Leading Physical Security Solutions for a Safer World, Redefining Security Standards Through Contemporary Technology

Optima has been transforming security standards and providing dynamic solutions for worldwide security since 2000. With bespoke solutions ranging from energy-efficient high-security devices to progressive access control systems, Optima assures global security, comfort, and sustainability.

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With advanced security systems designed to the highest standards of quality, you may feel peace of mind. Become one of the countless satisfied customers that rely on Optima for their security requirements throughout the globe:


Optima provides flexible security options with its bollards. It meets a variety of purposes, from fixed for long-term safety to manual rising for restricted access.

  • Manual-Rising Bollards: Optima’s manual-rising bollards offer effective access control with just a basic manual motion. These bollards are dependable and long-lasting, making them perfect for limiting vehicle access in diverse settings.
  • Fixed Bollards: Robust and long-lasting fixed bollards from Optima provide traffic control. They provide security without sacrificing style since they are made to withstand impact.
  • Semi-Automatic Bollards: Optima offers semi-automatic bollards that mix automated and manual capabilities for improved convenience and security. These bollards are ideal for locations with modest traffic because they provide flexibility and control.
  • Hydraulic Bollards: The automated hydraulic bollards from Optima offer dependable performance. They are designed to withstand heavy use and offer dependable access control while maintaining durability and safety.
  • Crash-Tested Bollards: Optima offers greater protection in high-impact sites with its crash-tested bollards, which are made to survive crashes. Strict testing protocols give confidence in protecting resources and infrastructure.


Optima turnstiles are the gold standard for reliable access control. It can accommodate your needs, whether it is half-height for easier traffic flow or full-height for the highest level of protection.

  • Full-Height Turnstiles: In high-traffic areas, Optima’s full-height turnstiles provide the highest level of security and control. Their sturdy design and seamless functioning guarantee effective pedestrian movement while averting unapproved entry.
  • Half-Height Turnstiles: In a variety of environments, Optima’s half-height turnstiles offer an affordable option for access control. They are simple to set up and keep up, providing dependable performance without sacrificing security.
  • Tripod Turnstiles: For dependable access control, Optima’s tripod turnstiles combine a sturdy structure with a compact form. They provide smooth interaction with current systems and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, all leading to increased security.
  • Wall Mount Tripod Turnstiles: For spaces with a restricted amount of floor space, Optima’s wall-mount tripod turnstiles are a space-saving option. With its seamless functioning and rapid installation capabilities, they offer efficient access management without impeding pedestrian traffic.

Road Blocker

The road blockers from Optima offer strong protection against uninvited cars. They are simple to operate and provide exceptional safety. You can count on strong performance from hydraulic mechanisms to successfully protect high-risk regions.

  • Semi-Automatic Road Blockers: Optima offers user-friendly, efficient vehicle access management with its semi-automatic road blockers. By fusing automatic and human functions, they provide flexibility and dependability in traffic flow management.
  • K12 Crash-Tested Road Blockers: Optima offers unmatched protection for vital infrastructure with its K12 crash-tested road blockers, which are designed to survive hits at high speeds. Strict testing procedures have been followed to ensure that they provide security against risks posed by moving vehicles.
  • Hydraulic Road Blockers: Optima’s hydraulic road blockers provide reliable performance and automated operation, guaranteeing efficient vehicle access control in high-security environments. Their robust design and seamless operation enable them to offer dependable security without interfering with traffic flow.

Speed Gates

The speed gates from Optima combine superior security measures with a stylish appearance. You may pick between sliding doors to maximise space, swing doors for classy entrances, or concealed doors for covert entry points. With our high-end speed gate systems, enjoy smooth operation and increased security.

  • Swing Door Speed Gates: Optima provides stylish, contemporary access control solutions for a range of settings with its swing door speed gates. They improve security and aesthetics while offering effective pedestrian movement and silent, seamless functioning.
  • Sliding Door Speed Gates: For smooth access control, Optima’s sliding door speed gates combine a high-performing design that saves space. They operate smoothly and dependably with little upkeep, making them perfect for spaces that are tight on space.
  • Hidden Door Speed Gates: Optima offers discreet access control systems that maintain security with its concealed door speed gates. Their exquisite appearance and hidden mechanics allow them to blend in well with any architectural setting, all the while maintaining effective pedestrian movement.

Swing Gates

Swing gates from Optima provide the ideal balance of safety along with ease of operation. Choose manual gates for more affordable options or automated ones for hassle-free operation. These swing gates provide easy access control, improving your property’s efficiency and safety without a hitch.

  • Automatic Swing Gates: For a variety of applications, Optima’s automatic swing gates provide practical and safe access control solutions. They improve security while facilitating easy access for cars and people with their dependable and smooth functioning.
  • Manual Swing Gates: Optima offers easy-to-use, reasonably priced access control systems with manual swing gates. They provide longevity and dependability without the need for intricate automation systems, making them perfect for low-traffic locations.

About Optima

As a leader in the security sector, Optima Engineering Inc. was established in Ankara in 2000. Setting new benchmarks for product quality and manufacturing capacity, Optima has quickly risen through the ranks thanks to an unwavering dedication to innovation and cutting-edge technical techniques. Focused on access control systems and high-security solutions, Optima closely monitors each step of manufacturing to guarantee unmatched product quality.

Optima’s experience is not restricted to the security industry; it also encompasses environmental technology, having made significant strides in packaging waste management and medical waste sterilisation. Mass manufacturing and customised workmanship are combined at Optima, with an emphasis on tailored solutions to fulfil a wide range of customer demands. Optima has gained worldwide popularity and trust by putting an emphasis on innovation and energy efficiency, which improves consumer comfort and security. With resolute faith in its offerings, Optima sells its state-of-the-art solutions globally.

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Why Choose Optima?

  • Modern Technology
    Optima uses the most recent developments in engineering and technology to pioneer cutting-edge security solutions.
  • Unwavering Quality
    Every product goes through a thorough quality control process to guarantee dependability and durability.
  • Tailored Solutions
    Optima provides customised security solutions of any size or complexity in response to the specific needs of each client.
  • Worldwide Reach
    Optima, a brand that is trusted globally, sells its products with assurance while satisfying the security requirements of several foreign markets.
  • Dedication to Superiority
    By providing exceptional solutions and services, Optima guarantees client satisfaction via a commitment to excellence in all aspects.

About Stebilex Systems

Spearheading Tomorrow’s Security Solutions with Innovation

Stebilex Systems, a pioneering force in the realm of security automation, leading the charge against the ever-evolving landscape of safety challenges. Specialising in cutting-edge Physical Access Control Solutions (PACS), Access Control, HVM, SIRA-Approved Bollards, Parking Guidance Solutions, Gate Automation, and Parking Management Solutions, Stebilex Systems operates across the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, serving as a dependable ally for businesses striving for unparalleled levels of efficiency and security. More than just a distributor, Stebilex Systems is a reliable companion, aiding businesses in elevating both safety and operational efficiency.

Embracing innovation, Stebilex Systems boasts a diverse inventory showcasing the latest advancements in security technology. From state-of-the-art electromagnetic locks to sophisticated automated parking management systems and cutting-edge biometric technologies, Stebilex Systems offers a myriad of solutions aimed at laying the groundwork for robust physical security and dependable access control. With a steadfast dedication to simplifying and seamlessly integrating automated technology into daily routines, Stebilex Systems envisions a future where security and innovation harmoniously coexist.

Whether it’s empowering businesses to take the next stride in security enhancement or individuals seeking greater control over their premises, Stebilex Systems emerges as the trusted partner for implementing avant-garde automated security solutions. With a pledge to usher in a paradigm shift in security and access management, Stebilex Systems promises a transformative journey towards a safer and more technologically empowered tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features that differentiate Optima's security solutions from competitors in the market?

Optima’s security solutions stand out through a range of features such as crash-tested bollards, including manual-rising, fixed, semi-automatic, and hydraulic options. These bollards undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability in real-world scenarios, offering unmatched security for your premises.

Can you provide more details about the crash-tested bollards and road blockers? How do they perform in real-world scenarios?

Crash-tested bollards and road blockers from Optima are engineered to excel in real-world scenarios. These include manual-rising, fixed, semi-automatic, and hydraulic bollards, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized vehicular access while maintaining smooth traffic flow and pedestrian safety.

How customizable are Optima's security products to fit specific business needs and environments?

Optima’s security products are highly customizable to fit specific business needs and environments. Whether it’s bollards, turnstiles, road blockers, or gates, our team works closely with clients to tailor solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and security protocols.

What kind of support and maintenance services does Optima offer for its security solutions after installation?

Optima offers comprehensive support and maintenance services for its security solutions post-installation. From regular inspections to on-call technical assistance, we ensure that your security systems remain operational and effective, providing peace of mind for your business.

Could you explain how Optima's products contribute to sustainability and energy efficiency, especially in high-traffic areas?

Optima’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency is evident in its products, particularly in high-traffic areas. Our security solutions are designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing operational efficiency, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

In what ways does Optima ensure compliance with international safety and security standards?

Optima prioritizes compliance with international safety and security standards across all its products. From design to manufacturing, we adhere to stringent guidelines to ensure that our solutions meet the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety.

What are the installation requirements for Optima's turnstiles and gates, particularly in terms of space and infrastructure?

Installation requirements for Optima’s turnstiles and gates are flexible and can be adapted to various space and infrastructure constraints. Whether it’s full-height turnstiles, tripod turnstiles, swing gates, or road blockers, our team works closely with clients to optimize installation processes for minimal disruption.

Can you provide case studies or examples of successful deployments of Optima's security solutions in different industries or regions?

Optima has a proven track record of successful deployments across different industries and regions. From airports to government facilities, our security solutions have been implemented with great success, enhancing safety and efficiency for our clients.

How does Optima stay ahead of emerging security threats and incorporate new technologies into its product offerings?

Optima stays ahead of emerging security threats by continuously incorporating new technologies into its product offerings. Through ongoing research and development, we ensure that our solutions remain at the forefront of security innovation, providing proactive protection against evolving threats.

What kind of training and support does Optima provide to clients for the effective use of their security systems?

Optima provides comprehensive training and support to clients for the effective use of their security systems. From initial setup to ongoing operation, our team offers hands-on training and technical assistance to ensure that clients maximize the value of their investment in Optima’s security solutions.