Jieshun C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller JSKT6029A/JSKT5029A

A Multifunctional Parking Ticket Dispenser


The C PLUS parking controller is a typical paper ticket machine that comes with a 12.1-inch robust LCD screen and a ticket dispenser.



What is Jieshun C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller JSKT6029A/JSKT5029A?

The C PLUS parking controller is a typical paper ticket machine that comes with a 12.1-inch robust LCD screen and a ticket dispenser. It can work with additional tools to accommodate different entry and exit methods like license plate recognition, QR codes, paper tickets, and IC cards. The C PLUS can be controlled and used remotely through a platform to enable unmanned operation. This product is suitable for any parking lot.

Distinctive Traits

The item is constructed using durable carbon steel, and its inner structure is sturdy and dependable. The glossy black panel is complemented by silver accents to create a more vibrant color gradient, resulting in a trendy and fashionable product.

The product incorporates a top-tier industrial-grade hardware platform with four cores. It includes a proprietary license plate recognition algorithm and a specialized image processing unit, resulting in a robust system with exceptional application processing and deep learning capabilities for license plate recognition.

The product can accommodate diverse entry and exit methods such as paper tickets, IC cards, QR codes, and license plate recognition, among others. This feature enables the product to cater to the specific needs of various parking lots and provide customers with a safe and efficient parking experience.

The system offers several built-in authentication modes, like License Plate Recognition (LPR) for monthly cardholders and paper tickets for temporary users, LPR for both monthly cardholders and temporary users and IC cards for exceptional situations.

The product employs JIESHUN’s self-developed deep-learning license plate recognition algorithm, which enables a license plate recognition accuracy rate of over 99%. Additionally, the product features an image processing unit that works in tandem with intelligent exposure compensation technology. This collaboration allows the product to capture the best possible image for identification purposes, even in challenging lighting situations such as strong light, weak light, and backlight conditions.

Depending on the specific usage scenarios of different users, we offer personalized services for display content and voice prompts to optimize the user experience.

The controller has the capability to connect to various devices, including video intercom terminals, auxiliary identification cameras, information display screens, and environmental monitoring cameras. This feature allows for a wide range of parking lot applications, such as audio and video intercom, real-time monitoring, fast payment, and emergency handling. Compared to traditional parking management systems, this product offers higher management efficiency, lower costs, and a more extensive range of applications.

The parking lot equipment is capable of being linked to the operation and maintenance platform. If any unusual events occur, they will be promptly reported, and the equipment’s current status can be easily viewed. Furthermore, the product features remote management capabilities, including remote upgrading, parameter configuration, log retrieval, and remote monitoring, which allow for quick issue resolution and improved efficiency in operation and maintenance services.


Jieshun C PLUS Ticket Parking Controller JSKT6029A/JSKT5029A

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