PAS 68 Shallow Terra Venus Bollards 7.5t @ 30mph

(SIRA Approved Bollards)

Key Features

  • PAS 68 impact tested
  • Height above ground is 1000mm
  • Shallow Embedment Depth is 300 mm with the foundation type B
  • Static as well as removable Terra Venus Bollards are available
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The PAS 68 Shallow Terra Venus Bollard is designed with a counter-terror prevention system, able to stop a 7.5-ton vehicle traveling at 30 mph which is equivalent to an impact energy of 667 kJ. This makes it a robust and reliable security bollard that suits different environments.

PAS 68 Static & Rising Bollards which are solely installed with normal spacing of 1200mm between the faces of the upright bollards for PAS 68 compliance. Such a spacing is ideal to meet the safety standards.

In addition to that, these bollards are coated with polyester powder to ensure durability , and tolerance to weather conditions. The coating not only adds aesthetic touch but plays a significant role in the performance of the bollards in different weather conditions.

Product Specifications

Security Class PAS 68 with 7.5t @ 30mph
Embedment 300 mm
Height above ground 1000 mm
Diameter 219 mm
Finish Polyester powder coated
Options Range of Aesthetic Sleeves, including stainless steel Removable

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