ASSA ABLOY SL 500 Sliding Door Operator

ASSA ABLOY SL 500 Operator is a sliding door operator that automates your entrances in a variety of configurations.

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Adapt your entrances as per the population flow and your environmental footprint.


Embed your entrance with smart, intelligent and sustainable features.

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See the wonders of this automatic sliding door operator

that allows safe passage with automatically controlled speeds through intelligent object detection and force optimization

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never compromises on security

and gives you a safe and secure space through the use of its firm locking system that volatilizes your worries.

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Say goodbye to laborious maintenance and make your life easy, smooth, safe and secure

with this automated diagnostic sliding door system that covers its maintenance itself and goes easy on you.

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What is the SL 500 Sliding Door system by Assa Abloy?


ASSA ABLOY SL 500 Operator is a sliding door operator that automates your entrances in a variety of configurations. It makes entrances sustainable as it offers additional sealing through TightSeal, intelligent open and shut system regulating traffic flow, air locking system, timer, sustainable drive mode etc.

The sliding door system by AASA ABLOY is customizable and can be altered to fit your unique technical needs and surprisingly to your pocket as well. It comes in a variety of options and is upgradable via different add-ons. Therefore, these features make SL 300 very versatile and resourceful.
SL 500 has a remarkable safety system as the operator is embedded with intelligent sensors that detect objects and the door leaf moves accordingly. If a hindrance is detected, the door starts moving slowly and redetects for the clearance of passage. The speed and force of the door is set accordingly with high precision and accuracy. This presence-detection system ensures maximum safety of the users.
Unwanted people are never a guest of ASSA ABLOY’s SL500. Various locking and interlocking systems available for users. It can be regulated for office hours as well as non-office hours. So it provides excellent security at all times. Further, this door operator comes with maintenance indicators and automated diagnostics that help you customize your own maintenance program and provides convenience like no other.

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Available variants of SL 500 by ASSA ABLOY




Two leaves, bi-parting, with or without break-out




One leaf, single-slide, right or left-opening, with or without break-out

Download Assa Abloy SL 500 Sliding door operator Data Sheet
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Why you should choose

SL 500 Sliding Door system by Assa Abloy


  • Customizable as per your individual requirements
  • Budget-friendly
  • Upgradable with options of various add-ons
  • Ensures optimum safety with help of monitored presence-detection system
  • Ensures high level of security round the clock
  • Low maintenance as it comes with customizable maintenance programs

Get your tailored share of security with ASSA ABLOY SL 500

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