Safeguarding Pedestrian Access Control with SECTEC

Discover SECTEC, an accredited manufacturer of PACS (physical access control solutions). With an emphasis on pedestrian access management, they can efficiently maximise the safety of your property by implementing peculiar ideas for safely and responsibly controlling foot traffic in high-traffic zones designed for a range of environments.

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Sectec Introduces Cutting-Edge Solutions for Enhanced Pedestrian Security and Convenience

Tripod Turnstiles

Sectec Tripod Turnstiles provide a strong deterrent security level and an adjustable manual passage method. These turnstiles work with a variety of control systems and have configurable transition periods. With an LED panel that is dual-coloured and an audible warning light, these security measures are effective. These turnstiles’ arms stay still during crises, putting safety first. For improved security standards, they easily interface with fingerprint, facial, and card scanning systems.

Swing Gate Turnstiles

Sectec Swing Gate Turnstiles offer a stylish, bi-directional route. They provide dependability and endurance with a passing range of 900 mm and are made of sturdy materials including 1.2 mm thick stainless steel and 10 mm thick plexiglass. For simplified access management, these turnstiles effortlessly link with card reading systems, fingerprint recognition, or facial recognition. They also offer dual-colour LED screens, a contemporary feature.

Half-Height Turnstiles

Sectec Half-Height Turnstiles provide convenient user guidance and manually adjustable switching. They put safety first without sacrificing use, with features like a dual-colour LED screen and arms that retract when necessary. These turnstiles, with their open-top sections at waist height, provide swift and easy passage for users. Users may move their upper bodies freely thanks to their design, which guarantees effective transit.

Full-Height Turnstiles

Sectec Full-Height Turnstiles are strong barriers with three or four arms for increased security. By automatically opening and closing, these turnstiles successfully block unauthorised entrances. They maintain strict security requirements when combined with cutting-edge technology like fingerprint, face, or card scanning devices. These turnstiles provide easy access for authorised customers while offering a strong deterrent against unauthorised entry.

Hygiene Barriers

Sectec Hygiene Barriers also referred to as Hygiene Tourniquets, are designed specifically for public areas and enterprises with heavy traffic. They provide a sanitary atmosphere by preventing the growth of microorganisms on their surfaces thanks to antimicrobial coatings. Furthermore, users may easily sanitise their hands thanks to integrated disinfectant dispensers. These barriers put hygiene first without sacrificing security, which makes them perfect for settings where safety and cleanliness are top priorities.


Renowned for its inventive security solutions, Sectec is a dynamic Turkish brand within the Küçükbakırcı Group. In 2020, Sectec was founded and quickly became well-known for its security and transition control technologies. Operating from a contemporary 20,000 m2 site in Konya’s 4th Organised Industrial Site, Sectec is a company firmly rooted in that dedication to quality.

We are a team of seasoned specialists committed to continuous innovation, and our speciality is creating cutting-edge passing turnstiles. Quality and client satisfaction are our top concerns. Join Sectec in embracing the future of security technology. Accompany us as we transform the security solution landscape.

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Why Choose SECTEC for Pedestrian Access Control?

  • Innovative Solutions
    Leading Turkish brand Sectec is a trailblazer in cutting-edge security technology, providing premium passage turnstiles with contemporary features for elevated security requirements.
  • Superior Craftsmanship
    Sectec provides excellent turnstiles from its state-of-the-art facilities in Konya. Our staff guarantees ongoing innovation for client pleasure by keeping an eye on quality.
  • Multiple Turnstile Options
    Sectec provides a selection of turnstile alternatives that are compatible with contemporary control systems, such as tripod, swing gate, half-height, and full-height turnstiles.
  • Flexible Integration
    Integrating Sectec turnstiles with a variety of control systems is a breeze. Adapting to your security demands, our systems offer fingerprint, face, and card reading capabilities.
  • Enhanced User Experience
    Sectec turnstiles put user comfort and convenience ahead of security requirements with features like ergonomic design and customisable passing range.
  • Hygienic Measures
    Hygiene barriers from Sectec maintain hygienic conditions. Ensuring secure entry in busy locations, our turnstiles are furnished with disinfection dispensers and coated with antimicrobial coatings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of security solutions does SECTEC specialise in?

The Turkish brand SECTEC specialises in security solutions for pedestrian access control. These solutions include Swing Gate Turnstiles, Tripod Turnstiles, Half-Height Turnstiles, Full-Height Turnstiles, and Hygiene Barriers, all of which are intended to improve security and access control in a variety of settings.

How do SECTEC's Tripod Turnstiles differ from Swing Gate Turnstiles in terms of functionality and design?

Tripod Turnstiles by SECTEC provide deterrent security, movable manual passage, and interoperability with all control systems. They have revolving arms that may be used to regulate entrance in a single direction, unlike swing gate turnstiles.

Can you provide more details about the emergency features of SECTEC's turnstile systems?

In order to provide quick evacuation and restricted entry in emergency scenarios, SECTEC’s turnstile systems include emergency features including arms that turn idle during emergencies, audible-LED alerts, and connection with card readers or biometric scanners.

Are SECTEC's turnstile systems compatible with existing access control systems, such as card readers or biometric scanners?

Yes, SECTEC’s turnstile systems can be seamlessly integrated with current access control systems, such as card readers and biometric scanners, to improve overall security measures.

What materials are used in the construction of SECTEC's Swing Gate Turnstiles, and how does this contribute to their durability?

SECTEC’s Swing Gate Turnstiles are made of durable, long-lasting materials, including 1.2mm thick stainless steel and 10mm thick plexiglass. Their lifetime is enhanced by this structure, which qualifies them for high-traffic regions.

How does SECTEC ensure both security and user comfort in their Half-Height Turnstile designs?

In designing their Half-Height Turnstiles, SECTEC gives equal weight to user comfort and security. These turnstiles, which have an open upper section and are positioned at waist height, allow for quick access while maintaining user comfort and convenience.

What are the key features of SECTEC's Full-Height Turnstiles, and how do they prevent unauthorised access effectively?

With three or four arm barrier systems that automatically open and close, SECTEC’s Full-Height Turnstiles efficiently block unauthorised entrance. Improving security standards and reducing unauthorised entrance are achieved through integration with cutting-edge security solutions.

Can you explain the antimicrobial properties of SECTEC's Hygiene Barriers and how they contribute to maintaining a hygienic environment?

The antimicrobial coatings on the surfaces of SECTEC’s Hygiene Barriers help to maintain a sanitary atmosphere by inhibiting the lingering of microorganisms. Dispensers with integrated disinfectants also make it easier for people to wash their hands.

Are SECTEC's Hygiene Barriers customizable to fit specific business needs or space requirements?

In order to provide flexibility and adaptation to varied surroundings while maintaining optimal security and hygiene standards, SECTEC offers Hygiene Barriers that can be customised to match individual company objectives and space limitations.

What kind of support does SECTEC offer for installation and maintenance of their security solutions?

SECTEC guarantees smooth integration and dependable functioning by providing all-inclusive assistance for the setup and upkeep of their security systems. To optimise system durability and performance, their skilled staff helps with setup, configuration, and continuing maintenance.