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One of the few companies offering integrated automation solutions for gates globally, RIB (Reducers and Gears in Brescia) is an Italian manufacturer of solutions for gates, barriers, shutters and up-and-over doors.

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About RIB

A leading brand locally and internationally the company holds an ISO9001 certification from 1995 and multiple patents for some of the world’s most powerful and high-performing gate operators. Products by RIB are intelligently designed to provide convenience for installers and safety for end-users.

RIB believes in amalgamating electronics and mechanics technology development to offer components that ensure the correct functioning of RIB products. These products are manufactured and tested manufactured within the company, which also offers customized solutions.

The importance and expertise in the advanced mechanics embody in the company’s name – RIB, which expands as Riduttori Ingranaggerie Bresciane” (Brescia Reduction Gears). RIB was established in 1971 to supply products to the demands of the military sector, which still influences its production of automatic systems and offers unbeatable performance.

RIB motors are among the most powerful solutions in the world, capable of moving up to 12 tonnes. Notable RIB installations in the UAE include residential gate automation at Dubai Mayor’s residence and Al Maktoum bridge toll gates.


Meet Highly Reliable & Strong RIB Gate Operators

Gate automation systems from RIB are designed for frequent use and long life. The company produces automation operators for both residential use and industrial application. In fact, the SUPER 6000 sliding gate operator from RIB can handle gates weighing up to 6 tonnes. RIB offers a variety of sliding gate and swinging gate operators with high quality, durability, and resistance, that guarantee customer satisfaction.


Gate Operators for Sliding Gates Automation

RIB is one of the pioneers in manufacturing high-performance gate motors and automation operators in the world. The company has designed the most powerful motor for swing and sliding section gates of up to 12 tonnes, also the first operator that can handle sliding gates weighing up to 6000 kg.

RIB Operator for Sliding Gates – K400RIB Irreversible operator for Sliding GatesRIB Irreversible Operator for Sliding Gates K1400 – K2200RIB Irreversible Sliding Gate Operator – SUPER 2200RIB Irreversible Operator for Industrial Sliding Gates – SUPER 3600-4000RIB Irreversible Operator for Industrial Sliding Gate – SUPER 6000-8000

Gate Operators for Swing Gates Automation

RIB Gate automation systems are ideal for both homes and business facilities and come in a variety of application and operator options. The swinging gate automation systems from RIB feature both electro-mechanical and hydraulic motors. The company is known for many innovations including the first lever operating system for swing gates.

Buy RIB Operator for Swing Gates – PRINCEBuy RIB Operator for Swing Gates – KING EVOBuy RIB Irreversible Swing Gate Operator – PREMIERBuy RIB Reversible Swing Gate Operator – MAGICBuy RIB Irreversible Swing Gate Operator – DUKEBuy RIB Irreversible Swing Gate Operator – DUKE

Introducing RIB’s Most Flexible and Secure Shutter Operators

rib rolling shutters uae

Operators for Balanced Rolling Shutters Automation

The rolling shutter operators for RIB have been designed for easy installation on existing structures. They offer near-zero maintenance and the highest performance.

Buy RIB Rolling Shutter Operator – JollyBuy RIB Rolling Shutter Operator: JOLLY ONEBuy RIB Rolling Shutter Operator – JOLLY BIG

Operators for Rolling Shutters and Awnings Automation

The rolling shutter and awning operator from RIB offers maximum protection. The tubular motors used in the rolling shutters, awnings, and garage doors allow silent operation.

Buy RIB Irreversible Operator Rolling Shutter Motor Opening System – JOY

Operators for Sectional and Up-and-Over Garage Doors Automation

RIB sectional and up-and-over garage doors feature smooth and silent operations and come in a variety of material options. They come with additional features such as anti-crushing and anti-theft locking.

Featured Products: BOSS, TOWER 10

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What Makes RIB – A Expert in The Gate Automation Space?

Extraordinary Build Quality

All RIB products undergo inspection and a strict quality control system to deliver the highest level of safety, performance, and convenience in the facility.

Innovation-Driven Manufacturing Process

RIB innovates new products with a strong intent to challenge limits and meet the growing requirements of the gate automation industry conveniently.

World-Wide Network

With 64% of production exported abroad, RIB today is an international
the manufacturer which can count on a widespread network of dealers,
distributors and support centers all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction-Oriented After Sales Service

RIB invests exclusively in its installer trainer workshops and world-class technical support team to offer the best after-sales service in the industry. This is lead by a 5-year product guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is RIB based?

RIB is headquartered in Via Giacomo Matteotti, Italy.

What is RIB’s specialty?

RIB specializes in designing the world’s most powerful motors for the automation of heavy-duty gates.

What products does RIB manufacture?

RIB manufacturers an exclusive range of motors for gate, barrier, shutters, and garage door automation. They also design and engineer automation systems for rolling shutters and awnings.

How to order RIB products?

Stebilex Systems is the premier distributor of RIB products in the Middle East. Contact us today to order RIB products in UAE, Qatar, and other GCC countries.