Sectec (SCT100) Double Leg Tripod Turnstile

Introducing the Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile, a robust solution for seamless access control. Ideal for indoor and outdoor settings, it offers electromechanical operation with bidirectional functionality, ensuring secure passage at up to 30 passages per minute.

Key Features

  • Versatile Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring reliable access control in various settings.
  • Deterrent Acts as a deterrent against unauthorized access, enhancing security measures.
  • Adjustable Manual switching in both directions allows for flexibility in operation, adapting to specific needs.
  • Durable Construction
    Crafted from high-quality 304 stainless steel, offering resilience against wear and tear.
  • Optional Features Customizable options include different stainless steel grades, powder coating for aesthetic appeal, and additional accessories for enhanced functionality.

The Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile boasts a sturdy build with 1.2mm thick stainless steel construction, ensuring durability in diverse environments. Its IP54 rating safeguards against dust and water ingress, while optional features like a heater and battery unit further enhance functionality.

Equipped with Ø 38mm diameter aluminium handles, this turnstile offers ease of use while maintaining security standards. In emergencies, the handles remain idle, ensuring safe evacuation protocols. Optional drop arms provide an additional layer of security in critical situations.

Compatible with various access control systems and token mechanisms, this turnstile offers seamless integration into existing security setups. Its adjustable switching time and directions, coupled with audible and LED alarms, provide comprehensive access management solutions for different facilities.

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Experience top-tier pedestrian access control with Sectec (SCT100) Double Leg Tripod Turnstile supplied by Stebilex Systems. With customizable options and robust construction, ensure efficient traffic management for your indoor and outdoor premises. Get yours today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile withstand harsh weather conditions, such as extreme heat or heavy rainfall, if installed outdoors?

Yes, the Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile is designed to withstand inclement weather, such as intense heat waves or torrential downpours, so it will function dependably and last a long time.

How does the IP54 rating ensure protection against dust and water ingress, and what level of environmental protection does it offer?

The IP54 grade offers significant protection for the turnstile against water and dust. It guarantees resistance to external factors, ensuring its life and performance in a variety of environments.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for the turnstile, especially regarding its stainless steel construction, to ensure long-term durability?

To maintain the turnstile’s longevity over time, regular maintenance is advised, especially given its stainless steel design. Cleaning and sporadic inspections aid in preserving both its structural soundness and cosmetic attractiveness.

Can the turnstile be customized to match the aesthetic requirements of different environments, such as corporate offices or high-end retail spaces?

Yes, the turnstile may be customised to fit a variety of settings, including luxury retail stores and corporate offices. It is secure and integrates with its surroundings smoothly because of the variety of aesthetic finishes offered.

What are the options for integrating the turnstile with existing access control systems and token mechanisms, and is it compatible with commonly used systems?

Compatibility with widely used systems is provided via smooth integration with current token systems and access control systems. This guarantees the seamless functioning and effective administration of access points customised to meet particular needs.

Could you provide more details about the optional features mentioned, such as the heater and battery unit, and how they enhance the functionality of the turnstile?

The functions of the turnstile are improved by optional components like the heating and battery unit. The battery unit provides backup power, guaranteeing continued operation during outages, while the heater assures smooth operation even at extremely cold temperatures.

How easy is it to install the turnstile, particularly in locations with existing infrastructure or limited space?

Even in places where there is limited space or pre-existing infrastructure, installing the turnstile is simple. Because of its adaptable installation, it can be put up quickly and effectively in a variety of settings with little disturbance.

Can the turnstile be configured to accommodate different traffic flow requirements, such as peak hours versus low-traffic periods?

Yes, it is simple to design the turnstile to adjust to various traffic flow requirements, including peak and off-peak hours. This adaptability guarantees effective access control in response to demand and seamless pedestrian movement.

What kind of warranty or support options are available for the Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile, and how responsive is the customer support team?

Users may feel secure knowing that the Sectec Double Leg Tripod Turnstile is covered by warranty and has support options available. The fast and receptive customer service team guarantees seamless functioning and client pleasure by providing assistance and solutions.

Are there any specific safety features integrated into the turnstile, especially concerning emergency situations or power outages?

The turnstile has built-in safety safeguards to successfully handle power shortages or emergency scenarios. In an emergency, the handles remain motionless, guaranteeing safe passage. When necessary, other safety measures such as the drop arm are provided by the optional features.

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