Sectec (SCT3400) Full Height Turnstile, Single – 3 Wings

Product Code: SCT3400

Presenting the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile, a security system with a single point of access. With an optional electrostatic powder coating available in many colours for a smooth finish, this sturdy 1.2mm stainless steel body design is crafted.

Key Features

  • Adaptable Function
    For versatile control, manually switch in both directions.
  • Durable Construction
    Constructed from stainless steel that is 1.2 mm thick, guaranteeing longevity.
  • Robust Body
    Stainless steel construction strengthened with an optional powder coating for visual appeal.
  • Adjustable Handles
    Electrostatic coating in stainless steel or a colour that may be customised.
  • Elevated Security
    Bidirectional double-colour LED panel indicators and an IP54 (Op. IP56) certification ensure safety.
  • Modifiable Control Mechanism
    Able can be customised by LAN or RS232-485, compatible with several access control devices and token systems.

Introducing the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile, Single – 3 Wings, a sophisticated but powerful security barrier. Its long-lasting, robust body made of stainless steel is intended for lone pedestrian access. A powder coating option offers a customised style. It offers unrivalled control and safety with its memory modes and flexible switching.

With dual-direction adjustable manual switching, the full-height turnstile is a well-engineered apparatus. Long-lasting robustness is ensured by the 1.2 mm thick stainless steel body, and a variety of colour options are available for aesthetic personalisation with an optional electrostatic powder coating. Its broad operating temperature range and IP54 protection allow it to withstand a range of conditions.

The SECTEC SCT3400 is a sleek and practical tool with Ø38mm stainless steel handles and customisable colour options. Convenience and simplicity of use are provided by its bidirectional LED panel indicators and strong security level. It may be easily integrated and adjusted to suit various access control units, resulting in enhanced security protocols.

Smooth security is possible with the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile. It has memory mode, adjustable switching, and audible warnings for further security. It is designed for one pedestrian entrance at a time. Its robust design made of stainless steel and optional powder coating provides endurance and versatile looks, making it ideal for a range of applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile be integrated with our existing access control system?

Yes, the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile, which offers improved security and simplified entry management, can interface effortlessly with your current access control system.

What are the customization options available for the powder coating of the turnstile?

Select from a variety of powder coating customisation choices to make sure the turnstile matches the design of your facility in a variety of colours that fit your tastes.

Does the turnstile support biometric access control methods?

Yes, the SECTEC SCT3400 supports biometric access control techniques, which improve security and give authorised workers easy access.

Can the SECTEC SCT3400 withstand harsh environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures or humidity?

The SCT3400 is designed to survive difficult weather conditions, including high temperatures and high humidity. This allows it to operate dependably in a variety of environments.

How easy is it to install and maintain the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile?

The SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile is easy to install and maintain, reducing downtime and optimising performance for your facility’s access control requirements.

What kind of warranty and after-sales support does Stebilex Systems provide for this product?

Sectec offers a thorough warranty and an after-sales support package to ensure customer satisfaction and quick assistance with any questions or problems related to the equipment.

Are there any additional security features or accessories available for the turnstile, such as facial recognition technology or anti-tailgating sensors?

By adding extra features like anti-tailgating sensors and face recognition technology, you may increase security and provide cutting-edge defence against unwanted access attempts.

Does the turnstile support integration with third-party software or platforms for data analytics or reporting purposes?

To optimise operational insights and security management, as well as for effective data analytics and reporting, the turnstile does indeed offer an easy interface with third-party applications or platforms.

Can the SECTEC SCT3400 be configured to operate in a fail-safe mode in case of power outages or emergencies?

Yes, users’ safety and ongoing access control may be guaranteed by configuring the SECTEC SCT3400 to function in fail-safe mode during crises or power outages.

Where can I purchase the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile?

As a reputable provider, Stebilex Systems offers original products and dependable service directly to consumers, like the SECTEC SCT3400 Full Height Turnstile.

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