Employee Time Attendance System

Optimal time and attendance with AI and GPS features for every organisation. Introducing the new benchmark for time tracking.  Track, manage and assess your time effortlessly.

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Mobile Time Tracking

  • Any mobile gadget can be converted into a timer
  • Provide choices for your staff to track their time remotely, on-site, or even when travelling
  • GPS for tracking
  • Utilize our geolocation technology to make sure your team is there at the appropriate time and location

Face recognition Software

Face recognition tracking will get rid of buddy punching and time stealing. A selfie makes it simple to verify attendance. Utilize technology to guarantee precise employee attendance on a shared kiosk or employee mobile. You can relax knowing that your staff is in the ideal location at the ideal moment

No internet in mobile offline mode?

No issue. Keep track of time even if your connection is lost. Even when they are not online, staff members can log in and out using ETA. When the gadget is back online, it simply syncs.

Limit the locations your employees can clock-in

Geofences based on GPS. Utilize our geolocation technology to make sure your team is there at the appropriate time and location. You may create geofences of any size, and clock-ins still function without an online connection.


ETA’s dashboard will keep you in command

The ETA dashboard gives you command. Discover who is in or out in real-time by viewing hours recorded by the organisation, group, schedule, or location

Delivering top-notch time tracking for personnel management

Learn how you can get started on your Employee Time & Attendance Management

Web-based timekeeping

Your browser’s built-in time monitoring tool allows you to switch between tasks, activities, projects, or clients

Detailed Reporting and Analytics

Powerful insights at your fingertips. Detailed reporting and analytics to help you manage payroll, employee productivity, or budget costs. Time tracking and timesheets with endless possibilities.

Organizing vacation time is simple

The PTO feature of ETA allows for online tracking of leave and integration with work schedules. In-person or on the go, managers can approve leave.

If your workforce forgets, ETA will remember

Software for time tracking that integrates with your company, ETA. Reminders that are time- or location-based, as well as auto-clock-outs, are all made possible via ETA

ETA grows with your business

The ETA flexible grouping feature enables you to assign various. Employees who belong to various groups, each with varying permission levels and limits. You never have to worry about outgrowing ETA time monitoring software because it was designed with businesses in mind.

Establishing options for overtime

You have the freedom to decide when overtime starts and what its rates will be, whether it’s daily overtime, rest day overtime, expedited overtime, weekly overtime, or public holiday overtime.

Approval processes

Employees can submit their timesheets to management for inspection, including the hours worked and any overtime. You only need to set up pay periods and permissions to get started.

In just a few clicks, export your data

Your timesheet data can be simply exported using ETA to do extra payroll or analysis calculations. then easily import your timesheet data into your accounting software. ETA adapts to your needs

Timesheets for your company that are ready for payroll

Timesheet views can be synchronised with your payroll using configurable pay period cycles. Pay proper compensation and create your own overtime parameters. Every HR department requires ETA, a time tracking programme that is payroll-ready.

Time tracking for SMEs and larger businesses

We can meet your demands for factor authorization, local data residency, self-hosting, and integration without our native API.

Extraordinary Qualities

  • Time Tracker ETA
  • Overtime, Staff, and Contractor
  • Labor Share for Multiple Sites
  • Customized work processes
  • Day-Breaks
  • Reminders based on location
  • Updater for timesheets
  • Tracking Time with Approval
  • Extensive Analysis Reports

Delivering top-notch time tracking for

Personnel Management

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