Pioneer in Designing Intelligent Access Control & Security Solutions

IDCUBE invents comprehensive hardware and software security solutions to keep your residential and commercial facilities secure and safe. It is a pioneer in building world-class products for ultimate access control, vehicle, and visitor management.

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Started with humble beginnings in 2005, IDCUBE is a renowned brand famous for producing world-class access control and security solutions in over 23+ countries.

It designs and builds ultimate software and hardware products for meeting the security and safety needs of industrial, commercial, residential, and critical facilities.

IDCUBE specializes in visitor and vehicle access management solutions and strives hard constantly for building an impactful, accessible, and collaborative security ecosystem at a global level.


Introducing IDCUBE’s Finest Access Control Hardware Solutions

The hardware product lineup of IDCUBE showcases intelligent access controllers, smart control panels, industry redefining access readers, and all types of credentials for better security and convenience.


Access Control Panels & Controllers

IDCUBE manufactures a wide range of access control panels and controllers in ICM LP/MR, ICV, ICAERO, ICAIR, and PROTEAN series. All feature robust build quality and backed by the latest cutting-edge technologies. The brand also creates solid enclosers to safeguard against extreme weather and working conditions.

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Access Control Readers

IDCUBE designs and builds top-class UHF, HF, and mobile-friendly readers that offer remarkable performance, impressive durability, and compatible with all types of proximity and smart cards. IDLR-06 & IDLR-12 are the brand’s best-selling long-range readers in the market.

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Access Credentials

Security enthusiasts and system designers prefer IDCUBE credentials for their remarkable versatility, unmatchable quality, and best-in-class performance. They come in all types and ideal for access control in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

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Meet The Most Intelligent Access Control Software Solutions in The Market

IDCUBE software product-line features comprehensive software solutions for meeting different security, access control, and accessibility requirements of different industries.


PSIM- Access360

Access360 is the ultimate physical security and identity management software with incredible scalability, remarkable performance, and integration capabilities.



HRVIEW is an all-in-one access control, time, and attendance program created exclusively for meeting the employee management and security needs of large-scale enterprises in the best possible way.



IDCUBE made ezVISIT, a visitor management software to offer best-in-class security and convenience to your clients and customers. It is easy to use, install, and backed by service-oriented architecture.



VAM is a user-friendly vehicle management system for accurate vehicle and driver identification and monitoring in residential and commercial parking lots.



ELEVATE is a responsive and intelligent elevator access management software with commendable scalability and integration capabilities. IDCUBE designed this software with Intelligent edge architecture to make the elevators in apartments, hospitals, and hotels more secure and safe.



Smart choice is a web-based and centralized cafeteria management system built with the purpose of tackling the operational challenges cafes and restaurant owners encounter daily. This software makes running a food business a hassle-free experience by adding automation and convenience in the core operational tasks and overall management.

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What Makes IDCUBE Stand Out in The Competitive Access Control & Security Market?

Pioneer in Designing Intelligent & Simple to Use Access Control Solutions

IDCUBE designs and engineers accessible, collaborative and adaptive access control and identity management solutions. All are user-friendly and highly convenient to use.

Robust Portfolio of Unique Hardware & Software Solutions

The product line of IDCUBE is highly diversified around innovative and intelligent hardware and software security solutions. Both work together to form an adaptive ecosystem.

Over 15 Years of Industry-Knowledge and Expertise

Founded in 2005, IDCUBE deeply understands the access control, identity management, and physical security solutions market and works brilliantly to meet the requirements of the industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is IDCUBE based?

IDCUBE is an India-based access control brand located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

What does IDCUBE do?

IDCUBE designs and manufactures innovative access control and physical security solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.

What are the hardware solutions offered by IDCUBE?

IDCUBE features a product line of excellent hardware solutions including intelligent controllers, smart readers, and security credentials.

What are the software solutions offered by IDCUBE?

It showcases a wide range of software solutions for remarkable access control, time attendance, visitor management, and cloud access control.

From where I can buy IDCUBE products?

Stebilex Systems is a trusted partner of IDCUBE systems in the GCC region. Contact us today to place your order and we will deliver it to you as soon as possible.