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Our electric door locks offer convenient unlocking with technologies that offer fingerprint, smart card or keypad unlocking that add simplicity to your lifestyle.

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We provide the highest quality door access control locks from global leaders, which offer flexibility and interoperability with various access control systems and platforms to address your security needs. Our diverse range of door lock products includes Electromagnetic locks, Electric Strikes, Dropbolts, Shear Locks, Access Control Power Supplies, Exit Buttons, Key Switches, and much more. Every product is interoperable with both biometric and non-biometric systems to offer immediate door opening solution, thus adding simplicity to access control management. We supply electromagnetic locks and door access equipment that are durable and meet International norms.

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GEM Gianni Electromagnetic Shear Locks

Suitable for doors that swing up to 180 degrees GEM’s electromagnetic shear locks are completely concealed and magnetise at a 3-mm distance between the top of the door and the frame. The magnet draws the armature plate up and secures the armature plate in the lock frame when the shear lock senses the door in the closed position. GEM GIanni Electromagnetic shear lock models include GS200, GS200VGL, GS705-30/35, and GS705N-30.

GEM GML800 Series

The GML800 series electromagnetic locks from GEM Gianni is ideal for diverse applications and are available with several monitoring functions. It is capable of operating as a stand-alone electric lock or can be integrated into sophisticated access control systems. GEM Gianni has a wide range of door access control products including readers, power supply units, exit buttons, and electric strikes, etc.

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GEM Gianni Bluetooth Access Control Readers

GEM Gianni’s Bluetooth enabled access control solution allows you to unlock doors or open gates using a smartphone. It is easy to install and enables Bluetooth access to the proximity reader through the E-Access mobile app. Download and install E-Access software application to your smartphone, and the application is then profiled for the entry security use, the app communicates with the reader as a stroll close to the proximity reader to open doors without using a passcode or access card.

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