Hormann Automatic bollards A 220-600 H

Hormann’s automatic bollards A 220-600 H can be used at a frequency of around 2000 cycles per day. The Control unit associated with the product can control multiple bollards at a time. The distance between the control unit and the bollard can be up to 80 m.

Key Features

  • A hydraulic operator is integrated for automatic lifting and lowering of the bollard.
  • The product can be operated fast in case of emergency (emergency fast operation)

The diameter of the bollard is 220 mm and the height is 600 mm. Speeds of lifting and lowering are 15 cm/s and 25 cm/s respectively. Emergency lowering in case of power failure can be done manually. The product will be automatically cut-out during emergencies to ensure safety.

Maximum service life of the product is 30,000,00 cycles. Impact energy with destruction is 150000 J and that without destruction is 30,000 J. The operating temperature is between -40 degree Celsius and +70 degree Celsius. An additional heater is recommended for temperatures below -10 degree Celsius.

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Additional information

Brands Hormann
Product Code/Part Number: A 220-600 H

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