PERCo RTD-20.2S Full-height Rotor Turnstile (60 free passages/minute, passage width of 630mm, IP54 Protection)

PERCo’s RTD-20 full height turnstiles offer complete closure and bidirectional controlled passage and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The RTD-20 offers a passage width of 630mm and a throughput rate of 60 persons/minute in the free passage mode.

Key Features

  • Built-in LED indicators to display access authorisation
  • 60 persons/minute in the free passage mode
  • LED indicators to display access authorisation

The RTD-20 full height turnstile comes with built-in electronics, two remote control panels and options to be supplied with a protective canopy and foundation frame if required. The canopy offers protection against unauthorised entrants climbing over. An ideal solution for pedestrian management at entry points of facilities requiring high security, the RTD 20.2S offers full closure. It also allows the use of RTD-20.2S in the lock-chamber mode and operates as a single portal.

The RTD-20.2S full-height can be installed in the group of threes without any gaps using the cabling through transition elements. The optional foundation frame simplifies installation and enables installation even in unstable ground. The turnstile can be easily integrated with any conventional access control system and has built-in LED indicators to display access authorisation and unlocked/locked status of the turnstile gate. The turnstile can also be supplied with remote light indicators. The operation can be set to one-at-a-time or free passage mode.

The turnstile comes with local lighting for passageways, anti-backup device, and configuration for ‘fire alarm’ input to offer free passage in case of emergencies. It comes with built-in mechanical release locks to open the turnstile in case of power failure. RTD-20.2S operates in a safe voltage range and can be configured with a full-height gate. Buy PERCo RTD-20.2S for best prices in the middle east from Stebilex Systems.

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