HUB Parking Technology

Inventor of Intelligent Parking Management Systems

HUB Parking Technology, a part of FAAC Group, develops, manufactures, installs, as well as provides parking access control and payment solutions and service through HUB Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems.

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About HUB Parking Technology

The HUB Parking Technology brands – ZEAG, FAAC, and software solutions – JMS and JPass deliver flexibility, automation, and surveillance technologies for parking zones. The integrated technologies from HUB provide state-of-the-art systems that make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators.

A combination of equipment and software solutions from HUB Parking Technology allows parking operators to easily manage pricing, payments, capacities, subscriptions, and data analysis. The company is at the forefront of technology enhancement and focused on differentiating its solutions and delivering integrated, value-added solutions.

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Meet The Most Advanced Parking Management Systems from HUB Parking Global

HUB Parking Management Solutions include access gates, payment stations, parking guidance systems, and intelligent data and reporting systems. All products are used for security surveillance/valet parking/pre-paid/monthly car parking payment collections.

They are excellent solutions for airports, shopping centers, municipalities, hospitals, hotels, sports arenas, education institutes, and business & residential facilities.



The ZEAG parking management solutions from HUB Parking Technology is ideal for off-street parking areas, and the solutions range from simple car parking zone with one entry station and exit station, to extended areas with multiple entries.

All ZEAG products are scalable, modular, and can be configured and extended to suit customer needs. ZEAG solutions are upgraded continuously with ever-changing technologies, such as Chip&PIN and Wave & Pay.

Featured ZEAG Products & Solutions



JUPITER is a highly advanced parking management system with a wide range of unique and flexible features. It showcases a clever, modular design and designed to function well in heavy-duty applications.

This parking management system makes ticketless parking super easy for the users. Plus it can easily be configured and scaled to a single site as well as multiple site applications. All JUPITER systems are backed by barcode and magnetic ticket technology.

Featured JUPITER Products & Solutions

  • Entry/Exit Stations and Barriers – Lane Entry Station – LE, Lane Section Station – LS, Lane Exit Station – LX
  • Payment Stations – Automated Pay Station – Cashless APC, Automated Pay Station – APS
  • Access Validators – Online Validator, Door Mini Controller


DATAPARK is a highly customizable and versatile parking management system. All DATAPARK products feature a minimalistic design and engineered to offer the best parking experience to the user.

Plus all the features of this parking management system can easily be configured according to the requirements of the application and site. It is incredibly capable of processing any payment or access control media available in the market.

Featured DATAPARK Products & Solutions

  • Entry/Exit Stations and Barriers – Parking Pro Barrier, Parking Pro M Barrier, ZLCD Proximity Reader
  • Payment Stations – Automatic Pay Station Mini APM, Automatic Pay Station Cashless
  • Validators & Encoding Stations – VALRP Offline Merchant Validator, VALON Online Encoding Station

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What Makes HUB Parking Global a Pioneer in Designing Ultimate Parking Management Systems?

Expertise in Designing Ultimate Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems

HUB Parking Technology develops state-of-the-art parking management systems to make parking highly convenient for the users and profitable for the operators.

Focus on Innovation, Usability, and Scalabilty

HUB Parking Technology believes in creating new products and solutions that are capable of replacing old parking business operators and offer more value to the end-users.

Great Customer Service

Right from solving product-related queries to handling installation issues, HUB Parking Technology offers superior customer service backed by fast responses, consistent communication, and quality information

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HUB Parking Technology?

HUB Parking Technology is headquartered in Warrendale, PA, United States.

What is the specialty of HUB Parking Technology?

HUB Parking specializes in designing remarkable parking and revenue control systems.

What are the industries served by HUB Parking Technology?

Education, Aviation, Health Care, Public Transport, and Sports centers are some popular industries served by HUB Parking Technology.

What products does HUB Parking Technology offer?

HUB offers a wide range of products right from Entry/Exit Stations, Payment Stations to Validation Stations, Signs, and Fee Computers.

How to order HUB Parking Technology products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of HUB Parking products in UAE, Qatar & other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.