Geze Powerturn Swing Door Drive

Geze’s powerturn is an electromechanical swing door drive that is used for commercial, public and private access. It can be used in single leaf accessible doors weighing up to 600 kgs. It has a smart swing function for smooth manual opening and customizable functions for your safety and ease of operability.


Regulate your access with this robust yet elegant electromechanical swing door drive by Geze which can be individually adjusted for opening and closing speeds.


Packed with both mechanical and automatic functions, use this energy saving unit to ease your daily passage.


Laden with modern technology such as the closing force of EN4-7, Obstacle detection, push and go functions, guide rail, radio board, etc welcome this swing door drive for added safety and controlled access.


With the super feature of wireless activation, connect your swing drive to networks and integrate it into building automation.

What is Geze’s

Powerturn Swing Door Drive?

Geze’s powerturn is an electromechanical swing door drive that is used for commercial, public and private access. It facilitates motion of objects in and out of the passage with controlled features. It comes with a swing function for smooth manual door opening.


The opening and closing speeds can be controlled with required adjustments. Even if there is no current, the drive still operates mechanically. The servo function aids manual opening of the door for motorized support. Therefore, the automatic swing door drive by Geze has low energy consumption. The powerturn swing slide drive also has an obstacle detection function by which it identifies the object through contact. Automatic reversing is employed to return to the opening position.


Following light physical pressure on the door leaf, the Push & Go function engages the automatic drive which can be used to link to other devices. Through open standards, it can be networked and integrated into the building automation (BACnet).

Download Geze Powerturn Swing Door Drive Data Sheet

Why you should choose Geze’s

Powerturn Swing Door Drive

Powerturn by Geze is the most powerful swing door drive. The sturdy swing door drive can manage a weight of upto 600 Kg smoothly and flawlessly and provides excellent safety which can be perfectly used as a fire protection door.


The sleek and chic design of the powerturn reduces the hassle of assemblage of trillions of components and facilitates ease of installation and low maintenance

The accessibility that is provided by Geze’s Powerturn swing door drive is marvelous. The drive flings open the door wide that proves to be a perfect passage for emergency situations and escape routes.


The sensor roller guide rail is an eye-catching feature of Powerturn automatic swing door drive. It enables the drive to be mounted on various door types including the very narrow ones. Hence, it covers a wide array of door sizes and designs.

GC 338 sensor strip equally fares well for this Powerturn drive by Geze. It gives visitors a chance to discover an universe of knowledge unlike any other via its Geze technology.


Geze’s Powerturn comes with a smoke detector and an elbow switch LS 990 to turn on automatic gates during emergency situations thus covering the safety needs of the users.

Where you can apply

Powerturn by Geze

Single-action, single leaf, right and left closing doors

Single-action doors up to 1600 mm leaf width or 600 kg weight

Minimum door leaf width is

800 mm

Interior and exterior doors with

high access frequency

Door leaf installation and

transom installation

In need of protecting your

commercial and private spaces?

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