FAAC 950N2 automation systems for swing doors (105057PA)

FAAC 950N2 automation systems for swing doors with a spring closing system are suitable for installation both on the architrave and directly on the door structure. The 950N2 swing door automation comes in a sturdy as well as innovative casing built with anodised aluminium or moulded ABS. The 950N2 automation system is capable of moving leaves weighing over 360 Kg.

Key Features

  • Self-learning of open and closed positions and door weight measurement
  • Allows to move doors weighing more than 360 Kg silently
  • Innovative Design and a variety of leaf dimensions available

The 950N2 automation can be installed for double-leaf doors by fitting two units in a master/slave configuration to operate the doors as one system. The automation unit 950N2’s controls are powered by two electronic boards – 950N2 MPS for control and 950N2 I/O for input and output processing. The 950N2 comes with pre-set logic settings for automatic, manual, night and open operations. The system offers anti-crushing features in accordance with the European standards EN 16005. It provides ‘PUSH and GO’, ‘Anti-wind function’ and Anti-vandal functions and closing thrust for the door to close even if there is a strong wind.

The FAAC 950N2 swing door automation system can be used with microwave radar, infrared sensors, laser sensors, push-button controls, photocells, electric locks, locks, KP EVO programming unit, and FAAC radio controls. Order FAAC 950N2 from Stebilex Systems in the Middle East.

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Product details

Brands FAAC
FAAC 950N2 plastic cover 1054142
FAAC 950N2 anodised aluminium cover 1054152
FAAC 950N2 without cover casing 2050042
Articulated push arm 390039
Standard sliding block arm 390040
Short sliding block arm 390041

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