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Simple and efficient technology for intelligent parking management

HUB Parking Technology, a part of FAAC Group, develops, manufactures, installs, as well as provides parking access control and payment solutions and service through HUB Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems.

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About HUB Parking Technology

HUB- The Stebilex Partner

The HUB Parking Technology brands – ZEAG, FAAC and software solutions – JMS and JPass deliver flexibility, automation and surveillance technologies for parking zones. The integrated technologies from HUB provide state-of-the-art systems that make parking efficient for users as well as profitable and easy to manage for operators. A combination of equipment and software solution from HUB Parking Technology allows parking operators to easily manage pricing, payments, capacities,

subscriptions and data analysis. The company is at the forefront of technology enhancement and focused on differentiating its solutions and delivering integrated, value-added solutions. Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier of HUB Parking Technology products and solutions in the middle east. We offer free pre-sales consultation, great prices and fast delivery across the region.

Solutions From HUB Parking Technology

Parking Management System

HUB Parking management solutions include access gates, payment stations,  parking guidance systems, and intelligent data and reporting systems. Their products are used for security surveillance/valet parking/pre-paid/monthly car parking payment collections. HUB equipmengt are an excellent solution for airports, shopping centres, municipalities, hospitals, hotels, sports arenas, education institutes, and business & residential facilities.

Software & Mobile Solution

HUB Parking Technology develops smart software and mobile solutions for the Parking industry. HUB software solutions are user-friendly ‘cloud-ready’ and mobile-enabled. HUB’s parking management softwares are scalable and mostly allows remote access and realtime reports. Thus driving down the cost of operating parking spaces while increasing efficiency. HUB Parking Softwares are easy to learn and secured with data encryption.

Parking Management System

ZEAG solution for HUB parking



The ZEAG parking management solutions form HUB Parking Technology is ideal for off-street parking areas, and the solutions range from simple carpark with one entry station and exit station, to extended areas with multiple entries. Each ZEAG parking entry station comes with a barrier, a standard pay station or complex systems incorporating contract parking, credit card in/out parking, pre-paid parking online, license plate recognition or a combination of these.


ZEAG Products are scalable, modular and can be configured and extended to suit customer needs. ZEAG solutions is upgraded continuously with ever-changing technologies, such as Chip&PIN and Wave&Pay.

Access and Exit Control Systems

Automated Pay Stations

Automated Pay Station Cashless – APC
Automated Pay Station In-Lane – APS
Automated Pay Station – APS

Parking Ticket Validators & Encoding Stations

VPrint XT
Validation Rebate
Validation Valimate
Validation Valimark
Coding Station – CDS
Validation Web

ZEAG Fee Computers

FAAC HUB Parking solution


HUB Parking Technology also brings to its customers the advanced parking solutions from FAAC, which integrates barriers, pay stations and parking voucher validation systems to control rooms providing reliable and technology to optimise operations. The new ParQube from FAAC delivers simplicity for users and installers while maintaining reliability and precision required by parking managers.


ParQube stations are structured for easy use and low running costs, the system is based on simple, yet advanced mechanics and highly reliable electronic components and state-of-the-art technological components, such as two-dimensional matrix barcode tickets.

Access and Exit Control Systems

Parking Pro M Barrier
Parking Pro Barrier
ParQube 620 Barrier
ParQube Lex Combined
ParQube LX – Exit station
ParQube LXS – Exit station
ParQube LE – Entry station
ParQube LES – Entry station
ParQube AccessReader
ParQube LS – Vehicular access control

Automated Pay Stations

ParQube APS
ParQube Fee Computer

Parking Ticket Validators & Encoding Stations

Validation Solutions
VPrint XT


Software & Mobile Solution

Janus Management System (JMS)

JMS or Janus Management System is an intuitive software presents customers with a single solution to manage multiple parking locations and several products (both ZEAG and FAAC). The highly scalable solution can be adapted to match any installation, be it simple low traffic projects or complicated high traffic parking lots. JMS centrally manages HUB parking equipment and systems via a browser-based console. The JMS system is easy to use as its GUI resembles Windows 8. JMS further improves business performance through a customized digital signage solution.

  • Janus Management System (JMS)


JPASS or JunglePass is a smartphone application that allows users to pre-book, find, enter, pay and exit parking spaces quickly. The App is integrated with HUB’s parking access technologies and is available for both iOS and Android. JPASS offers paperless ticketing with its beacon technology, allowing customers to pay and exit a parking lot using their smartphones simply. The app also stores the tickets that can be reviewed later. Another excellent feature of JPASS is the embedded geolocation feature that allows users to find parking, get driving directions to it and discover nearby spots.

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