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Keep your family and customers safe all the time with Allegion’s redefining security solutions. With over 30 product brands, Allegion specializes in making all types of locks, access control systems, door closers, exit devices and workforce management systems for home and business use.

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About Allegion

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With the purpose of keeping people safe and secure everywhere, Allegion holds a renowned reputation and a robust global presence in over 130 countries. The Allegion family has 30 diverse brands under its highly qualified guidance and influential leadership who strive and work hard constantly to innovate new and sustainable security products for our connected world.

Allegion is a pioneer in designing and building world-class security solutions for a wide range of residential and commercial applications. It specializes in making powerful mechanical and electrical locks, biometric systems, exit devices, steel doors, door accessories,

access control systems, and other innovative, safety, and security solutions. Adding further, the Allegion family has over 700 global active patents, 10,000 channel partners, and 11,000 employees fuelling its global influence and inspiring growth story. Stebilex Systems is proud to be a leading supplier of Allegion in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

We are responsible for bringing the best products to you with the quickest delivery time across the Middle East. Contact us today and our product experts & sales team will help you find the perfect security solution for your home & business.

Access Control Readers and Credentials

Allegion makes ultimate access card readers and credentials featuring high-end cutting edge security technologies and intelligent interoperability.

Access Control Readers

Meet your security and access control needs with Allegion’s comprehensive line up of access readers. All are easy to install, support magnetic stripe, proximity, smart and mobile credentials and come with a user-friendly interface.

Access Control Credentials

Allegion’s smart credentials are made with keeping versatility, best-in-class performance, and integration capabilities in mind to meet the security demands of the post-pandemic world. The brand makes high-end MIFARE Classic and DESFire smart cards, NFC-technology based mobile app, and cost-effective proximity cards.

Electronic Locks

Introduce next-level security to your facility with Allegion’s reliable and robust electronic locks. They are reliable, well-designed, and come pre-installed with the latest security technologies.

Network Electronic Locks

Networked electronic locks are easy to integrate with access control systems and come with a real-time monitoring function for efficient tracking of all users.

Standalone Electronic Locks

Standalone electronic locks decrease the need for physical keys with the help of smart and customizable electronic credentials. They are ideal for sites where real-time monitoring is not required.

Electromagnetic Locks

Allegion’s electromagnetic locks feature a robust design, made from durably strong materials and ideal security solution for a wide range of applications. They are perfect for securing healthcare labs, airports, and college facilities.

Electric Strikes

Provide extra security and convenience to your access control systems with Allegion’s heavy-duty electric strikes. They are available for both interior and exterior use.

System Accessories

Allegion’s system accessories comprehensive lineup features pushbuttons, key switches, request-to-exit devices, and monitoring stations. You can use these in standalone applications as well as integrate easily them into existing access control systems.

Power Supplies

The power supplies catalogue of Allegion features three Schlage power supplies (2,4 & 6 amp), one locknetics power supply, and one Von Duprin power supply. All are compatible with a wide range of power supplies and offer highly functional capabilities.

Mechanical Locks

The world appreciates the quality and security standards of Allegion’s mechanical locks. All offer unmatchable durability, convenience and come with incredible features and classic design. This is the reason why, Allegion is a pioneer in manufacturing cylindrical, mortise, tubular interconnect, and multi-speciality locks.

Door Control

Allegion’s product brand LCN makes world-class door control solutions and ideal for optimum safety & security of your facility. LCN’s brief product line includes surface-mounted closers, concealed closers, wall magnets, automatic operators, actuators, and necessary door accessories.

Doors & Frames

Allegion’s product brand Steelcraft manufactures robust steel doors and frames ideal for institutional, commercial, and industrial applications. Its redefining and world-class catalogue features stylish frames, beautiful flush doors, full glass entrance doors, robust severe weather doors, and acoustical doors available in a wide range of elevations, panels, and height.

Electrified Locks

Ideal for wired electrified applications, Allegion’s electrified locks offers top-notch performance, maximum utility, and highly reliable build-quality.

Key Systems

Allegion offers innovative and easy to use keying systems in the form of conventional cylinders, interchangeable core cylinders, classic keyways and key management software solution. They are cost-effective and perfect for a wide range of applications.

The Allegion Family

AD Systems

Started in 2013, AD Systems specializes in designing and building all types of high-performance door systems for commercial, healthcare, hospitality, and education facilities.

Austral Lock

Based proudly in Melbourne, Australia, Austral Lock is immensely popular for making highly functional, reliable, and top-notch security hardware for windows and security, patio doors.


Founded in 1902, AXA is an innovative company with incredible expertise in building redefining products and smart solutions in the home and bike security space.


Started in 1782, Bricard is one of the most trusted security brands with a rich history of building highly reliable and industry compliant security products for residential and commercial applications. It manufactures all kinds of locks, access control systems, and door accessories.


Brio leads the sliding & folding door industry with its world-class, well-designed range of amazing products and security solutions for a wide range of applications.


Briton has over 100 years of experience and an impeccable reputation for manufacturing high-quality and best-in-class door control systems, furniture, and accessories.


CISA is an innovative security solution brand globally popular for inventing the first electrically controlled locks and smart card locks. Today, this brand is a pioneer in manufacturing cylinder, keys, locks, door closers, and panic exit devices.


Dexter has a global reputation for building affordable security solutions with high-performance and convenience. All of its products come with an impressive 25-year mechanical warranty and feature elegant design.


Falcon is eminent for making modest and cost-effective security hardware for all your security and safety needs. The brand manufactures locks with interchangeable cores that make the process of changing locks super easy.


Australia-based FSH offers innovative and reliable electromechanical security devices at a compelling price. Its product line is popular across commercial, healthcare, commercial, residential and educational facilities throughout the globe.


Gainsborough owns a high reputation in the Australian market for manufacturing locks, door hardware, and accessories. All feature robust build-quality and impressive design.


Glynn-Johnson products offer remarkable performance, impressive build quality, and perfectly meet the needs of door control applications. Industry calls the brand as the door holder specialist for its state-of-the-art product manufacturing process.


Interflex innovates and offers the perfect solutions for access control, workforce management, video surveillance, visitor management, biometric identification, and productivity analysis.


Isonas is an ideal brand for professionals looking for flexible, cost-effective, and self-reliant access control systems. PowerNet reader-controllers is its best-selling and immensely popular product.


IVES is a prominent leader in the door accessory hardware space and known for offering top-notch hinges, lock guards, protection plates, strikes, door pulls, and other premium-quality hardware accessories.


LCN holds expertise in designing premium door closers and hardware accessories for busy and critical facilities like hospitals and government facilities. All come with a solid build-quality and cost-effective price.


Security professionals prefer Locknetics for its compelling price point and reliable build quality. It makes well-designed and durable electric strikes, access control system accessories, and electromagnetic locks.


Based in South Korea, Milre designs and builds redefining digital door locks with superb integration capabilities and best-in-class performance.


Started with humble beginnings in 1954, Normbau is world-famous for manufacturing high-quality architectural hardware. All of its products offer exceptional functionality and feature a contemporary style.


Based in UAE, QMI is one of the largest commercial door and frame producers in the Middle East. All made by keeping the highest security standards and security needs in mind.


Republic is a trusted brand when it comes to manufacturing steel doors and frames for commercial purposes. Based in the United States, all of its products are tornadoes, hurricanes, and bullet-resistant.


Schlage owns the title of building the strongest locks and high-end technology-based security products in the world. The brand has a global presence and usage in a wide range of commercial and residential applications today.


SimonsVoss is reinventing the conventional mechanical locking systems by bringing its highly advanced digital lock systems. All in-built with capable functionalities and integrated access control functions.


Steelcraft makes the world’s best steel doors and frames ideal for a wide selection of industrial, institutional and commercial applications.


Based in North-America, TGP leads the industry with its top-notch fire-rated glass and frames for entrance and wall systems made exclusively for industrial and commercial facilities.

Von Duprin

With a core focus on providing safety and security to everyone, Von Duprin makes exit devices and access control systems with unmatchable performance and quality.


Yonomi, an IoT company is a brand new addition to the Allegion family and works with the vision to coordinate devices in the most innovative and efficient way.

Zero International

Zero makes highly efficient sealing systems that are used widely in threshold applications. All build with the purpose of keeping building owners stress-free with no worries about natural uncertainties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Allegion based?

Allegion is headquartered in Ireland, Dublin and has a strong brand presence in over 130 countries.

What are the industries served by Allegion?

Allegion serves a wide range of industries, the primary ones include transportation, healthcare, education, hospitality, leisure, and commercial facilities.

What products does Allegion offer?

Allegion offers an exclusive range of products, right from access control readers, smart credentials, electronic locks, electric strikes, system accessories, power supplies, mechanical locks, door closers, and key systems.

When was Allegion founded?

Allegion was founded in 1908 and renowned globally for inventing the first-ever electric-controller lock.

How many sub-brands does Allegion own?

Allegion owns over 27 brands that are pioneers in building redefining access control and door security solutions. Schlage, Von Duprin, Brio, and Briton are some of its most popular brands.

How to buy Allegion products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier supplier of Allegion products in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.