Dormakaba ES 200 Sliding Door Operator

ES 200 Sliding Door Operator by Dormakaba is a state-of-art automatic door technology that provides utmost security with the help of its PowerDrive Technology and tailored services with respect to size, weight and functionality of doors.


The Futuristic modular design allows you to fulfill your individual requirements via the self-adjustment function of mechanical components, replaceable trail and simple and quick installation. 


A tailored solution to your safety issues with this modular sliding door operator that comes in different height variants. Upgradation for additional functions can be done as per the needs of the customer.


Replace your worn-out safety door systems with this automated modern, stylish, silent, programmable and energy saving unit.


If you are looking for the latest technology ridden, stylish, tailored and power saving automatic door locking system, then ES 200 Sliding Door Operator by Dormakaba is the solution for you. This automatic locking system comes with power-packed features such as innovative PowerDrive Technology, Prefabricated MiniDrive Unit, exceptional cost-efficiency, variety of delivery formats and accessories.

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What is

ES 200 Sliding Door Operator?

ES 200 Sliding Door Operator is an electronic gadget that is used to ensure a high level of safety when it comes to automatic door locking systems. It is used for multiple purposes for e.g., in case of safety measures, emergency exists, protection of valuable belongings etc. They act like door guards who provide protection. The only difference being that the protection is done here by a smart electronic device that is fixed at the door and adjusts itself through its parameterization function.

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The Modular System


The working of a product largely depends on its design. Dormakaba has worked efficiently in this domain. It has created a modular control system that consists of two parts: Basic Module and Functional Module. This design allows them to target individual needs of customers. Mechanical parts can be installed in all three versions of the operator. The prefabricated MiniDrive Unit is equipped with all necessary electrical and electronic parts.

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Integrated Power


This is one of the most attractive features of this automatic door locking system by Dormakaba. It is a system that ensures safe and reliable operations and copes with the weight.

Exceptional Cost-efficiency


With increase in efficiency and decrease in number of components, Dormakaba has played the masterstroke here. This eases the assembly and installation, offers low maintenance and enhances operational cost efficiency.

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With its latest German and European standards and following all the safety regulations, ES 200 Sliding Door System covers the high level of safety and security demand expected by the clients. It surpasses all contemporary technology and comes up with innovative and creative solutions that incorporate best practices.



One of the reasons ES 200 Automatic Door Operator by Dormakaba can be your favorite is that it comes with a lot of accessories which will save your time and efforts in collecting the same. It provides options such as switches, activators, door profiles, etc.

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ES 200 T – telescopic sliding door operator


Despite the above-mentioned fantastic features, the buck doesn’t stop here. There is also a telescopic version of the same product by the name ES 200 T. It serves at places where the door set is narrow by giving a large clear passage width.


ES 200-2D – for emergency exits and escape routes


Another version called ES 200-2D comes specifically for emergency exits and escape routes. It comes with a redundant second motor and a control unit that does not require cords or coupling units. Hence, they are easy to use, reliable and low maintenance.


ES 200-2D – DIN 18650 / EN 16005


These are the latest technological sliding doors that follow German guidelines to be equipped in emergency exits and escape routes.

Why you should choose

ES 200 Sliding Door Operator by Dormakaba

PowerDrive: control for powerful operation, power backup and load control

MiniDriveUnite: prefabricated and tested

Modular and flexible systems

Upgradable with additional functional modules

Integrated DCW

Accessory availability

European and German Standards

Height variants: 100m, 150mm, 200mm

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