Tansa LTOP 111 H Speed Gate Turnstile

The LTOP 111 speed gates from Tansa are designed for indoor usage offer bi-directional passage and the gate flaps can be set to operate automatically in free or access-controlled modes. With a wider 90 cm passage, the turnstile offers throughput of 25 persons/ minute.

Key Features

  • Designed for indoor usage, offer wider passage suitable for people with luggage and on the wheelchair
  • It offers a throughput of 25 persons a minute
  • The speed gate comes with two security levels that can be configured as per customer requirement
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The system can be integrated with a proximity card reader or biometrics access control system and allows passage with large luggage, wheelchairs etc. The bigger angular winged 10mm thick glass flap gates offer secure closure in LTOP 111 H, the speedgate turnstile is an effective solution for individualisation of people and comes with in-built electronics, as well as supports RS232 and RS485 communication ports. It comes with mechanical torque control and anti-panic functionality and 6 sensors for detecting passage.

The LTOP 111 H speed gate turnstile can be conjured to offer free passage in case of fire and power failure. After receiving the signal from the fire alarm system the wings automatically open. In addition to these failsafe features, bidirectional passage option, the speed gate comes with two security levels that can be configured as per customer requirement. The LTOP 111 H comes with an audio alert and LED status lights and optional lights on the wings. You can buy Tansa’s industry-leading turnstiles from Stebilex Systems.

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Product Code/Part Number: LTOP 111 H

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