RIB Operator for Sliding Gates – K400 (Irreversible operator, max hb400 kg)

RIB K400, the newest generation of sliding gate operator, is mainly designed for application at residential facilities. Ideal for highly frequented operation, K400 offers opening/ closing speed of 9-20m opening /minute and allows customisation of the key. RIB K400 offers IP44 grade protection and ca be configured to operate with proximity technology.

Key Features

  • The speed of the K400 can be adjusted from 9 to 20 m/minute
  • Customisable release key
  • Offers 30 cycles with two 1.2 Ah batteries during power failure

The RIB K400 can operate gates weighing up to 400 Kg, and the operator is equipped with a built-in heater and temperature sensors. The base plate of K400 allows height adjustments and can be fixed to the ground with expansion screws or by cementing. The K400 allows adjustable deceleration when approaching the opening and closing, which can also be fitted with a manual switch that commands the automatic repositioning of the gate in slow-speed mode. The K400 offers 30 cycles with 1,2 Ah batteries during a power failure.

The gate operator can also be equipped with an encoder to automatically detect people or vehicular movement to adjust impact sensitivity and to slow opening and closing speed. The Bluetooth cards APP or APP+ can manage the L1 24V-CRX control panel of K400. Buy RIB GAte automation products from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East.

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Product details

Brands RIB
AA40928 – with magnetic limit switches and L1 24V-CRX control panel
AD00914 – with magnetic limit switches

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