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Access Control and Gate Automation Made Simple with Right Technologies

Solutions to simplify physical security and access control challenges while providing enhanced indoor and outdoor experience for visitors and staff alike. A leading supplier for access control systems and solutions, gate and door automation, barriers, and boom gates, Stebilex Systems tackles security challenges with the right combination of the latest biometric devices, access readers, access controllers, boom barriers and speed gates, and turnstiles.

Besides, we provide software to provide holistic solutions for your business. Access control and barrier systems maximize safety, enhance efficiency and ensure business success by streamlining operations, people management and timekeeping.

Control and manage vehicle entry points effectively with automatic gate barriers. Perfect security solution for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities as well as large toll gates.

Access Gates

Fast, reliable, and durable gates with incredible access control system integration capabilities.

Parking Barriers

Cost-effective, low-maintenance, and convenient security solution for every parking space.

Traffic Barriers & Toll Gates

Barriers with extended arm lengths to block access and control traffic brilliantly in busy toll gates, lanes, and tunnels.

Meet your automation requirements with our cutting-edge technology-based gate operators and automation solutions. Perfect for stopping unauthorized access in smart buildings and commercial spaces.

Sliding/Swinging Gate Automation

Intelligent gate operators tailored exclusively for brilliantly automating large sliding and swing gates in residential and industrial zones.

Shutter Automation

Efficient, responsive, and fast-rolling shutter operators made for delivering the best performance.

Garage Door Automation

Designed by keeping the highest safety standards in mind, our garage door automation solutions are super-easy to install and suitable for frequent use.

Pedestrian traffic management, individualization of people, and authentication made easy with our world-class turnstiles, speed gates, and swing gates. All built with the highest caution and safety standards to keep your facility safe and secure.

Tripod Turnstiles

Manage pedestrian traffic in the best possible way with our highly-effective, robust and well-designed turnstiles brought to you exclusively from the world’s leading brands.

Swing Gates

Deliver a fast and contactless individualization experience to your customers with our highly personalized and remarkable swing gates.

Speed Gates

Intelligent and high-performance speed gates made exclusively to deliver contactless access control and management in airports, metro stations, and other 24-hour busy locations.

Full-height Turnstiles

Full-height turnstiles available with two, three, and four-wings and exceptional access control integration capabilities to offer the highest level of security.

Our bollards, road blockers, and tyre killers come with extraordinary vehicle traffic control and perimeter protection capabilities. Made by keeping the highest safety standards in mind, they are easy to install, maintain and perfect for large critical facilities.

Traffic Bollards

Available in various heights and operation modes, our bollards are robust and perfect for blocking vehicle movement in restricted zones.

Anti-Ram Bollards

Resilient and heavy-duty anti-ram bollards, built for providing solid resistance against potential ram-raid attacks and threats.

Fixed Bollards

Fixed bollards help in securing strategic sites and access points from unrestricted vehicle access.

Automatic Bollards

Control vehicle access in entry and exit points with our intelligent and robust automatic bollards.

Road Blockers

Road blockers are a perfect security solution for high-profile and critical facilities and come with impressive high loading capabilities.

Tyre Killers

Tyre killers offer the highest degree of protection from fast, raging, and unauthorized hostile vehicles.

Rising Ramp

Rising ramp is a brilliantly unique access and speed restriction solution to individualize and monitor vehicle traffic.

Meet the exemplary demands of the new normal life with automated doors. They are energy-efficient, contactless and compliant with accessibility requirements. Plus these doors come with high-end technologies to offer the best possible experience to your visitors.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Add elegance and an extra layer of security to your entry and exit points with our intelligent automatic sliding doors


Automatic Swinging Doors

Our automated swinging doors open and close effortlessly and perfect solution for all types of facilities.


Automatic Folding Doors

Automatic folding doors are designed for compact spaces and offer a fast, reliable and seamless operation.


Revolving Doors

Available in one, two and three-wing designs, automatic revolving doors are guaranteed to spruce up the look of your facility along with fulfilling the desired security needs.

Innovative, intelligent and reliable biometrics solutions for smart and digital workplaces. All designed and built by the world’s leading brands for reliable access control, identity authentication and attendance management.


Touchless Biometrics System

Offer contactless, safe and convenient access to your visitors and staff with our intelligent touchless biometric solutions.


Portable Biometrics System

Our portable biometric tablets come with LFD & multispectral response imaging offer effortless profile enrolment and identification operations.


Biometric Access Control Terminals

Biometric access control terminals are user-friendly, reliable and easy to integrate with all types of access control and management programs.


Time and Attendance Solutions

Our time and attendance solutions come with incredible access control, identity authentication and time tracking capabilities and use core AI algorithms for smooth functioning.

Add security and convenience to your facility with our intelligent access control systems. They are perfect for efficient entry management and come inbuilt with modern, high-end technologies.


Access Control Readers

Multi-technology and user-friendly access control readers compatible with all types of smart cards.


Access Controllers

Deploy intelligent access control systems with our highly robust and premium access controllers.


Access Cards & Tokens

Prox and smart cards available in different forms, ideal for gaining access in restricted facilities and premises.


Access Control Softwares

A comprehensive all-in-one digital solution for all of your access control and management needs with remarkable compatibility with advanced security technologies.

Electromagnetic Locks

Robust and heavy-duty electromagnetic locks with auto-voltage sensing, relocking and additional features.

Exit-Buttons icon

Exit Buttons

Request access during emergencies and urgent circumstances with well-built, reliable and responsible exit buttons.

Shear-Locks-Dropbolts icon

Shear Locks & Dropbolts

High-quality, compact and easy to mount shear locks and drop bolts with high holding force and impressive access control systems compatibility.

Electric-Strikes icon

Electric Strikes

Made from stainless steel, electric strikes are entry-level access control devices popularly used in swinging door frames.

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Stebilex Systems is one of the fastest-growing specialized access control systems and biometric devices suppliers and service providers in the Middle East and Africa. As a leading end-to-end access control and biometric devices and software supplier, we focus our energy on meeting customer needs and goals with capabilities and resources that cover the entire access control and biometric spectrum. We are a vital part of today’s smart business ecosystem, supplying products and innovation from trusted manufacturers and global leaders in the physical access control Industry.

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Through our expertise in the access control systems and regional market know-how, we at Stebilex Systems work to create innovative collaborations in order to provide practical solutions. We invest our efforts to drive growth for both our vendors and resellers in the access control sector to build reliable and longstanding business alliances. Through the right partnerships, we are also able to provide exceptional market exposure to global access control system brands.

We are at the forefront of the digital revolution and thrive as a leading access technology distributor serving clients with expert technical support from certified engineers, strategic consultations, extensive product distribution network, and unmatched logistics partnerships. Our goal is to support your growth, as our success lies in yours.

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