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IDEMIA, originally known as the Safran Morpho, is a France based global leader providing customized security solutions to some of the most digitally advanced industries in the world.

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With a global presence in over 180 countries, IDEMIA designs and develops the most innovative products in the user access control & security space. It is globally recognized for building highly innovative technology solutions for user identity authentication & security management. It specializes in developing ultimate access control systems, enrollment and authentication solutions, and embedded biometric modules to keep users safe and secure everywhere.

The biometric pioneer believes in efficiently managing user identities to protect enterprise sensitive assets and user data from potential threats. With this strong purpose, they have delivered over 5 million biometric devices all over the world and continues to add value to the industry with its highly reliable products and solutions.

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Meet The World’s Most Advanced Access Control, Time & Attendance Management Systems from IDEMIA

IDEMIA designs modern and frictionless access control, time & attendance management systems to offer better security in different types of premises. This product class features MorphonAccess readers, Morpho tablets, and MorphoAccess VP enrollment stations.

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Introduce Higher Level of Security in Your Office with IDEMIA’s Ultimate Embedded Biometric Modules & Readers

Improve the functionalities of your access control systems, printers, PoS terminals, and locker systems with IDEMIA’s exclusive range of embedded biometric modules and readers portfolio. CBM-Series, MSO OEM Series, and Finger VP OEM are the most popular authentication and identification solutions in this category.

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Simplify User Identification & Authentication with IDEMIA’s Enrollment Solutions

Introduce better identification and authentication to your customers, employees, and clients with IDEMIA’s redefining biometrics solutions. Popular products and solutions in this category include Morphotablet 2, IDEMIA ID, ID Screen, and Biometric Enrollment.

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What Makes IDEMIA a Pioneer in The Biometric & Security Space?


Expertise in Transforming Access Control with Biometrics

IDEMIA has revolutionized the security space by brilliantly integrating access control solutions with intelligent biometrics devices. Both work together to keep user identity safe and offer a rich, contactless access control in the facility.


Inventor of Intelligent & Easy to Integrate Biometric Terminals

IDEMIA’s smart biometric terminals offer frictional access to secured workspaces in the most convenient way. All feature great specs and super easy to integrate with contactless cards, IP-networked access control systems, thermal cameras, and biometric access solutions.


Pioneer in Designing Embedded Biometric Modules

Embedded biometric modules by IDEMIA are designed and engineered to simplify user authentication in a wide range of applications. They can readily be integrated with ATMs, printers, voting machines, kiosks, vending machines, access control devices, and help users prove who they are in a hassle-free and convenient way.

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Why Choose IDEMIA?

Impressively Remarkable & Innovative Products

IDEMIA is recognized worldwide for its highly innovative and convenient products. It is the first brand to introduce contactless fingerprint scanning and a powerful MBIS biometric identification technology in the industry.

Passion for Transforming Lives with Security

The purpose of IDEMIA is to create ultimate biometric and security solutions that are capable of keeping people secure in the both physical and digital worlds. Thereby transforming millions of lives with security.

Global Network of Partners and Suppliers

The biometric and augmented identity leader has a globally active presence in over 180 countries. Thanks to its 150+ partners, who share a common vision of keeping people safe and secure everywhere.

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Take the security and access control standards to the next level with our premium security systems. At Stebilex Systems, we constantly strive hard to help our clients decide the best security and automation systems to secure their facilities. We are leading suppliers of IDEMIA products in the Middle East & UAE. Contact us today and our team will help you find the right biometric & access control solution for your facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IDEMIA located?

IDEMIA is headquartered in Courbevoie, France, and actively present all over the world with regional headquarters, offices, and a global network of partners and suppliers.

What is IDEMIA’s specialty?

IDEMIA specializes in ultimate biometric and identity authentication solutions.

What industries does IDEMIA serve?

IDEMIA serves a wide range of industries, especially including Financial, Telecom, Public Security, Identity, and Automotive Sectors.

What are the products offered by IDEMIA?

Fingerprint readers, Face recognition terminals and Biometric Tablets are some of the most popular products offered by IDEMIA.

How to order IDEMIA products in UAE, Qatar & Other Popular GCC Countries?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of IDEMIA products in UAE, Qatar & other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.