Gate Manufacturing and Fabrication

A gate is the first impression of your property. It provides safety and security and raises the property’s overall value and curb appeal.

Swing Gate

A swing gate is one that can swing either way and closes when opened. They swing open and shut on hinges mounted to gate posts at driveway entrance sides. They can be either manual or automatic.
Manual gates are operated manually while automatic swing gates operate with the help of swing gate operators. Swing Door Operators are electronic devices that are used to open and close swing doors automatically.

They facilitate mechanized push and pull in a swing door for smooth and safe passage of people.

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Sliding Gate

A fence that may be moved to the side is called a sliding gate. Terrains can be entered using sliding gates, which offer a convenient, secure, safe, and identifiable entryway. When open and parked parallel to the wall, sliding gates take up less area than swing gates do. They are the best option for industrial, commercial, and some residential applications since they are safer and more stable for longer openings.
They can either be manual or automatic. Sliding gates are operated manually or automatically via sliding gate operators. Automatic sliding gate operators are used to secure entrances for hassle-free, safe and secure passage. They have smart, intelligent and sustainable features that adapt to entrances as per the population flow. They facilitate ease of use, automatic control, regulated access and security at entrances. These can be used in private, public and commercial spaces for frequently used doors.

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Type of Gate Material

steel Gates stebilex

Steel Gates


Steel gates are the most popular metal gates followed by aluminum.
The rationale is that steel is an alloy of carbon and iron that offers a stronger and rust-proof frame. Hence, steel gates are robust and have higher longevity.

Aluminum Gates stebilex

Aluminum Gates


After Steel, aluminum is the second choice for most of the people. It is a light weight metal that is easy to carry around and to be used as a gate. It is also malleable and is easy to work with. The light weightedness of the metal is the central point of attraction that allows ease of operability. In addition, it is also rust-proof, however, it is less robust than steel.

Wrought iron Gates stebilex

Wrought iron Gates


When relatively pure iron globules are semifused together and partially encircled by slag, wrought iron, a soft, ductile, fibrous variation, is created. It has less carbon content (<0.08%) than cast iron (>2%). It is very malleable hence feasible to work with. Additionally, the metal has a lot of personality because to its fibrous look.

cast iron Gates stebilex

Cast iron Gates


Iron-carbon alloys with a carbon concentration more than 2% are melted to create cast iron. It is a robust metal but isn’t as heavy duty as wrought iron nor is it as ductile. It is also prone to corrosion and has a certain amount of brittleness to it. Compared to steel, it has poor machinability.However, it has a goof texture and gives a good finish compared to wrought iron.

wooden gate stebilex uae

Wooden Gates


Shop exclusive wooden gates from our inventory of handmade classic timber gates. Available in a variety of forms and designs, explore our wooden gates made of robust and durable timber.

Type of Gate Designs

Flat-top Gates stebilex uae

Flat-top Gates

This is the most basic type of gate. A flat-top gate has a totally rectangular form since its upper rail is entirely straight. It fulfills all the basic requirements that a gate ought to provide. In addition, it reflects the minimalistic design that is in vogue contemporarily. It is ideal for both swing and slide gates

Arched-top Gates stebilex uae

Arched-top Gates

An arched-top gate’s top rail has a gradual, sweeping arch to it. This attractive, traditional-looking metal gate design is perfect for double swing gates. If one savours classical designs, then this gate is fit for your taste buds.

wrought iron gates

Arched-top Gates with finials

The tips of the pickets (the finials) protrude past the upper rail on this form of gate, giving it a more ornate appearance than the arched-top version. It adds beauty and elegance to your entrances leaving an excellent impression.

Type of functions

manual gate stebilex uae

Manual Gates

The pull and push functions of these doors are hand held. They are smooth, traditional and easy to operate

manual gatestebilex uae 02

Automatic Gates

The push and pull or swing functions are executed by an electronic system that operates intelligently and flawlessly reducing the physical efforts to be put in gate opening and closing.

Power and endurance


The strongest in the group is steel, while the least durable is aluminium. As a result, a steel gate should, in principle, be able to endure misuse and the leverage forces that come with gate operation. Steel gates are just somewhat more durable than iron gates.
Aluminium gates are the least robust, but they’re far from weak, and most of them can withstand anthropogenic activities and natural conditions. It should be noted that aluminium gates often are not made of a single welded component, in contrast to steel and iron gates. The pickets are screwed in place of that. As a result, they could get looser with time and need



All metal gates are low maintenance and require just a little amount of user maintenance. Aluminium has the benefit of being a material that doesn’t corrode naturally. To prevent corrosion, peeling, or fading, iron and steel gates are coated with a powder coating. Steel has high endurance and is not prone to corrosion. Further, Iron gates are heavy duty and can be painted to prevent corrosion and they work for a longer duration of time.



Aluminium is a lightweight material that is used in the manufacture of aircraft. Aluminium fences weigh around 2.5 times less than gates made of steel and iron. They are less heavy-duty yet are very feasible to work with since they don’t need much support. They can also be operated by a less powerful gate operator and hence are budget-friendly. Aluminium can also be a sensible option for particularly big gates so they can be opened and closed more easily.



All metal gates serve the purpose of aesthetics. Whether they are constructed of steel, iron, or aluminium, are inherently attractive if they are well-crafted. Flat-top steel, cast iron, or aluminium gate can be the best choice for you if simplicity is what you desire. Wrought iron is a great choice if you’re searching for an extravagant appearance.

Types of gates we manufacture

Decorative Gates

In addition to providing strength and security, ornamental gates are highly favoured for their aesthetics. They appeal to the eye and enhance the charm of the place. They could be made of wrought iron, cast-iron or wooden. Minimalistic gates are also made of steel and aluminium 

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Automatic Gates

Gates that are operated electronically without manual labour are called automatic gates. All types of gates can be automated using different gate operators such as swing gate operators, sliding gate operators, access barriers etc.

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Villa entrance and back entrance Gates

A gate is the first impression of your property. Make your assets safe and secure with front entrance and back entrance doors as per your requirements. These may be automated or manual gates, swing or slide, steel or timber, or anything that you desire.

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Ranch entrance Gates

Protect your ranches with sturdy gates that keep your property safe. Control who gets in and moves out at particular times. Enhance the safety of your ranches with automatic gate operators.

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Industrial Gates

Gates made for high frequency and safety, factory entrance gates protect and secure the life of workers and property of the owner. These can be controlled with automatic gate operators. The flow of people can be checked via automatic face identification and biometrics

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Driveway Gates

These gates lead guests to your homes and are supposed to be sturdy, safe and secure. A touch of aesthetics reflecting your architecture is a welcome innovation to these gates

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Bespoke Gates

These made-to-measure gates are simply meant to excite your taste buds. They are made to match your property and stay unique yet robust.  These can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes, delivering a perfect fitting.

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Crash-rated Sliding Gates

These gates are designed for high-risk security installations. They are designed to open and close as easily as possible with a precisely balanced mechanism and simple-to-install gears. They are robust as they are made of materials with high tensile strength which makes them absorb high-velocity shocks.

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Crash-rated Swing Gates

Similar to crash-rated sliding gates, crash-rated swing gates are also made to tackle high-threat security installations like critical facilities, government buildings, factories, industrial units, etc. Swing gates with crash ratings only open in the direction of moving cars to prevent ramming. As long as the driveway has enough area for cars, this will function well.


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Crash Rated Gate Barriers

Take security and safety to the next level with our exclusive range of world-class crash-rated gate barriers. Designed exclusively for sensitive and critical facilities, our gates offer an unparallel level of safety and security.

  • Our high-security barriers are ASTM F2656 crash-rated and certified. They have the power to stop a truck in its way with approximately 1 meter of penetration
  • Developed by US Federal Agencies, ASTM F2656 is a standard test method for crash testing of vehicle security barriers and certifying better performance
  • It evaluates the barrier on how much impact a barrier can absorb when a vehicle comes ramming towards it with a specific speed
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Key Features

Undeniably Strong with
World-Class Build-Quality

Our crash-rated gate barriers boast premium build quality and are capable of protecting your facility/site from hostile vehicle attacks and crime-related incidents.



Offers Corrosion and Impact Resistance

Secure people, resources, and assets in your facility in the best possible way with our high-impact & corrosion-resistant gate barriers. Ideal for critical facilities, they perform best even in a hard and challenging environment.

Super Fast and Ultra-Reliable Performance

In addition to great design and 3Plus corrosion protection, our resilient gate barriers offer fast opening and closing times. Ranging from 5-20 seconds, depending on the gate barrier type.

Comes with an Intelligent Controller

All of our crash-rated gate barriers come with an intelligent controller. It is responsible for accepting commands from control devices and execute them accordingly.



Services we provide

Gate Fabrication

Give your property the greatest first impression possible with the best design and quality from Stebilex. We offer you an incredible selection for your entry, whether you need gates for public, private, commercial or critical spaces. We deal in all varieties of top-quality materials for the fabrication and production of gates.

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Gate Manufacturing

Depending on your requirement we manufacture gates for different places and requirements such as houses, commercial spaces, critical spaces, or other public spaces. The nature of activity decides whether gates ought to be made from steel, aluminium, wrought iron or cast iron.  Gates could be swing doors or sliding doors depending upon the situation. We manufacture gates of different designs such as flat-top, arched-top or arched-top with finials. 

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Gate Installation

Stebilex believes in prioritising customer satisfaction. We help in the installation of door and gate automation fulfilling the individual requirement of every customer. We also provide pre-fabrication services for ease of use and smooth running of our systems.

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Gate Maintenance

We offer assistance in maintaining your automatic door systems or even manual doors that require time-to-time service. Apart from this, we provide gate accessories and spare parts as well for tailored customer service

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Gate Automation

Without having to physically open the gates, people may enter and depart the property in safety thanks to gate automation technology. Additionally, it spares you the arduous chore of exiting your car to open the gate, drive through it, and then close it once more.

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Gate Access Control Solutions

Using gate access control to safeguard your building or property is a smart and sensible idea. Your building’s entrances and exits may be made safe by locating reliable commercial gate access control systems. Only those possessing a keycard or keypad pin or who are authorised employees may enter. You now have complete control over who enters your facilities.

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