A Decade of Leading Security Solutions – Front-Runners in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Technology.

ZASP works to fortify places rather than merely build barriers. As a leader in the hostile vehicle mitigation industry, Beijing ZhuoAoShiPeng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and manufactures superior products that raise the bar for global security solutions. They consistently strive for perfection, as seen by all of their solutions.

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ZASP Defining the Future of Safety

About ZASP – Defining the Future of Safety

ZASP, which has its industrial roots in Renqiu City, Hebei Province, is a modern production space provider with around 120,000 square feet of space, conveniently located in the centre of Beijing’s Fengtai District. They specialise in tyre killers, road blockers, hydraulic automated bollards, and other bollard systems that meet different security requirements.

ZASP has evolved over the last 12 years into a representation of innovation. A new era in security technology was ushered in in 2008 when our R&D department successfully created the first Hydraulic Integrated Automatic Bollards in China. They have risen to the top of the industry and have been pushing the boundaries ever since.


ZASP Specializes in Products –A Shield for Every Need

Automatic Bollards

Automatic Bollards

ZASP’s Automatic Bollards redefine safety with their cutting-edge technology and perfect operation, safeguarding your area with exceptional accuracy and seamless integration.


Fixed Bollards

Remaining steady serves as an ongoing reminder that everyone’s safety comes first. The constant power of ZASP’s Fixed Bollards creates a formidable barrier against any possible threats.


Removable Bollards

Together, strength and adaptability provide specialised security solutions. The detachable bollards from ZASP offer a dynamic defence that changes to meet your security requirements without sacrificing power.


Semi-Automatic Bollards

ZASP offers a comprehensive security solution with its Semi-Automatic Bollards, which combine control and convenience with accuracy and user-friendly performance.

Manual Bollards

Manually Retractable Bollards

With ZASP’s Manually Retractable Bollards, you can easily and personally adjust the amount of efficient security for your area.

Road Blocker

Road Blockers

ZASP’s Road Blockers are an efficient deterrent that offers a sturdy barrier against unauthorised vehicle access. They can withstand any assault since they are robust and resilient.

Tyre Killers

Tyre Killers

ZASP’s Tyre Killers are designed to provide your property with the finest protection against intruders and to stop them cold. They are robust obstacles that prohibit unlawful automobile entrance.

Modular Vehicle Barrier

Modular Vehicle Barrier

With its customisable security solutions that react to the dynamics of your surroundings, the ZASP Modular Vehicle Barrier provides flexible protection that is tailored to your specific needs.


Control System

With the help of ZASP’s Control System, you may have centralised control over all the numerous systems that maintain the security framework functioning as it should.

Rising Beam Gate

Rising Beam Gate

It is only appropriate to use ZASP’s Rising Beam Gate to take in the breathtaking surroundings and spend some time introspecting.

Why Choose ZASP?

Innovation Leaders

Since 2009, they have been at the forefront of security technology advancements.

Global Presence

ZASP is widely trusted in government offices, stadiums, schools, airports, Embassies, and more throughout the globe.

Proven Track Record

ZASP products surpass industry requirements in impact resistance testing and certification.

Customized Solutions

ZASP provides customised security solutions for a range of applications.

Commitment to Quality

ZASP’s products stand the test of time and become industry standards for robustness.

ZASP Leagacy

Join the ZASP Legacy

ZASP Overseas Trading Dept. reached a noteworthy achievement in 2016 when it finished a project for the Chinese Embassy in Mauritius. ZASP’s election as a member of the Anti-Riot Lifting Barrier Industrial Standard Committee by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security is evidence of their dedication.

ZASP transformed the industry rather than merely stepping into it. Select ZASP, where protection never compromises and security and innovation coexist.

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ZASP is Elevating Security Standards

ZASP is Elevating Security Standards with Stebilex, Your Premier Supplierin UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia

Selecting ZASP for your security requirements is an innovative and high-quality choice. ZASP, known for ZhuoAoShiPeng Technology, is a leading producer of hostile vehicle mitigation roadside safety barriers with more than 12 years of experience.

As the primary provider of ZASP products in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, Stebilex leads with pride. ZASP’s wide line of products, which includes Hydraulic Automatic Bollards, Road Blockers, Tyre Killers, Semi-Automatic, Fixed, Removable, and Manually Retractable bollards designed for different security levels, demonstrates its dedication to quality.

Trusted worldwide, ZASP’s solutions are installed in important places like government offices, airports, and embassies, among others. ZASP is the best option for those who value security innovation and dependability because of its history of breaking new ground and achieving industry firsts, such as the installation of the first Hydraulic Integrated Automatic Bollards in China.

About Stebilex Systems – Pioneering Tomorrow’s Security Solutions

Stebilex Systems is a forerunner in the cutting-edge PACS & HVM solutions market, rewriting the standards in the ever-changing security and access control landscape. For businesses looking to increase efficiency and security to an unmatched degree, Stebilex is more than simply a distributor—it’s a trustworthy partner.
Our inventory of cutting-edge technology at Stebilex goes above and beyond the norm. Modern access control systems, electromagnetic locks, advanced automated parking management systems, and innovative biometric technology are some of our primary products and services. We are in favour of giving companies the tools they need to strengthen the physical security and access control of their buildings.
Our mission at Stebilex Systems is to offer the groundwork for excellent physical security and trustworthy access control. Whether it’s precise identification, flawless timekeeping, or transforming traditional entry into sophisticated access control systems, perfection is our credo. We passionately advocate for democratising access to automated technology, debunking its enigma, and ensuring its smooth assimilation into everyday life.
Whether you’re a progressive corporation seeking to enhance consumer access or an individual seeking simple management over your residence or place of business, Stebilex Systems is your trustworthy partner. Rather than merely pushing your security gear, we are steering you towards a future when automated security seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.
Select Stebilex Systems as your ally to embrace the next generation of automated security solutions and see the revolutionary transformation in security and access control. Venture into the future with Stebilex: Where Security Meets Innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What advanced security solutions does ZASP offer?

ZASP offers high-security solutions like Hydraulic Automatic Bollards, Road Blockers, and Tyre Killers. These advanced products cater to diverse security needs, ensuring top-notch protection for locations worldwide.

How does ZASP's technology stand out in hostile vehicle mitigation?

ZASP’s cutting-edge technology excels in Hostile Vehicle Mitigation, with Hydraulic Automatic Bollards and Road Blockers leading the industry. Their innovative solutions provide unmatched security against potential threats, setting new benchmarks.

What are the key features of ZASP’s Hydraulic Automatic Bollards?

ZASP’s Hydraulic Automatic Bollards boast advanced features like seamless integration, robust impact resistance (tested up to 6800KGS/80KMH), and reliability. These key elements ensure optimal security for critical installations globally.

How do ZASP products enhance security in government and public spaces?

ZASP’s security solutions, including Automatic Bollards and Road Blockers, fortify government offices, airports, schools, and public spaces. Their proven track record reflects a commitment to safeguarding vital locations with state-of-the-art technology.

What makes ZASP a trusted name in global security solutions?

ZASP’s 12-year legacy in producing top-tier Hostile Vehicle Mitigation equipment establishes them as a trusted global security solutions provider. Their commitment to excellence, innovative products, and international presence makes them a reliable choice.

How does ZASP contribute to roadway safety and security?

ZASP contributes significantly to roadway safety with impact-tested Bollards and Road Blockers. Their dedication to exceeding safety standards ensures enhanced protection for roads, preventing unauthorized vehicle access and potential threats.

What are the unique features of ZASP’s Tyre Killers?

ZASP’s Tyre Killers showcase unique features such as modular design, efficient puncture capability, and compatibility with different security levels. These innovative attributes make them a standout choice for perimeter security.

In what ways do ZASP solutions cater to different security levels?

ZASP has been an industry trailblazer, introducing the first Hydraulic Integrated Automatic Bollards in 2008. Over the years, they’ve set standards through rigorous testing, international projects, and contributions to security technology advancements.

Why should businesses choose ZASP products through Stebilex for their security needs?

Stebilex, as the leading supplier in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia, provides seamless access to ZASP’s top-quality security solutions. Choosing ZASP through Stebilex ensures businesses get cutting-edge products with reliable regional support.

How has ZASP impacted the security technology industry since its inception?

ZASP has been an industry trailblazer, introducing the first Hydraulic Integrated Automatic Bollards in 2008. Over the years, they’ve set standards through rigorous testing, international projects, and contributions to security technology advancements.