Automated doors or opening doors with contactless access control credentials like proximity cards or non-contact biometric or mobile app – is the way forward. What about those exit buttons on the way out?

paxton reader and exit button

With workplaces, schools and public areas reopening, the top concern for any organisation is health and safety of visitors and staff.

Even as gates and entry point to the facilities are automated using proximity access and biometrics, common touchpoints like door handles, elevator buttons and light switches are difficult to maintain throughout the busy day.

The simplest way to solve this challenge is with infrared exit sensors that operate at a few inches range and open doors with gesture control.

Touchless door operators, Touch-free exit buttons and activation technologies are intelligent ways to safeguard employees and customers alike; they eliminate the risks of contamination and spread of infections, as well as control physical access to rooms, elevators, entrance lobby, and any other part of the building.

Types of touchless door unlocking

paxton reader waving hand

Wave Unlock

This method offers you 100% touch-free access control powered by proximity or infrared sensors. A user waving a hand in front of the reader triggers the opener to disengage the lock and open the doors.

The gesture control switch can be installed in two different configurations – as a request-to-exit input contact and as a control for a fail-secure lock. Depending on the preset configuration, the sensors can detect a hand from up too a few inches away.

With fast, reliable access, these touchless sensors keep people moving through your facility conveniently.

paxton reader bluetooth unlocking

App/Bluetooth Unlock

The doors can also be configured with third-party access control systems opened using an app or Bluetooth credentials.

The user simply opens the app on their smartphone when in proximity to the reader, which signals the door operator to open the door.

An app can send the unlock request simultaneously via BLE, Wi-Fi, and cellular data, so it works even if the Internet is down.

Touchless Biometric Unlock

Touchless Biometric Unlock

Door locks can also be integrated with biometric access control, or visual security systems to connect door unlocking modes to a cloud-controlled database.

The new generation of door unlocking methods can read faces in 2D and 3D and can match face signatures to authenticate access to sensitive areas for sensitive areas of the facility.

Basic Configuration

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Features to look for in exit sensors


Wave Unlock

An infrared sensor is an electronic device that measures and detects infrared radiation in its surrounding environment.

The sensor both emits and detect infrared radiation. Most of the wave sensors have a 10 to 15 cm detection range.


Mounting Dimension

The exit sensors are usually installed beside the door. You have to check available space to select the right dimensions. The GEM RTS sensor range comes in 114 x 70mm, 85.5 x 85.5mm etc.

exit button led

LED Indicators

Status lights provide visual confirmation when a door unlocks. Most exit sensors come with red and green LED indicators. Check if the model you choose has LED indicators or not.

paxton exitbutton

Unlock time delay

Most of the exit sensors allow opening time delay ranging from 0.5,5,10,20 seconds if required.

Other features

A range of other features to check while choosing a touchless door sensor are as follows – check Relay rating, Emergency touch free exit button configuration, and material composition.


Healthcare & Touchless access buttons

The most common application of touchless actuators have been in healthcare environments, as spreading germs is a crucial concern. This can be critical for patient safety and care.

In addition to this, they can be used to reduce touch-points throughout cleanroom environments, as they require to follow strict standards of sterilisation. These touchless access buttons contribute to people health safety in industrial settings as these facilities contain several touch-points.

By upgrading to touchless activation in place of pushbuttons, one can reduce the susceptibility of gathering potential contaminants. They are also an effective solution for pedestrian and crowd management in retail environments.

Solutions Offered by Stebilex

Paxton Connect App

Paxton, the leading access control manufacturer from the UK developed the Paxton Connect App for Paxton 10 and Net2 Pro which allows an operator to operate a door without touch or contact. This app enables you to use smart devices as access tokens. The Paxton Key app allows system users to make use of their smartphone, Apple Watch or Tablet in place of electronic tokens or traditional keys with a Paxton 10 system.

Utilising the built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology in Paxton10 readers, the smart device can securely communicate with the Paxton10 system and opens any door in a completely contactless manner. The app is available from the App Store and Google Play.


Note: Paxton 10 is yet to be (officially) released in the Middle East. Nevertheless, If you have a project that Paxton 10 and Mobile App based access control can help, Stebilex is happy to assist.

Learn More About Paxton Key for Paxton10

FAAC Touch Free XMS Buttons

The touch-free microwave module enabled XMS button by FAAC is an alternative contactless solution to push-buttons and other manual activators. It detects motion at a distance of up to 10cm and allows to activate the door without any physical contact with the sensor.

An ideal solution for the retail, pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare sectors, XMS buttons come as a part of FAAC’s SAFE FLOW 01 and SAFE FLOW 02 automatic doos solutions, which allows you to both prevent the door from opening with direct contact and manage the number of people present.

Learn More About FAAC XMS Button
FAAC Touch Free XMS-Buttons 2

VirDi EB 030 Non-Contact Exit Button

VirDi’s EB-030 is a no-touch exit sensor, which poses no hygiene issues and has a sensor range of up to 100mm (10cm). The slimline unit is sleeker in looks as compared to a conventional Push-to-Exit button. The sensor features sound and LED indicators. With EB-030 proximity exit sensors you can just wave your way out of a facility.

Learn More About VirDi EB 030
VirDi EB 030 Non Contact Exit Button

GEM RTS Series – Infrared Touchless Exit Switches

GEM Gianni’s RTS series exit sensors are RoHS compliant and suitable for any third party access control system. Enabled with Wave Sense Infrared sensors by GEM, RTS series is an ideal solution for sanitary environments such as hospitals, restaurants, bathrooms, or labs.

The sensor can be installed in two different configurations – as a request-to-exit input contact and as a control for a fail-secure lock. The exit sensors come in brushed stainless steel faceplate and have a bi-colour LED status indicator (Red/Green). The RTS series featuring low essential design has four models:

Learn More About GEM RTS Series Infrared Touchless Exit Switches
GEM gianni RTS exit button 2

RTS 1000 and RTS 1100A

RTS 1000 and RTS 1100A come with blue or green-lit sensors for better visibility and ‘Exit’ text display on the faceplate. The RTS1000 is a narrow form mortise mount option and has ANSI size.

Learn More About GEM RTS 1000 and 1100A


RTS-500 exit sensor features a 10 cm proximity range to offer touchless operation and is mortise mounted. It offers up to 20 seconds selectable relock delay emergency exit option. The exit sensor comes in ANSI and European size.

Learn More About GEM RTS 500
gem gianni rts


The RTS-500N comes only in European size and offers 10cm sensor range. It features emergency exit output and is mortise mounted. The RTS-500N offers a selectable relock time delay of 0.5,5,10,20 seconds.

Learn More About GEM RTS 500N
gem gianni rts 500 n


The mortise mounted sensor comes in ANSI size. It features options like selectable relock delay of 0.5 to,20 seconds, a sensing range of 10cm and emergency exit option, as well as comes with LED indicators.

Learn More About GEM RTS 600
gem gianni rts-600


The exit sensor offer 10cm range and is surface mounted. It offers a selectable relock delay of 0.5,5,10,20 seconds. The RTS-600-S also comes with LED status lights and emergency exit option.

Learn More About GEM RTS 600S
gem gianni rts-600s

Elock No Touch Exit Sensor – EL-ABK-806

Elock’s EL-ABK-806B no touch exit sensor comes with innovative infrared sensors that have a detection range up to 10cm and are suitable for Hollow Door.

The no-touch sensor is ideal for relatively humid areas and comes with LED status indicators in three colours – White (Power OFF), Blue (standby), and Red for Power ON(sensation). The sensor is fully compatible with any access control system to work as a door release sensor.

Learn More About Elock Touch Exit Sensor
Elock No Touch Exit Sensor

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