Suprema Airfob Patch – Mobile BLE to RF card converter

Suprema made Airfob Patch decrease the need and use of physical cards in access control systems. It is a highly innovative product that converts BLE to RF signals and grants you RF reader access with the help of your smartphone. The device is insanely fast, easy to install, and comes with an IP protection rating of 65.

Key Features

  • Enables communication between digital access cards on smartphones and RF card readers
  • Portable, easy to use, and doesn’t demand special wiring or construction for operation
  • Compatible with iPhones and Android smartphones
  • Easy to attach on RF card readers with the help of a double-adhesive tap present on the back
  • Lightweight, ultra-responsive, and compatible with all types of RF readers

Suprema Airfob Patch is a portable and lightweight device that enables the communication between RF readers and digital access cards present on the smartphone. It works on the concept of translating BLE to RF signals and designed exclusively for decreasing the usage of physical access cards in different facilities.

This patch harvests energy from the RF field of the card reader and doesn’t need a battery to power or charge itself. Plus the installation process is user-friendly, straight-forward, and doesn’t demand any kind of special technical expertise. Check out our recent article to learn more about the product here.

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