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Arming your Facilities Against Unauthorised Vehicle Intrusion with Anti-ram Bollards, Road Blockers, and Road Traps

One of the most sought-after Turkish manufacturers for physical security solutions, Arma Kontrol was established in 2006 to meet the highest safety requirements. Arma Kontrol has already supplied its solutions to thousands of projects worldwide, including public institutions, historical sites, airports, banks, shopping centers, and industrial zones.

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About Arma Kontrol

Arma Kontrol bollards, road blockers, and traps are crash tested to provide optimum access control at critical facilities. With a presence in over 52 countries and excellent warranty periods of 5 and 10 years on each product,

Arma Kontrol provides its customers with durable and innovative solutions. Most of the products from Arma Kontrol hold international certifications and the company also offers tailor-made products as per the customer’s needs.

The production services by Arma Kontrol are compliant with ISO/ CE/ EAC /TSE-HYB standards for quality and safety. Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for Arma Kontrol’s bollards, road blockers, and road traps in the middle east with local facilities in Dubai, UAE, and Doha, Qatar. You can order Arma Kontrol solutions at great prices from us, talk to our product experts today.


Protect Your Facility with Powerful Anti-Ram Bollards from Arma Kontrol

Arma Kontrol’s Hydraulic, fixed and manually operated anti-ram bollards are made of stainless steel material meeting European norm 304 for quality. The diameter and height of the barriers can vary according to the installation requirement.

Bollards from Arma Kontrol can be operated remotely, or with a card reader or biometrics. Arma Kontrol’s automatic and semi-automatic bollards are one of the most flexible systems that allow integration to third-party access control systems.

They can be configured with vehicle detection, sensors, and safety accessories such as magnetic loop detectors, photocells, flashing lights, or red/green traffic lights. The company also manufactures a special mushroom bollard that can prevent vehicle suicide attacks. The vehicle assassination deterrent bollard can stop a vehicle approaching at 80km per hour.


Hydraulic Anti-Ram Bollards

Hydraulic Bollards are highly resistant to strong impacts and harsh weather conditions. They are manufactured from European norm 304 Quality Stainless pipes with advanced technology.

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High-Security Rising Bollards

The high security rising bollard allows easy integration with access control systems including all types of card readers, remote control, biometric readers, automatic plate recognition, or with the simple click of a remote button.

Buy Arma Kontrol High-Security Rising Bollard – PAS68 (K – 8 & K – 12 )

Fixed Anti-Ram Bollards

Fixed rising bollards by Arma Kontrol not only contribute to safety in the public spaces but also optimally fit the aesthetic requirement of the existing architecture.

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Manual Anti-Ram Bollards

Manually operated bollards designed to be used as customer discretion. The new production technology of Arma Kontrol designed the bollards for easy use at private parks.

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Telescopic Bollard

Specially produced to resolve the challenge of limited infrastructure are available. Telescopic bollards are preferred in military installations, security units and lodgings, consulates and public buildings.

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Offer Highest Level of Perimeter Security with ArmaKontrol Road Blockers/ Block Barriers

Suitable for stopping all kinds of vehicles from unauthorized access to a facility, Road Blockers from Arma Kontrol offer the highest level of security.

They are widely used by demanding facilities like military facilities, state buildings, embassies, production facilities, oil refineries, hotels, airports, and stadiums.

Arma Kontrol’s road blockers are designed in-house and use the highest quality materials, and thanks to its hydraulic operators, it is ideal for high-frequency usage.


High-Security Road Blocker – PAS68

Operated by hydraulic motor Arma Control’s automatic hydraulic bollard is designed as resistant to hits by vehicles, and all relevant components of the systems are strengthened against any attacks.

Buy Arma Kontrol Standard road blocker PAS 68

Telescopic Road Blocker – PAS68

High-Security Road Blocker is specially designed to prevent the passage of any unauthorized entry and strengthened to stop 2-tonne truck crashed at a speed of 80 Km/h.

Buy Arma Kontrol Telescopic road blocker PAS68

Hydraulic Road Blocker

Arma Kontrol’s hydraulic road barriers are capable of uninterruptedly even in highly frequented areas. The road blocker system can be configured with other safety systems including rising bollards.

Buy Arma Kontrol Hydraulic Road Blocker

Telescopic Road Blocker

Telescopic road blocker systems are specially designed to be installed on the finished floor and are ideal for areas where there is a risk of an infrastructure problem.

Buy Arma Kontrol Telescopic road blocker

Small Road Blocker

Small Road Blockers are an ideal solution for narrow roads and can be installed with other security systems like bollards. They come in both automatic and fixed models.

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Enhance Your Security Standards with Arma Kontrol Road Traps

Arma Kontrol offers both manual and automatically operated road traps (tyre killers) that control traffic either in one direction (or both directions with a double-sided trap).

The manual trap is operated by a lever and is used as an alternative to the automatic operator in areas with low passages. The security is further enhanced with the double-clawed manual trap. The manual traps are specially made for more silent operation.


Manual & Automatic Road Trap

Arma Kontrol’s manual road spikes have been developed in order to operate without any power. The Arma Kontrol road traps come in single, double, and spiked systems operated by hydraulic motors.

Buy Arma Kontrol Opposite Direction Road Trap TY-80

Surface Double-Blade Road Trap

Specially designed to prevent the reverse entry of vehicles in one-way roads surface road traps can be easily mounted on the finished floor with speed cut-off and traction. The flexible spike in the system only stops vehicles from the opposite direction.

Buy Arma Kontrol Surface Double Blade Road Trap

Double-Sided Automatic Road Trap

Arma Kontrol’s double-sided road trap offers optimum access control in both directions and works automatically. The automatic operation offers fast and safe transit environment.

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Why Arma Kontrol?

Remarkable Build-Quality

Arma Kontrol follows a strict, well-documented, and ISO 9001 certified quality management system to build and test products in compliance with international manufacturing standards.

Innovation Driven Manufacturing Strategy

Arma Kontrol is highly proficient in researching and developing world-class new security products to offer better safety, convenience, and security to its customers. It innovates according to the growing demands and needs of the physical security market.

Deep Care for Environment

Right from implementing best operating procedures to following an environment-friendly ISO 14001 certified quality management system, Arma Kontrol believes in leaving a healthy and clean environment for future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Arma Kontrol located?

Arma Kontrol is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

What is Arma Kontrol’s specialty?

Arma Kontrol specializes in building world-class security and traffic management products for a wide range of sectors and applications.

What are the industries served by Arma Kontrol?

Tourism, Industrial Zones, Oil & Gas, Government Institutions, Construction Projects, Airports, Railway Stations, Police, and the Military.

What products does Arma Kontrol offer?

Arma Kontrol is a pioneer in building high-quality bollards, road blockers, arm barriers, and road traps

How to order Arma Kontrol products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of Arma Kontrol products in UAE, Qatar & other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.