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In the bustling commercial landscape of developed cities, our cutting-edge Parking Guidance System sets a new standard for stress-free parking. Effortlessly find available spaces with smart technology, enhancing convenience and boosting business profitability.

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Parking Guidance System
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What is a Parking Guidance System?

A Parking Guidance System is a technology-driven solution that utilizes sensors, signage, and software to guide drivers to available parking spaces efficiently, reducing congestion and enhancing the overall parking experience.
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How Does the Parking Guidance System Work?

Decoding Parking Guidance System – Unveiling the Mechanics Behind Efficient Parking Assistance.

Sensors: The Eyes and Ears of the System

As a leading parking technology supplier, we offer a modern Parking Guidance System (PGS). With strategically positioned sensors, no more aimless searching for parking spots – the cutting-edge sensors provide accurate and up-to-date information, ensuring you find the perfect space hassle-free.

Guidance Display Units: Your Personal Parking Navigator

Once the sensors collect vital data, the sleek and user-friendly guidance display units take charge. With vibrant LED lights and dynamic signage, they offer real-time guidance on parking availability, leading you effortlessly to the nearest vacant spot. Trust us for a stress-free parking journey.

Seamless Integration with Automatic Pay Station: Your Parking Companion

Once you’ve parked, the convenience continues with the cutting-edge Automatic Pay Station. Swiftly settle your parking fees using contactless payments, mobile apps, or credit cards. No more fumbling for change or waiting in queues. The seamless transaction gets you on your way faster than ever before.

Optimization and Data Analysis: The Driving Force Behind Efficiency

We’re your go-to supplier for cutting-edge Parking Guidance Systems (PGS). The PGS harnesses the power of advanced algorithms and data analysis to revolutionize parking operations. Expect top-notch efficiency and customer satisfaction, whether you’re a parking facility manager or a driver seeking a seamless parking experience.

Uptight Security and Safety Features: Your Vehicle’s Protection Matters

As a leading supplier, we prioritize the safety of your vehicle when you’re away. The Parking Guidance System not only guides and enables payments, but also integrates cutting-edge security measures like surveillance cameras, license plate recognition, and real-time monitoring. Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive protection.

Discover the Astonishing Benefits of a Parking Guidance System (PGS)

  • Cost-Effectiveness
    Cuts unwanted costs, boosts revenue, and ensures a higher ROI for parking operations.
  • User-Friendly Design
    Intuitive interface and clear signage make parking hassle-free for drivers.
  • Optimal Space Utilization
    Maximizes parking space efficiency, eliminating wastage and frustration.
  • Real-Time Information
    Instant updates on parking availability save time and reduce congestion.
  • Environmental Friendliness
    Supporting a greener future by maintaining sustainability & minimizing emissions.
  • Time-Saving
    Guiding drivers efficiently, saving time, and improving traffic flow.

Choose the Future of Parking Efficiency with Our Advanced Parking Guidance System.

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Our Trusted Brands

  • JIESHUN, a pioneer in China’s parking industry, provides advanced smart parking & access control tech.
  • Over 100 countries benefit from JIESHUN’s 100+ products, serving millions of users.
  • JIESHUN’s 30 years of expertise, 300+ patents, and R&D excellence forge a new smart parking ecosystem.
  • Modernised parking guidance with intuitive technology.
  • Mobile apps and customised software solutions for greater accessibility.
  • Innovative, efficient solution for seamless parking management.

Revolutionize Your Parking Experience with Our Best-Selling Products

Jieshun LED Display JSPJ11128-INT

  • Cutting-edge JIESHUN LED display streamlines parking management.
  • Lightweight, attractive, and performance-driven LED screen for parking lots.
  • With a height of 950 mm and a mounting depth of 200 mm, they are easy to install, maintain, and highly reliable.
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JS NG510 3E4 3F 1080P INT dp

Jieshun HD Network Camera JS-NG510-3E4-3F-1080P-INT

  • Cutting-edge JS-NG510-3E4-3F-1080P-INT camera optimizes license plate recognition.
  • Versatile split-design for diverse lanes; effortless installation and maintenance.
  • Enhance recognition with an ultra-wide HD network camera system.
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Jieshun Automatic Pay Station JSPJ1193-INT

  • Innovative Jieshun JSPJ1193-INT brings a seamless Linux-operated parking payment solution.
  • JSPJ1193-INT makes it easy to spot unmanned lots with smart car search.
  • Secure and user-centric JSPJ1193-INT offers diverse payment options.
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Jieshun Automatic Pay Station Cashless JSPJ1194

  • Jieshun’s JSPJ1194 offers a Linux-based, highly stable auto-pay station, empowering unattended parking lots.
  • Enjoy versatile payment choices with enhanced user experience, backed by surveillance cameras.
  • Upgrade and maintain effortlessly with remote system management.
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Jieshun Integrated Ultrasonic Sensor JSPJ1161E-T

  • Jieshun JSPJ1161E-T employs advanced ultrasound technology for efficient parking guidance.
  • Pinpoint accuracy and customized indicator colors for optimal usability.
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Jieshun EII Ticketless Parking Controller JSKT6042-INT

  • Jieshun EII JSKT6042-INT redefines unattended parking with advanced tech, a 99% recognition rate, and remote maintenance.
  • Experience seamless access, high-definition cameras, and expanded scalability with EIITicketless Parking Controller.
  • EII JSKT6042-INT offers efficient electronic payment and video intercom in challenging environments.
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Jieshun VII Type HD Video Detection Terminal JSPJ1189B/JSPJ1190B

  • Jieshun VII HD Video Detection Terminal revolutionizes parking with AI-powered recognition, one-line networking, and efficient surveillance.
  • Aesthetically designed JSPJ1189B/JSPJ1190B blends space and technology for versatile applications.
  • Deep learning license plate recognition and video algorithms ensure enhanced parking guidance.
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Jieshun Parking Monument Signage JSPJ1191A

  • Innovative JSPJ1191A-4 parking monument with real-time updates for drivers.
  • Efficiently locate vacant spots with versatile, weather-protected signage.
  • Enhanced visibility and smooth admission in multi-floor parking facilities.
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Jieshun Parking Lock JSPJ11111

  • JSPJ11111 parking locks offer remote control convenience.
  • High-pressure resistance with intelligent anti-collision technology for security.
  • Intelligent low-battery alerts, high-pressure resistance, all-weather protection, and easy-to-use lock.
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Jieshun Parking Lock JSPJ11111
Jieshun Indoor Wayfinding Parking Signs

Jieshun Indoor Wayfinding Parking Signs (JSPJ1192-N-1-INT; JSPJ1192-N-2-INT; JSPJ1192-N-3-INT)

  • Efficiently guide drivers with advanced wayfinding parking signs for indoor lots.
  • Sturdy, rustproof signs featuring a sleek, lightweight design ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Multiple display options, user-friendly interface, and offline support for accurate parking space counting.
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Jieshun Car Finding Kiosk JSPJ1195A-T; JSPJ1195A

  • Innovative Jieshun Car Finding Kiosk streamlines parking and offers versatile features.
  • Vibrant IPS display, energy-efficient design, multiple algorithms.
  • Convenient one-stop station with video intercom, voice prompts, and tailored services.
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Jieshun Car Finding Kiosk
Jieshun C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller JSKT6029A/JSKT5029A

Jieshun C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller JSKT6029A/JSKT5029A

  • Durable, aesthetic design, 12.1-inch LCD screen, remote operability, and multi-credential support.
  • License plate recognition, QR codes, IC cards, unmanned operation.
  • Scalable, efficient remote maintenance, user-friendly authentication modes.
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Embrace the Power of Smart Parking – Unleashing Innovative Solutions with Stebilex.

multi-level shopping center

Shopping Malls

Simplify parking chaos with real-time spot availability updates, ensuring hassle-free shopping experiences for visitors.



Enhance traveler convenience by guiding them to vacant spots swiftly, reducing stress during peak hours.


Hotels & Resorts

Impress guests with a seamless valet experience, elevating their stay from the moment of arrival.

Educational Institutions

Corporate Offices

Boost employee productivity with time-saving parking guidance, fostering a positive work environment.


Recreational Parks

Enhance visitors’ enjoyment by providing real-time guidance, saving time for leisure activities.

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Sports Arenas

Maximize fan experience with guided parking, energizing the atmosphere right from the parking lot.

Residential Communities

Residential Communities

Elevate property value and resident satisfaction with organized and user-friendly parking facilities.


Events & Exhibition Centers

Manage large crowds effectively, allowing attendees to focus on enjoying the event.


Healthcare Facilities

Prioritize patient care with smooth parking solutions for quick access to medical services.

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Public Transportation Hubs

Facilitate commuters with efficient parking systems, easing the transition between transport modes.

Residential Communities

Universities & Educational Institutes

Streamline parking for students, faculty, and visitors, promoting a stress-free campus.


Government Buildings

Optimize parking resources, setting a sustainable example in urban infrastructure management.


Entertainment Venues

Offer VIP experiences with exclusive parking services for premium ticket holders.

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Historical Sites


Preserve the charm of heritage locations with well-managed and unobtrusive parking facilities.

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Why Choose Stebilex Systems?

  • Trusted Supplier

    Partner with Stebilex Systems for a reliable, time-tested Parking Guidance System.
  • Expertise
    Benefit from our cutting-edge technology and seasoned experience in parking solutions.
  • Unparalleled Support

    Enjoy personalized assistance and round-the-clock support for your success.
  • Seamless Integration

    Experience a hassle-free installation and smooth integration with existing setups.
  • Intelligent Solutions

    Embrace smart, data-driven algorithms for optimal parking management.
  • Sleek and Modern Design

    Elevate your establishment with stylish and futuristic parking displays.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    Achieve high ROI with our efficient and cost-conscious parking systems.
  • Customer-Centric Approach

    We prioritize your unique needs to tailor-make the perfect solution.
  • Reliable Performance

    Rely on our system’s precision and consistency for flawless parking guidance.
  • Sustainable & Green

    Join the eco-conscious movement with our energy-efficient solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the accuracy of the parking availability information?

Absolutely! Our Parking Guidance System employs cutting-edge tech for reliable real-time data on parking availability. As your trusted supplier, we’ve got you covered!

Will the Parking Guidance System work in large parking facilities?

No parking facility is too big for our PGS! Whether it’s a tiny lot or a massive multi-level garage, we’ve got the perfect solution to guide drivers smoothly.

Which algorithm is used in smart parking systems?

Our smart parking system utilizes multiple car search algorithms, from parking space & license plate queries to advanced techniques for unlicensed cars. We’ve got it all sorted!

Which sensor is used in Jieshun’s Parking Guidance System?

Jieshun’s innovative smart parking system employs state-of-the-art ultrasound technology. Unlike traditional video-based systems, this ensures real-time and accurate parking data.

How can I purchase a Parking Guidance System from Stebilex?

Getting your Parking Guidance System is a breeze! Just reach out to our sales team, and our experts will design a tailored solution for your parking needs. Easy-peasy!

Can I pay for parking in advance or make reservations?

While we may not offer advance payment or reservations now, we’re always working on enhancing our services. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the future!

How long does it take to install a Parking Guidance System?

The installation time depends on the project’s complexity and facility size. It could take a few weeks for a small lot or several months for a multi-level structure. Rest assured, we’ll get it up and running smoothly!

Parking Guidance System

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