading)

  • ViRDI AC-5100 Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (Bluetooth enabled, outdoor application)

  • ViRDI AC-7000 face and fingerprint recognition terminal (Tilt Camera, 5” LCD screen, multi card reader)

  • ViRDI UBio – X Pro Advanced Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (150,000 face templates/second, 2GB RAM, 5in LCD, Card reading)

  • ViRDI UBio Tab 5 Portable Fingerprint Terminal (5inch, portable attendance, 10 frames/second)

  • ViRDI UBio X Slim Card and Fingerprint Recognition Terminal (200,000 prints/second, 5” TFT screen, multi card reader)

  • ViRDI X Pro Lite Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (35,000 face templates/second, 5in LCD, quad Core Processor)

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