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Add elegance and an extra layer of security to your doors with our ultimate door accessories & opening solutions. All feature a great design and come with remarkable features to offer frictionless access control in busy facilities.

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We provide the highest quality door access control locks from global leaders, which offer flexibility and interoperability with various access control systems and platforms to address your security needs.

Our diverse range of door accessories product class includes Electromagnetic locks, Electric Strikes, Dropbolts, Shear Locks, Access Control Power Supplies, Exit Buttons, Key Switches, and much more.

Every product is interoperable with both biometric and non-biometric systems to offer immediate door opening solutions, thus adding simplicity to access control management. We supply electromagnetic locks and door access equipment that are durable and meet International norms.

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Call Points

Call points help in unlocking the doors during emergencies. They feature a door release button protected by a plastic or glass cover.

Buy GEM CP-24 / 31 Series Call PointsBuy GEM CP-32BZ-LB-ALM Resettable Call Point

Drop bolts

This is a special type of bolt designed to drop into a socket and lock the door. It is ideal for situations where it is not possible to lock a door with electric strikes/ locks.

Featured Products: GEM EB180/EB190TG Electric Drop bolts


Electric Strikes

An electric strike is an electromechanical device, mounted inside the door frame. It unlocks the door by releasing the lock bolt followed by triggering the strike plate. Learn the difference between electric strike and lock here.

Buy GEM Electric Strike – GK300 seriesBuy GEM Electric Strike – GK360M

Electromagnetic Locks

Electromagnetic or Magnetic Locks are easy and convenient to install on most types of doors. They are highly reliable, corrosion-resistant, and don’t require regular maintenance.

Buy GEM-600 Series Electromagnetic LockBuy GEM-1200 Series Electromagnetic Lock

Exit Buttons

Exit buttons are easy to integrate with different electronic locking solutions and allow users to unlock the doors during certain situations. They are available in different styles and quite convenient to use.

Buy Paxton Exit Button E50Explore Non Contact Exit Buttons
Shear Locks

Shear Locks

Shear locks are concealed mounted magnetic locks. They are mounted inside the frame and door and installed differently than other types of magnetic locks.

Buy Gem Gianni Electromagnetic Shear Locks

Key Features

Robust Build Quality with Remarkable Flexibility

All our door opening solutions and accessories are available in a wide range of colors, styles, features, and specifications. Plus they can be used flexibly depending on the security requirements of your facility/site.

World-Class Compatibility and Interoperability

Right from electromagnetic locks, exit buttons, key switches to access control power supplies and electric strikes, all our door solutions are compatible with all types of doors and work smoothly with all access control systems.

Keyless & Convenient Access Assured

Our door opening solutions and accessories are capable of creating a key-free environment where users can easily enter and exit secured areas without any additional human intervention.

Meet Our Market-Leading Brand Partners


GEM Gianni Industries

GEM Gianni is renowned for developing the world’s best-quality door opening and locking solutions. It specializes in designing premium electric strikes, shear locks, electromagnetic locks & other door accessories.

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Paxton - the stebilex partner


Paxton has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing industry-leading security solutions for all kinds of facilities. It makes a wide range of door accessories for a wide range of applications.

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ASSA ABLOY is a pioneer in creating the world’s finest door opening and security solutions. Featuring a great design, all its explosion-proof door accessories are capable of sustaining blasts caused by flammable gases and vapors.
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  • Field changeable functionality to alter between fail-safe and fail-secure
  • UL1034 burglary resistant listed and UL 294 Access Control Systems Listed
  • Features 3mm strike adjustment to fit in different installations
Know More GEM GK450/480 Series Electric StrikesData Sheet
  • completely concealed device that is developed for applications where the door swings up to 180 degrees
  • The magnet draws the armature plate up and secures the armature plate
  • The built-in bond sensor shows proper armature contact
Know More Electromagnetic Shear Locks
  • The highly versatile design
  • Paxton PaxLock Pro Euro External White Reader
  • Being a highly intelligent access control reader
Know More Paxton Paxlock Pro
PaxLock Pro – Euro, external, black


Our solutions for secure door accessories are ideal for a wide range of applications.




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Stebilex Systems is the premium distributor of highly durable and reliable door accessories in UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Egypt. We are responsible for bringing the best products from market-leading brands with the fastest delivery time across the Middle East. Contact us today and our team will help you in finding the best security solution for your site/ facility.

About Stebilex Systems

Take the security, safety, and access control standards to the next level with our premium security products. At Stebilex Systems, we constantly strive hard to help our clients decide the best security and automation systems to secure their facilities. Contact us today to learn more about blast-proof and intrinsically safe door accessories today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are door accessories?

Door accessories are additional devices that complement the functionalities of existing door locking systems and make them more efficient, safe, and reliable for public use.

What are the different door accessories offered by Stebilex Systems?

We offer a wide range of door accessories right from electric strikes, magnetic locks, call points, shear locks to exit buttons and access control power supplies.

What brands do you offer?

We deliver door accessories from Paxton, Gianni Industries, and ASSA ABLOY in the Middle East region.

How long is the product warranty?

All our products come with a manufacturer warranty. Contact us today to learn more about it from our product experts.

How long does it take for delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you a same-day response to your request and the quickest delivery thereafter.