Wireless Hotel Lock Solution

Hotels have always been about more than just luxury. They’re also a place to feel safe, secure and comfortable – which is why security should be top of your mind! With today’s high-quality wireless door lock systems from ZKTeco, booking your stay becomes even easier (and less stressful). 

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The Hotel Industry is looking for efficient and secure ways to protect its doors

Enter ZKTeco’s new solution, an integrated lock that can be accessed through your phone with wireless capabilities! With this advanced technology, you’ll never have to worry about lost keys or forgetting permission again because everything will happen on mobile; meaning there are no physical buttons needed at all when entering hotels.


Hoteliers can now provide guests with the best experience possible by integrating ZKTeco’s latest technological innovation. With a simple tap on their phone, they will be able to unlock all doors at once without any keys or passes needed!

Wireless Door Locks

Wireless door locks are a sleek and simple way to provide secure access for your customers. They require no wiring, which makes installation much easier than traditional methods of locking doors! The data transfer between the lock’s magnetic stripes (to read) or chip code(write), can happen through ZigBee connections wirelessly—no tangled Ethernet cables in sight.


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About ZigBee

Zigbee is a suite of high-level communication protocols used to create personal area networks with small, low power digital radios. These are perfect for home automation and other purposes that have limited bandwidth needs or can be serviced only through wireless connections like medical device data collection systems.


Zigbee is a wireless personal area network that’s simpler and less expensive than other WPANs, such as Bluetooth or more general Wi-Fi. Applications include light switches for your home, energy monitors in order to keep track of how much you use on each day/night time period etc.

Hotel lock system stebilex

Wireless Controller Communication with lock by ZigBee

In an effort to provide guests with the best possible experience, ZKTeco Hotel Door Lock utilizes the Zigbee protocol for connection and remote control. With security measures like connecting your wireless panel through IC S50/S70 cards’ doors opening orders can be delivered so that you are able to open them at designated times.

Low Power Consumption and

Real-time Power Status Monitoring

(Support more than 10,000 access) 

Zigbee is power saving, inexpensive and data saving. With strict tests and inspections, after fully charged ZKTeco Hotel Locks supports up to 10,000 times of card reading and door opening. Administration sta may also use ZKBioSecurity to check independently the power status of door locks.

The ZKTeco Hotel Locks is power saving, inexpensive and data saving, especially if you’re looking for an energy-efficient product. It has been shown that this particular lock supports up 10 thousand times of card reading and door opening before needing recharging.

Providing High-quality Wireless Door Lock System for Hotel Guests

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Supports Contactless Mobile Door Opening

By utilizing cloud-based technologies, ZKTeco’s new lock system is smarter and more convenient than ever before. With the ability for visitors to open hotel doors remotely using their own mobile devices—users no longer need keys or cards! This enhanced experience provides an optimal user interface in this hospitality industry while also being cost-effective as compared with traditional methods of opening doors manually.

How iphone and Android phone work with Door Opening

Adding the mobile key to the guest room door is easy and quick. Upon successful completion of registration, guests will get an SMS with a door opening a link from the service provider. By clicking the hyperlink in the SMS/ Email and pressing the button on the APP UI, guests can therefore be granted access to enter the specific hotel rooms.

Fully Customizable:
Change the Logo to match your Brand

The unique URL of your hotel can be easily customized with the logo, photo and contact info.

Supports Mifare Card
Door Opening

ZKTeco Hotel Door Lock supports IC S50/S70 contactless smart cards. Upon scanning a verified card by the door lock reader, the door can be opened.

Wireless Hotel Lock Control Panel Can Manage Up To 10 Locks

One wireless control panel supports up to 10 door locks,  two panels thus control 20. With the unlimited connection of panels, this Wireless Hotel Lock Control Panel is very suitable for luxury hotels and guest residences.

Open API for 3rd Party
Hotel Management Software Integration

Supports inter-industry open API exchange platform for the interlinkage between ZKBioSecurity and other 3rd party applications of hotels, enabling clients’ existing hotel management software and ZKBioSecurity data communication for integration and mutual sharing of guests’ information to promote business.

One Card Solution

The ZKTeco One card solution ensures the convenience of hotel and apartment elevator control, car park or gym room with only one card! That way you can enjoy exclusive access to all specific doors.

Elevator Operation Control by Timeslots

The all-inclusive ZKBioSecurity software can also control elevators and limit access to different floors by timeslots. With the Elevator Operation Control, you are able to open your elevator only upon successful card swiping!

Visitor Arrival and Check-Out Notification

ZKTeco enables administrators to make reserved registrations, a successful reservation information will be delivered to administrators and front desk about the number of daily checked in guests. Meanwhile, the number of checked out guests will also be shown on notifications.

Access Control & Elevator Control Functional Integration

ZKTeco Hotel Lock enables connection with the all-in-one ZKBioSecurity access control software, and embeds access control, elevation control (offline/online), hotel module and personal management. It is flexible that clients can pick suitable functional modules according to enterprises’ needs without changing the software.

SSL Encryption Protocol

ZKBioSecurity provides a high secure communication over a computer network, HTTPS (HTTP Secure), an adaptation of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is widely used on the Internet, It means all communications between the hotel lock and the ZKBioSecurity Client are encrypted.

Report of Hotel Occupancy Rate

ZKTeco ZKBioHLMS supports generation of summary reports for administrators including hotel occupancy rate and profit rate.

3rd Party API (Application Programming Interface

The ZKBioHLMS platform can be integrated with multiple applications of 3rd party software. Typically, the functions include data input and system queries.

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