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Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

HySecurity offers a variety of different products to help secure your perimeter and key assets from outside threats. Hysecurity HVM product line provides crash-rated solutions, making it ideal if you want peace in mind knowing that nothing can breach what’s inside!

Crash-rated fixed bollards

Fixed bollards are a great way to protect people, public spaces and property from contact with vehicles whether accidental or deliberate.

The crash rating makes sure that these bollards can withstand speeding vehicle collisions.

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Deep Mount Fixed Bollards

Bollards M30/M50


  • Cost-effective solution where depth is not a restriction
  • Smaller overall footprint
  • For flexibility in engineered foundation designs
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Shallow Mount Fixed Bollards

Bollards M30/M50

  • Reduced installation costs
  • Faster installation and reduced disruption from construction
  • Avoids underground utilities
  • Sits above high groundwater
  • Tested to be as effective as conventional deep mount models​

Crash-Rated Wedge Barrier

HydraWedge™ SM50

HydraWedge™ SM50

Seamless, fast-opening in-ground security Shallow foundation wedge features HySecurity hydraulic power and controls. This high-cycle, vehicle wedge barrier has three domestic and international crash certifications.

StrongArm® M30:M50

StrongArm® M30/M50

The Certified and rated HVM barrier arm is designed to secure vehicle access points against hostile intent. Proven HySecurity products provide versatility, long life expectancy as well as excellent performance.


WedgeSmart™ DC

Wedge and barrier arm hybrid anti-theft solution.

Swing Gate

Automated gates that swing open provide an eye-catching appearance and can be designed as a single or double drive-through type. They’re best used on larger drives with plenty of space for their motion


Apollo Linear Actuator

Built for performance, the Apollo has best-in-class solar capabilities, an AC option, multiple controller options, and a corrosion resistant mechanism that provides the exact features required.



Maximum capabilities in a low profile hydraulic design, perfect for ornamental or industrial swing gates and high wind applications.



SwingRiser lift and swing action with industrial controls solves the most challenging perimeter security problems.

SwingSmart™ CNX

SwingSmart™ CNX

SwingSmart CNX is the most capable of its kind and the first to offer a robust smartphone app to simplify installation.

SwingSmart™ DC

SwingSmart™ DC

Designed to integrate easily with other HySecurity products for a complete gate automation solution, the SwingSmart DC features digital control for the utmost versatility.

TITAN Linear Actuator

TITAN Linear Actuator

TITAN enables easy, fast installation with smooth and quiet operation in a refined package. Modular components plus a locking manual release equals the right balance of sophistication and security.

Vanguard 3501 Swing

Vanguard 3501 Swing

With a compact and elegant design, the Vanguard 3501 delivers quiet and powerful performance. The fully featured 1050 Controller provides premium features with excellent solar performance.

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About HySecurity

HySecurity, the world leader in automated gate and perimeter security solutions is headquartered at Nice North America’s headquarter facility. They provide high-quality industrial operators to secure critical infrastructure facilities with their brand features residential or commercial swing gates from elegant linear actuators all too refined for your needs; there really isn’t anything they haven’t thought about when designing these doors.

The company has been in operation since 1964, which is when it first started manufacturing automation systems. The products they offer are industrial-grade gate hardware for various installations such as airports and government buildings; protective barriers to protect sensitive sites like aerodromes or chemical factories from accidents on site – all with excellent customer service!


Nice, Italy acquired Hysecurity

HySecurity, America’s best-known and largest gate operator manufacturing company specializes in hydraulic/electromechanical operators. In July 2016 the business was acquired by Nice Global, an international security automation brand based out in Italy.

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About Nice

Nice, a company based in Italy specializing in the production of home automation systems has been around since 1993. The brand is well known for their high-quality integrated solutions that blend technology with user-friendliness which they sell to over 100 countries across 24 branches all around 5 continents while also employing 14 production plants as well 13 research & development centers with 2300+ employees worldwide contributing greatly towards spreading Italian made goods everywhere!

About Stebilex Systems

Stebilex Systems is dedicated to helping our clients make the right choices for their Gate automation, and door automation systems. We believe that everyone should benefit from the convenience and security of automation technology, a business owner who is looking for better-controlled access for their clients. With our help, you will find peace in your life as you can control your home or office better.

Stebilex distributes products from leading Gate, Garage Door, and Barrier Automation Systems brands like Nice, in addition to other lines of popular access control, biometric, door and gate automation brands like ZKTeco, Nice, FAAC, Magnetic Auto Control, Paxton, Idemia, HID, Virdi, Iris ID, Assa Abloy, etc

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