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Robust and elegant automatic turnstiles, speed gates, and swing gates for reliable access control and pedestrian traffic management

Securing facilities with effective pedestrian access and streamlining

From regulating access to authenticating tickets boarding passes to managing access for staff and visitors, turnstiles and speed gates offer effective pedestrian barriers equipping facilities with the highest level of security.

Most of our solutions for pedestrian access control come with built-in electronics, anti-panic functionality, and are integrable with all conventional access control management software.

These pedestrian gates can be integrated with an emergency alarm system to offer free passage in case of fire or any other emergency. The access turnstile and speed gates allow single passage in one side or both sides as preset by the system.

We provide a range of turnstile products including Speed Gates, Swing Barrier, flap barrier, Waist height turnstile, and Tripod turnstile. Stebilex Systems is a leading turnstile gate supplier in the Middle East. Get the right solution for your facility on the best prices from us, talk to our product team today.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for bollards and traffic barriers in the GCC region. Get the right solution for your facility at great prices from us, talk to our product team today.

Secure entry with turnstiles for your facility

The turnstile gates often called speed gates, flap gates or tripods are designed to provide individualisation of people. The simple concept behind turnstile design is the creation of gateway access in one direction. However modern turnstiles and speed gates provide automated access control and identity authorisation.

Access control turnstiles gates regulate entry to designated areas and allow access to pedestrians on a one-by-one basis. Turnstiles/speed gates use limited power and allow indoor or outdoor installation. Most of the modern automatic offer proximity or biometric credential reading. By default, all turnstile gates are “closed”. Smart turnstiles today are equipped with optical sensors to prevent unauthorised access and offer anti-panic features for safety.

Buy Automatic Turnstiles, Speed gates, and Swing gates from Stebilex

Our product ranges from leading brands, Robust and elegant automatic turnstiles, speed gates, and swing gates

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality management system
  • 5 year warranty period
  • Over 30 years of expertise in security sector
  • Reliable, sophisticated and innovative solutions
  • Vehicle barriers with rapid opening times and low operating costs
  • Rapid opening barriers for convenience

Access control turnstile
gates by leading brands from Stebilex

Tripod Turnstiles


Stebilex Systems offers tripod turnstile gates from leading brands that include solutions for both indoor and outdoor application. Highly effective in managing pedestrian traffic tripod turnstiles operate with access card readers, or even manually. They are ideal for companies, parks, plazas, factories, schools etc.

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Full Height Turnstiles


Full height access control turnstiles are perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations and provide the highest level of security. The full height turnstiles come with two, three or four-wing models and allow easy integration with access control systems. We provide full height turnstiles from leading turnstile manufacturers including PERCo, Tansa, and Magnetic etc.

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Waist High Rotor Turnstiles


Waist-high automatic rotor turnstiles are an ideal solution for access management in concierge and public facilities for pedestrians. The rotor turnstiles come with glass or metal wings and feature an automatic rotation of the wings. They can also be integrated with access control systems and emergency alarm systems etc.

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Speed Gates and Swing
Gates from leading brands from Stebilex

Speed gates


We supply high-performance speed gate turnstiles from leading brands for contactless access control at facilities like metro stations, airports, or ferry stations and business centres. Most of the speed gates provide inbuilt access control and time & attendance systems. The speed gate turnstiles come with swing or slide panels or flap barriers made of tempered glass and sensors to detect people in passage to retract the panel and avoid injury. Our Turnstile solutions from PERCo, magnetic and Tansa offer smart access control and biometric reader integration. They can be configured to support proximity card reading, biometrics like facial recognition module, and barcode or smartphone scanning.

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Swing Gates


Swing gates and exit gates offer effective access control and help in steering people into secured areas. An ideal solution for fast individualisation of people, most swing gates come with proximity readers and controllers to offer contactless opening and sensors for detecting passage. We supply swing gates from leading brands with a variety of passage widths for people, as well as wheelchairs, prams, and the transport of materials.

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PERCo KT05.9A IP-Stile with Access Reader & Controller

  • KT05.9A IP-Stile comes with built-in controller and multi-technology readers
  • The proximity reader supports MIFARE/EMM/HID formats and smartphones credentials
  • The KT-05.9A supports up to 50,000 users and stores up to 870,000 event logs
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Magnetic FlowMotion – mTripod Turnstile

  • FlowMotion smart turnstiles are built with mDure innovative material
  • They come in three variations in the form of tripod turnstile or with swing or wing gates
  • It automatically detects passage direction and allows smart access control for employees, customers and visitors
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PERCo RTD-20.1 Full Height Rotor Turnstile

  • The RTD-20 full height turnstiles from PERCo enables two-way passage and integration to most access control systems
  • It can be set to operate in pulse mode or free-flow mode by the access control system
  • RTD-20.1 can be completed with WHD-15 full height security gates and MB-15 full height railings
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Magnetic MPH high swing gates

  • Simple integration of all common ticket inspection systems
  • suitable for wheelchairs, prams and material transport
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing intervals
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PERCo ST-01 Speed Gate with Barcode Reader Panel

  • ST-01 speed gate with barcode reader from PERCo comes with a front panel for barcode reader
  • The speed gates come with built-in electronics, two swing panels made of tempered glasses
  • The ST-01 comes in three different height and width options and two levels of intrusion sensors detection
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Magnetic Boarding Gates

  • Automated Boarding Gates accelerate passenger throughput at departure gates by automatic checking of boarding passes
  • Simple integration in the airport’s data processing system
  • The gate comes with a passage width of 700 mm and uses MHTM drive technology to provide efficient operation
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Tansa LTT-313 Tripod Turnstiles

  • LTT 313 from Tansa offers one of the smallest frames for a tripod turnstile and is ideal for installation in constrained spaces
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use allows 25 persons/minute
  • The direction of passage, operation mode and opening/closing speed can be easily preset by the system administrators
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Tansa SG 212 Secure Motorized Swing Gate

  • Offer effective access control and guidance to pedestrians with ”STOP,” “PASS” and “BLOCKED” signs
  • Fast operation with up to 1.5 second opening-closing speed
  • The swing gate turnstile also features a built-in clutch mechanism
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