Jieshun VII Type HD Video Detection Terminal JSPJ1189B/JSPJ1190B

A professional parking guidance camera


Jieshun HD Video Detection Terminal JSPJ1189B/JSPJ1190B are primarily designed for managing underground parking, although they can also operate independently for ground parking.





Deep Learning License Plate Recognition Algorithm


Abnormal Event Alarm


One-line Networking


Enhanced Parking Assistance with AI Video Recognition

What is Jieshun VII Type HD Video Detection Terminal JSPJ1189B/JSPJ1190B?

Mostly employed in managing underground parking, high-definition video detection terminals can also be utilized for ground parking independently. These terminals integrate cameras, LED indicator lights, vehicle detection algorithms, and wireless communication modules to rapidly identify the availability of parking spaces and license plate information. Video detection terminals are versatile and can be applied in various settings such as transportation hubs, hospitals, hotels, scenic spots, supermarkets, office buildings, and large communities.

Distinctive Traits

The design is a fusion of a space capsule and an aircraft porthole, resulting in a stylish and technologically advanced appearance with enhanced light and futurism.

The product comes equipped with Jieshun’s self-developed license plate recognition algorithm that utilizes deep learning technology to achieve a recognition rate of up to 99%.

The parking guidance system provides more accurate guidance by utilizing AI video recognition technology. It can display various colours to indicate different parking statuses and offers voice prompts to enhance the convenience of parking.

The product is equipped with a 4MP high-definition camera that has a wide coverage area, which can be adjusted up to 75 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally. This allows the camera to easily monitor at least three parking spaces.

The product utilizes on-site photos and generates an alarm when a vehicle is parked improperly, resulting in a more standardized parking experience.

The product is equipped with PoE technology and various networking options, enabling the connection of two terminals using just a single network cable, simplifying the deployment process.

This product is capable of real-time video transmission to the management software, and the H.265 video protocol allows for better video quality while taking up less storage space.


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