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Advanced Safety Solutions for Vehicle Protection with SIRA-Endorsed Barriers

Pioneering in security solutions, Frontier Pitts provides a flexible selection of SIRA-approved Bollards. The brand is renowned for British engineering brilliance, offering unmatched perimeter protection and vehicle access control, and has a century-long history dating back to 1962. From Automatic Rising Bollards to Static Variants, their solutions are tried and tested in more than 90 countries to guarantee regulatory compliance and protect against unlawful vehicle entry.

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Secure Your Space – Frontier Pitts Offers Cutting-Edge Security Solutions for Diverse Environment

Anti-Ram Security Bollards

Frontier Pitts Anti-Ram Security Bollards can let you confidently defend your area. Boldly designed to prevent vehicle encroachment, these bollards provide peace of mind for the security of your property.

Rising Terra Bollard

Increase your security precautions with Frontier Pitts’ Rising Terra Bollard. These bollards, which combine style and usefulness to provide a dependable barrier against unwanted entry, are made for regulated access.

Shallow Static Terra Bollards

Frontier Pitts offers Shallow Static Terra Bollards, which combine a stealthy appearance with impressive strength. Providing unwavering security without compromising on space or elegance, these bollards are perfect for locations with shallow depths.

Static Terra Bollards

Static Terra Bollards from Frontier Pitts can improve perimeter protection. These bollards, which are designed for solidity and longevity, offer a strong deterrent to unwanted entry, securing your property with assurance and dependability.

Removable Static Terra Bollards

With the Removable Static Terra Bollards from Frontier Pitts, you can have flexible security options. These bollards, which are made for temporary access control, provide flexibility without sacrificing strength, guaranteeing efficient protection whenever and wherever it’s needed.

About Frontier Pitts

With a focus on perimeter security, traffic control, and vehicle access control, Frontier Pitts makes sure that illegal vehicle entry is avoided. Frontier Pitts upholds the high standards established by regulatory organisations such as SIRA, being a prominent figure in the security industry. Reliable protection against vehicles of all sizes and speeds is ensured by their Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Bollards, which include Rising/Retractable, Static, and Removable Terra Bollards. These products have undergone extensive testing.

Since its founding as Frontier Gate Systems Ltd. in 1962 and its subsequent expansion to become Frontier Pitts Ltd. in 1991, Frontier Pitts, with a rich history spanning a century, has been a significant participant. Known for its mastery of British engineering, the company’s UK Head Office produces a vast range of security gates, barriers, roadblockers, and bollards, all customised to meet customer requirements. With installations in more than 90 countries, Frontier Pitts is a major player in the worldwide market, with a significant presence in Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond. Their teams are committed to providing complete project management and customer support with a strong focus on quality, resulting in optimal performance and satisfaction around the globe.

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Why Choose Frontier Pitts for Access Control?

  • Verified Defence
    SIRA-approved bollards from Frontier Pitts are tested to halt unauthorised vehicles, providing strong perimeter protection and traffic control.
  • Heritage and Expertise

    With more than a century of expertise, Frontier Pitts provides perimeter security and safe access control systems designed in the United Kingdom.
  • Customised Solutions

    Frontier Pitts develops, fabricates, and installs a variety of security gates, barriers, and bollards all over the world, customised to meet your demands.
  • International Presence
    With operations in more than 90 nations, Frontier Pitts serves a global clientele by offering complete project management and support.
  • Adherence to Regulations
    Frontier Pitts’ equipment complies with industry standards established by regulatory bodies such as SIRA, guaranteeing dependable solutions for mitigating hostile vehicle attacks.

About Stebilex Systems

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Stebilex Systems, a pioneering force in the realm of security automation, leading the charge against the ever-evolving landscape of safety challenges. Specializing in cutting-edge Physical Access Control Solutions (PACS), Access Control, HVM, SIRA-Approved Bollards, Parking Guidance Solutions, Gate Automation, and Parking Management Solutions, Stebilex Systems operates across the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, serving as a dependable ally for businesses striving for unparalleled levels of efficiency and security. More than just a distributor, Stebilex Systems is a reliable companion, aiding businesses in elevating both safety and operational efficiency.

Embracing innovation, Stebilex Systems boasts a diverse inventory showcasing the latest advancements in security technology. From state-of-the-art electromagnetic locks to sophisticated automated parking management systems and cutting-edge biometric technologies, Stebilex Systems offers a myriad of solutions aimed at laying the groundwork for robust physical security and dependable access control. With a steadfast dedication to simplifying and seamlessly integrating automated technology into daily routines, Stebilex Systems envisions a future where security and innovation harmoniously coexist.

Whether it’s empowering businesses to take the next stride in security enhancement or individuals seeking greater control over their premises, Stebilex Systems emerges as the trusted partner for implementing avant-garde automated security solutions. With a pledge to usher in a paradigm shift in security and access management, Stebilex Systems promises a transformative journey towards a safer and more technologically empowered tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key differences between Frontier Pitts' Anti-Ram Security Bollards and their Rising Terra Bollards in terms of functionality and suitability for different environments?

Frontier Pitts’ Anti-Ram Security Bollards provide strong protection against vehicle contact, while Rising Terra Bollards have been carefully tested for anti-terrorist reasons. Your security demands and the degree of threat in your surroundings will determine which option is best for you.

Can you provide more details on the testing procedures used to ensure the effectiveness of Frontier Pitts' Static Terra Bollards in halting unauthorized vehicle access?

To guarantee that Static Terra Bollards are effective against unapproved vehicles, Frontier Pitts puts them through rigorous testing. These bollards have been tested to PAS 68 standards and are capable of stopping a 7.5-ton truck moving at 30 mph, 40 mph, or 50 mph. This assures dependability in everyday situations.

How does the installation process for Frontier Pitts' Removable Static Terra Bollards differ from their permanent counterparts, and what are the considerations for temporary access control implementations?

The installation of removable static terra bollards varies from those of permanent ones in that they provide temporary access control. Ground appropriateness and access needs are also important factors to consider. It offers an adaptable, yet very effective, solution for events, building sites, and transient security requirements.

As a business operating in multiple countries, can Frontier Pitts accommodate customization requirements based on regional regulations and specific site needs?

Frontier Pitts is aware of the various legal requirements and regional variations in sites. They provide customised solutions for global clients and allow customisation depending on local regulations and particular site requirements, guaranteeing compliance and efficacy wherever they are.

What kind of ongoing support and maintenance services does Frontier Pitts offer for their security solutions, particularly for long-term reliability and performance optimization?

For long-term dependability, Frontier Pitts provides thorough support and maintenance services. Services include regular upkeep, fixes, and enhancements to maximise efficiency. This proactive strategy reduces downtime for your security system and guarantees ongoing efficacy.

Could you elaborate on the integration capabilities of Frontier Pitts' security gates, barriers, and bollards with existing access control systems, such as RFID or biometric technologies?

The security solutions from Frontier Pitts easily work with the access control systems that are already in place, such as RFID or biometrics. This makes it possible to control entry points effectively, improving security without interfering with daily operations. The ability to integrate ensures a security environment that works together and meets your demands.

How does Frontier Pitts ensure compliance with SIRA standards throughout the design, manufacturing, and installation phases of their security products, especially for clients in regions with stringent regulatory requirements?

SIRA standard compliance is given top priority at Frontier Pitts across the whole product lifecycle. To comply with regulations, certain standards are followed throughout the whole process, from design to installation. Customers can feel secure knowing this, particularly in areas with stringent security laws.

Can Frontier Pitts provide examples of successful installations in similar industries or environments to ours, showcasing the practical effectiveness and adaptability of their security solutions?

Frontier Pitts has a track record of effective installations in a range of settings and industries. Our installations demonstrate the actual efficacy and adaptability of their solutions, demonstrating how they successfully handle certain security concerns and provide clients peace of mind.

What measures does Frontier Pitts take to address evolving security threats and technological advancements, ensuring their products remain effective and future-proof over time?

Frontier Pitts keeps up with the latest developments in technology and security risks. Innovation is fueled by ongoing research and development, which guarantees that their goods are efficient and fit for the future. Continual improvements and upgrades maintain your security system resistant to new threats.

In terms of scalability, how easily can Frontier Pitts' security solutions be expanded or upgraded to accommodate changing security needs or site expansions?

Scalability is a key consideration in the design of Frontier Pitts security systems. Expanding or upgrading them to meet evolving security requirements or site expansions is a simple process. Its scalability guarantees long-term cost-effectiveness and flexibility by adjusting to your changing security needs.