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With a global presence across more than 100 countries HID Global is one of the largest manufacturers of state-of-art security products and solutions.

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About HID Global

HID’s identity solutions enable trusted verification with a number of product categories. The company offers the industry a broad range of products/solutions such as smart cards/mobileIDs readers, ID card printers, identity, and access management solutions, beacons, cloud services, government to citizen IDs, embedded solutions, RFID based products, IoT- connected identification technologies, etc.

HID Global solutions support several businesses and organizations in virtually all industry sectors, including government, healthcare, retail, industrial, commercial, airports/ports, finance, and education.

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Introducing Premium Biometric Readers & Modules from HID

HID builds and designs world-class biometric readers and modules to offer the best-in-class identity authentication in modern facilities with sophisticated security requirements.


Fingerprint Readers & Modules

Introduce extended and advanced access control in your establishment with HID’s single and ten-print finger readers and modules. They are impressively accurate, fast, reliable, and perfect for a wide range of applications.


Citizen Identity Management Solutions

HID’s biometric devices are designed and built to make citizen identity authentication and management easier for governments. The exclusive product lineup features multimodal biometric devices, mobile readers, mobile modules, iris scanners, cabinets, and jump kits


Physical Access Control Systems

HID is a pioneer in designing world-class physical access control systems for a wide range of industries. Its contactless smart card and biometric readers are intelligent, highly secure, and reliable.

Add Security to Your Facility with HID’s Open & Secure Cards & Credentials


Multi-application Seos® Credentials

Seos credentials run on software-based infrastructure and powered by advanced encryption algorithms to offer better security, mobility, and convenience. They are available in different forms with pre-integrated credential technology.


Extended Use Case Crescendo® and ActivID® Credentials

Crescendo and ActivID are popular credentials perfect for advanced access control and authentication in modern establishments. Both are mobile, user-friendly, and highly reliable security tokens.


High-Frequency Credentials

HID’s high and ultra high-frequency smart cards portfolio features iCLASS SE®, iCLASS®, LEGIC® and DESFire®EV1. They are perfect contactless smart credentials useful for a wide range of applications.


Low-Frequency Credentials

HID’s low-frequency credentials product lineup features HID Prox, Indala Proximity, HITAG, and UltraCard cards. All are great solutions for entry-level access control and security applications.



HID Global designs and builds the most intelligent, reliable, and secure controllers in three categories: flexible, open architecture, and IP-enabled. They offer great performance, security and helps in deploying a broad range of access control systems in modern facilities in the best possible way.

Meet Multitechnology & Highly Versatile Access Control Readers from HID


Multi-Technology, Mobile-Enabled Access Control Readers

This product category includes HID’s secure, reliable and well-designed Signo, iCLASS SE, and multiCLASS SE readers. All are incredibly useful, versatile, and support a wide range of access credentials.


Readers for Extended Use Applications

HID also manufactures readers for extended use that effectively surpass the industry standards. The product lineup features OMNIKEY reader, biometric and pivCLASS readers.


Single-Technology Readers

HID’s proximity readers support 125kHz prox cards and a cost-effective solution for entry-level access control in schools and corporate facilities.


ID Card and Badge Printers

Print high-quality ID cards and identification badges in the most cost-effective, reliable, and easy way with HID’s printing solutions. The product lineup includes HID ELEMENT, HID FARGO Card & ID Badge Printer, HID FARGO Consumables, and FARGO ID Systems.


HID Software Solutions

HID Global holds an impeccable reputation in delivering world-class software solutions for proficient identity management and brilliant access control. All are extremely accurate, impressively responsive, and perfect for a wide range of industry applications.

What Makes HID Lead the Access Control & Credentials Technology Space?

Passion for Trusted Identities

HID Global is enormously optimistic about trusted identities and utilizes modern technology to keep people safe and secure all the time. No matter where they are.

Focus on the Internet of Things

Thanks to RFID and active low-energy Bluetooth technology, all innovating products HID can connect and communicate with each other to offer the best user experience to the consumers.

Pioneer in Designing World-Class Physical and Digital Environments

With a global presence in over 100 countries, HID is renowned for creating redefining and innovative environments that are highly optimized for security, fast access control, and user convenience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HID Global based?

HID Global is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and operates international offices worldwide in over 100 countries.

What are the products offered by HID Global?

HID Global designs and manufactures world-class biometric readers, cards, credentials, ID cards, readers, RFID tags, and controllers.

What are the industries served by HID Global?

HID Global serves defense, education, energy, government, healthcare, sports, and a wide range of commercial and industrial facilities.

What is HID Mobile Access?

HID mobile access allows you to operate gates and doors in your home and workplace at the convenience of your smartphone. The solution is easy to use and incredibly reliable for everyday use.

What are HID softwares?

HID designs high-end software solutions to ensure better identity management, strong physical access control, easy credential issuance, and convenient cloud services in modern facilities.

How to buy HID Global products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of HID Global products in UAE, Qatar, and other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.

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