Best biostations for multi-biometric recognition packed with powerful algorithms

One of the world’s most powerful biometric brands, Suprema designs biometrics, access control, and time & attendance systems powered by its highest quality algorithms and superior engineering.

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About Suprema

With over 100 patents and Intellectual Properties in its name, Suprema is a leading provider of biometric solutions ranging from fingerprint scanners to facial recognition and mobile authentication systems.

Since its establishment in 2000, Suprema has introduced many technology initiatives and innovations in the physical security sphere. Suprema’s fingerprint algorithm was proven to be the world’s most reliable solution, and its Biometric access control systems were ranked No. 1 in the International Fingerprint Verification Competition (FVC) in 2017.

Suprema is the first biometrics company listed on Korea’s stock market (KOSDAQ), and its biometric products are sold in over 130 countries, while it has supported National Identification Projects in 23 Countries.

With over a billion people using its systems across the world, Suprema has a No.1 market share in biometric access control in the EMEA region and named to the world’s top 50 security manufacturer.

Suprema’s extensive product range includes biometric access control systems, time & attendance solutions, live fingerprint scanners, mobile authentication solutions, and embedded fingerprint modules.

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Meet Intelligent Security & Biometrics Hardware Solutions from Suprema


RF / Mobile Readers

Deploy world-class access control in your premises with Suprema’s exclusive range of RF/mobile readers. All feature a contemporary design, supports NFC, BLE-based security tokens, and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Buy Suprema XPass 2Buy Suprema XPass S2Buy Suprema XPass D2Buy Suprema Airfob Patch

Intelligent Controllers

Control doors in the best possible way with intelligent biometric and door controllers from Suprema. They are exclusively designed to meet the sophisticated and prior centralized security requirements of big-level enterprises.

Buy Suprema CoreStation Biometric ControllerBuy Suprema CoreStation Enclosure

Open Platform-based Workstations

Increase workforce management efficiency with remarkably intelligent and optimized multimedia workstations from Suprema. They are great for efficient attendance management, intermediate-level access control, and easy employee identification.

Featured Products: NOVUS, OMNIS



Suprema designs and builds peripherals and modules to enhance and take the capabilities of biometric devices and access control systems to the next level.

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Introducing The Most Intelligent & Industry-Leading Security Solutions by Suprema


BioStar 2

BioStar2 is a world-renowned access control, time & attendance, and visitor management platform perfect for all-level enterprises. To offer greater security and convenience it comes in three variants: open platform, centralized system, and supplier system respectively.


Suprema Mobile Access

Suprema Mobile Access is a cost-effective, convenient, and innovative contactless solution that allows you to access restricted doors and facilities with your smartphone.

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Why Choose Suprema?

World’s Best Performing Biometrics Devices

Developed with the finest technology, all Suprema biometric devices outperform other pioneers in the market when it comes to authentication failure rate by sunlight angle, false rejection ratio, and false acceptance ratio.

Superior Quality Management System

Right from Development QA, Product Quality Control to Final Quality Audit, Suprema follows a series of quality checks to design and engineer world-class products.

Innovation-Driven R&D Process

Every year Suprema reinvests 20% of annual revenue on R&D to meet the growing requirements of the biometrics industry and innovate highly convenient & premium products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Suprema?

Suprema is a global leader in manufacturing world-class biometrics, identity identification, and access control devices.

Where is Suprema based?

Suprema is headquartered in Gyeonggi, South Korea.

What is Suprema’s specialty?

Suprema specializes in building ultimate biometric and identity verification devices.

What are the product offerings by Suprema?

Suprema manufacturers a wide range of products, right from biometric readers, RF mobile readers, intelligent controllers, open-platform-based workstations, and peripherals.

How to buy Suprema products?

Contact Stebilex Systems today to order Suprema products at the best prices in UAE, Qatar, and other GCC countries.