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Introduce safety, convenience, and security to your business facility with ASSA ABLOY’s world-class door opening and access control solutions. With a diverse portfolio of emerging and established brands all over the world, ASSA ABLOY is a global brand and creator of the most top-tier and innovative products in the automation, access control, and security space.

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Assa Abloy is one of the biggest brands in the access control industry with over 150 acquisitions and several unique technological platforms. The group has brands like Yale Lock and Sargent Manufacturing under its umbrella. The Group has an unrivaled presence in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation, and hotel security.

Stebilex System is a leading supplier making available some of the distinctive technologies from Assa Abloy in the region. Assa Abloy has pioneered door and entrance access through products such as Aperio, Asia Abloy Accentra, Cliq Flexible Access, Hi-O, and Seos.


Meet Highly Secure & Convenient Door Security Solutions from ASSA ABLOY


Access Control Solutions

Manage visitors and control access in the best possible way with ASSA ABLOY’s intelligent access control systems. These security solutions offer great performance, interoperability, and perfect for all types of facilities.


Custodial Locks

ASSA ABLOY’s product brand Chubb Locks designs and manufactures modern custodial locks to exclusively meet the individual requirements of major government institutions and secure establishments. All boast unbreakable construction quality and high-end security features.

assa abloy metal and wooden doors

Metal and Wooden Doors

ASSA ABLOY offers premier and reliable wooden and metal doors for a wide range of commercial, residential, industrial, hospitality, and healthcare applications. Every door solution comes well-equipped with remarkable features and ultimate security systems.


Security Locks

TESA, a renowned product brand of ASSA ABLOY is a pioneer in producing top-notch locks with unmatchable security levels. It manufactures security deadlocks, multipoint rim, single point, multipoint security locks, and escutcheons.


Smart Door Locks

Control and automate your home door from your smartphone with smart door locks from ASSA ABLOY. These products are highly intelligent, easy to install on existing doors, and offer remarkable performance.


Door Closers

ASSA ABLOY produces world-class door closers with the assistance of its brand TESA. Its product lineup offers link arm, guide rail, concealed and floor springs door closers perfect for wood, aluminium, glass, steel, and fire-proof doors.

assa abloy door closers

Door Operators

Introduce top-notch security and convenience to your facility with ASSA ABLOY’s product line of operatic automatic operators. These door operators offer a smooth, responsive and quiet operation accompanied by a commendable performance.


Panic Exit Devices

Comfort your visitors in emergency situations with ASSA ABLOY’s panic exit devices. The exclusive product line offers to push and touch type exit devices, push pads for commercial use, and customized solutions for handicapped people.


Electric Strikes, Electromechanical & Electromagnetic Locks

Secure your living and working space with ASSA ABLOY’s redefining electromechanical devices. Its product line features all types of robust electric strikes, solid electromechanical locks, and intelligent electromagnetic locks.



TESA, a premier ASSA ABLOY product brand offers a wide range of accessories made exclusively for improving the capabilities of your existing access control systems and door security solutions. Its accessories catalog showcases power supply, power transfer door loops, fire prevention magnetic door holder, transformer, padlocks, code handles, knobsets, and smart key management systems.

Why Makes ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions Lead the Market?

assa abloy security solutions for everyone

Security Solutions for Everyone

ASSA ABLOY offers a complete range of access control and security solutions to keep people safe and secure all the time. Right from access control, entrance automation to identification management, they have it all covered for your facility.


Market Leader in Product Innovation

The world recognizes ASSAABLOY as a powerful, innovative brand when it comes to designing and developing highly smart, sustainable, and convenient security products. Innovation is the core of everything it does for the customers.


Unique & Sustainable Growth Strategy

ASSA ABLOY deploys a sustainable growth strategy highly focused on customer relevance, cost-efficiency, and product innovation. It utilizes human resources and talent in the best possible way to develop the world’s most innovative and well-designed security solutions.

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Sliding Door Operators

Automatic sliding door systems that provide style, smoothness, security and hassle free passage at your entrance.

Available Products: SL 300, SL 500

SL 300: Enhance your security and safety with this sliding door operator by assa Abloy. Constructed from the most durable materials available, the SL300 is a premium door operator that is more than capable of satisfying all the fundamental demands placed on it. The tailored approach of the fitting system of Assa abloy’s SL300 is irresistible. Available in various formats, the sliding door operator by assa abloy targets your individual requirements.
SL 500: ASSA ABLOY SL 500 Operator is a sliding door operator that automates your entrances in a variety of configurations. It makes entrances sustainable as it offers additional sealing through TightSeal, intelligent open and shut system regulating traffic flow, air locking system, timer, sustainable drive mode etc.

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Stebilex Systems is proud to be a premier supplier of ASSA ABLOY products in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. We are responsible for bringing the best products to you with the fastest delivery time across the Middle East. Contact us today and our team will help you in finding the best door security solutions for your office/site.

About Stebilex Systems

Stebilex Systems is dedicated to helping our clients make the right choices for their home automation, gate automation, and door automation systems. We believe that everyone should benefit from the convenience and security of automation technology, whether it is a housewife looking to open the door with a wave of her hand or a business owner who is looking for better-controlled access for their clients. With our help, you will find peace in your life as you can control your home or office better.

Stebilex distributes products from leading home automation brands like Fibaro, in addition to other lines of popular access control, biometric, door and gate automation brands like FAAC, Magnetic Auto Control, Paxton, Idemia, HID, Virdi, Iris ID, Assa Abloy, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is ASSA ABLOY based?

ASSA ABLOY is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a wide network of sales and distributors in over 90 countries.

What is ASSA ABLOY’s specialty?

ASSA ABLOY specializes in designing and building innovative access control and door security solutions for a wide range of applications.

What makes ASSA ABLOY, a market leader in the security space?

Cost-efficient business operations, Unique Growth Strategy, and Passion for building innovative products for people are crucial key factors responsible for the sustainable growth of ASSA ABLOY.

What products does ASSA ABLOY manufacture?

ASSA ABLOY manufacturers a wide range of products right from access control solutions, custodial locks, security locks, smart door locks, mortise locks, panic exit devices to electric strikes, electromagnetic locks, and door operators.

How to order ASSA ABLOY products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of ASSA ABLOY products in UAE, Qatar & other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.