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Advanced iris and biometrics identity authentication solutions

Iris ID has been a pioneer in the commercialization of iris recognition technology since 1997.

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About Iris ID

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It was the first brand to commercially introduce iris recognition biometric device and is a market leader. Stebilex Systems deliver Iris ID’s robust biometric authentication technology including the innovative deployed iris platforms. All Iris ID products are built to the highest quality and environmental standards, with the manufacturing processes being awarded several accolades and certifications.

The company was established as part of LG Electronics, before becoming an independent entity in 2009, and has a presence in thousands of locations across six continents. Stebilex provides the best price on Iris ID in Dubai and offers quick delivery across the Middle East.

Solutions From Iris ID

Access Control Systems

Deploy the best access control in your facility with Iris ID’s IrisAccess 7000S access control system. It is multi-purpose, cost-effective. and versatile security solution with a solid reputation in the healthcare, education, and transportation industry.

Products: Iris ID IrisAccess 7000

Time & Attendance Solutions

Improve access control and workforce management in your office by redefining biometric devices from Iris ID. They are contactless solutions that offer fast employee identification and reliable access control with intelligent iris technology.

Products: iCAM7100

Public Safety & Justice Solutions

Iris ID manufactures world-class access control solutions for public safety and judicial institutions. It designs products exclusively to provide better prisoner management and visitor authentication along with authorization of personnel, lawyers, witnesses, and offenders.

Products: IrisAccess® iCAM 7S Series

Transportation & Immigration Solutions

Safeguard your customers from potential threats in airports and metro stations with Iris intelligent access control solutions. They will help you provide a better, secure, and convenient travel experience and offer seamless, reliably fast visitor identification and access control.

Products: iCAM D1000, iCAM7S, iT100, IrisAccess 7000S

National Biometrics & Identity Solutions

Iris ID also specializes in designing and building access control solutions for countries at an immense scale to offer better national documentation and identity management. The system is a well-optimized and cost-effective identification solution with incredible scalability.

Products: IrisAccess 7000S, iData™ EAC

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