Cutting-edge solutions for Heavy-duty gate automation in the Middle East by world leading manufacturers – operators for swing/sliding gates, garage doors and more

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Gate automation solutions designed meet requirements of smart buildings

Stebilex Systems supplies smart operators for gate automation and management from leading manufacturers for vehicle access control. High-performance gate operators supplied by us are capable of moving large gates, comply with the highest safety requirements, and offer durability.


Our gate operators from Nice, RIB and FAAC are suitable for varied applications from residential units to commercial buildings, to large industrial zones. Stebilex offers operators for smaller installations ranging from gates, shutters and up-and-over doors, as well as ports heavy-duty installations at warehouses and factories. The leading brands offered by us in are Nice, RIB, and FAAC.

Most of our products offer remote-controlled operation or sensors to provide automatic opening and closing.

Stop unauthorised access to your facilities with gate automation products from Stebilex

Sliding Gate Automation/Swing Gate Automation

Stebilex Systems supplies gate operators for small residential units as well as for large industrial entry points from Nice, RIB and FAAC. The gate operators provided by Stebilex are designed for frequent and fast use. They meet the highest-levels of safety requirements under european and international standards. Some of the most powerful gate operators can handle gates weighing up to 12 tonnes, they come with integrated control units for both sliding and swing gates. Ideal for residential and industrial applications our gate automation solutions are powerful, durable and intelligent; we supply products and solutions for gate automation in the middle east

Sliding gate automation
Swing gate automation

Shutter Automation

Stebilex supplies efficient shutter automation systems for both garage doors and sunblocks making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These products are manufactured with highest quality standards and tested for best performance. Our operators for rolling shutters by RIB offer longest durability, energy efficiency and ease of use.

Solutions: Operators for Rolling Shutters

Garage Door Automation

Our garage door automation solutions are designed to provide the highest standard of safety for end-users. Stebilex Systems supplies automation systems for tilting/up-and-over garage doors and sectional garage doors for residential, industrial as well as condominium use. Our garage door automation systems are suitable for frequent use and are easy to install.

Solutions: Sectional garage door system, Tilting/up-and-over garage doors

  • Certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System
  • FAAC products are recognised by SAFEzone and GREENtech
  • Over 50 years of expertise and 75 patents
  • Italian manufactured complies with European Norms
  • DNV ISO9001 certification for the manufacturing process
  • Most products offer extendable warranty
  • Powerful, intelligent and simple to use solutions
  • Low-maintenance, High quality road barriers
  • Gate automation simplied with high-speed & reliable motors


Our solutions for parking management and gate automation are ideal for a wide range of applications






Shopping centers


Government facilities


Universities and Colleges


Sports and Exhibition venues


Mining facilities

Buy swing/sliding gate automation from Stebilex in the middle east

Sliding Gate Automation

Our exit and entry stations are ideal for off-street parking lots and allow integration with payment systems and gate barriers. Our parking entry/exit stations from Nice HUB offer online operation, read/write magnetic or barcode tickets. We supply HUB Parking Technologies solutions all across the middle east and offer the best prices for our customers.

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Swing Gate Automation

Ideal for both homes and business facilities, swing gate operators offered by Stebilex comes in a variety of application and operator options. We offer gate operators managed by both electro-mechanical and hydraulic motors. Moreover, FAAC, Nice offers underground gate automation that is installed underground preserves the aesthetics of the facility, especially places of artistic or historical value.

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Operators for Rolling Shutters

Our automation systems for shutters from focus on safety and convenience while installing. RIB offers operators with rotating pulleys strong enough to operate shutters over 200 kg and 24 sqm. They are designed for easy installation on existing structures and features near-zero maintenance and highest performance.

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Sectional Garage
Door System

The sectional garage door operators come with a built-in control panel and radio receiver. The door system has a very low power absorption in stand-by and can also operate with back-up batteries.

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Tilting/up-and-over Garage Doors

Our garage door operators for up-and-over doors offer silent operation and come in a variety of materials options. Additional features of these operators include anti-crushing and anti-theft locking. The operator is ideal for residential compounds.

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Buy gates and garage door automation systems in Dubai UAE and other countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt from Stebilex


Efficient ISO and European standard gate operators for securing facilities

The gate and door operators come with integrated electronics to offer efficient operation

A wide range of products to transform your gate into smart remote-controlled automatic gates

  • Silent operation
  • IP44 protection class
  • Sturdy and modern design
  • Also available with inductive limit switch
  • Capable of moving 2500 kg sliding gates at a speed of 0.17 m/s
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  • Easy to install
  • Ideal for residential applications
  • Capable of moving swing gates weighing up to 200kg/3m leaves length
  • Silent operation, thanks to fewer moving parts
  • Delivers a high performance of 30 cycles/hour
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  • Perfect for swing gates with leaves up to 3m
  • Capable of moving gate at a speed of 0.016m/s
  • IP44 protection class
  • Silent Operation
  • Remarkable construction quality
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  • Silent Operation
  • Offers a gate speed of 0.31 m/s
  • IP44 protection class
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Also available with inductive limit switch
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  • KING EVO is capable of operating a 4m long gate leaf weighing 400kg and offers 150 cycles a day
  • The RIB KING EVO comes in three versions – a standard version KING EVO, KING EVO ICE
  • KING EVO is ideal for use with gates that need heavy-duty operations and has frequent opening/closing cycles
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  • The SUPER 2200 is a heavy-duty sliding gate automation system made of cast iron
  • Ideal for industrial use, the motor has the capacity to operate gates weighing up to 4000 kg
  • It comes with a built-in heating system with ACG4665 to withstand -30°C
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  • The JOLLY ONE operators come with one or two electric motors enabling it to operate gates with 280 to 450 kg in weight
  • JOLLY BIG has eight steel bearings on which the pulley operates on and is able to handle large shutters of up to 30 sqm dimensions
  • JOLLY ONE features new automatic limit switches that are easily adjustable and easy to install
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  • Comes with an electrical Asynchronous single-phase operator is capable of moving a 40m gate leaf and offers 9.5m/minute speed
  • Features a special twin-disk anti-crushing clutch and offers thrust adjustment from 0 to 110 daN
  • Since the Gear Motor unit is non-reversing there is no need for electric locks to be installed
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  • The Pay-In-Lane station from HUB accepts both cards and cash payment and issues parking tickets
  • Comes with responsive 10.4in touchscreen and reader for magnetic stripes, barcode tickets, and printed tickets
  • It can be integrated with intercom systems, loudspeakers, door open sensors and other multi-point access control security
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  • AAC Gate remote control 433MHz RC System is easily integrable with access systems
  • The remote features the latest 433.92Mhz rolling code technology
  • The remote control can operate gates from up to 100m
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Check our complete range gate operators, garage door operators and rc systems available in the middle east


How does an automatic gate work?

Most automatic gates work with the help of an electro mechanical, electronic, or hydraulic motor that is integrated with access control systems. The motor has an oil bathed gearbox giving power to the gate’s cog that moves it on a steel rack.

What is the difference between sliding and swing gates?

Sliding gates and swing gates operators are the way the wheels are installed sliding gates are installed on rails with on the floor to open by sliding to sides, while the swinging gates are pushed open to the front.

How about the guarantee and after sale service?

Most of the products we supply come with manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for the delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you same day response to your request and quickest delivery there after.

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