Conquer Technology Challenges
Before They Challenge Your Business

At Stebilex, we are passionate about utilizing high-end security system technologies to make businesses more secure, efficient and relevant. It is this passion that drives our teams to deliver deeper insights, actionable intelligence and practical security solutions to our customers with every project.

We have a reputation of working with some of the most demanding businesses in the Middle East and Africa, making us the leading provider of ELV, IDEMIA Morpho, Lenel Security, HID Global, Physical Security, Infrastructure, Cloud, IoT and Power & UPS solutions in the area.

Conquer Technology Challenges <br> Before They Challenge Your Business

Get The Edge With Stebilex

  • Expansive & Global Range of Bio-metric Solutions

    Expansive & Global Range of Bio-metric Solutions

    More than 2000 products and solutions that ensure access to the widest range of solutions for choosing one that fits your business perfectly.

  • Optimum Investment, Maximum ROI

    Optimum Investment, Maximum ROI

    Competitive prices that maximize your returns on investment in technology while optimizing your investment.

  • Services That Add Value

    Services That Add Value

    Not just sales but support right through evaluation to implementation and post-go-live, to ensure that not only do you have the best technology, but it is also implemented to function at its best.

  • Dedicated Team of Solution Architects

    Dedicated Team of Solution Architects

    Dedicated attention from our experts for the success of every project, regardless of the size.

Access Expertise That Impacts People and
Businesses Across Industries

  • Deeper Insight

    Deeper Insight

    A technology executive from a reputed bank conquered a challenge around combined customer authentication needs of fingerprint scanning and smart card readers with Stebilex’s suggestion of using rugged biometric tablets

  • Innovative Collaborations

    Innovative Collaborations

    A well-established Electromechanical Contractor who needed a better Time & Attendance tracking system was presented an end-to-end solution devised through a collaboration between Stebilex and an innovative partner

  • Actionable Advice

    Actionable Advice

    When a procurement manager from a leading software company was looking to implement an IoT project, he found a trusted partner in Stebilex

  • Practical Solutions

    Practical Solutions

    A presales manager from a top system integrator sought advice from Stebilex for storing Terabytes worth of video surveillance data on-demand, and was provided a solution that used Cloud Storage in a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

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Our partners share our passion for delivering excellence to customers. They are leaders in their industries and markets, and are an integral part of the Stebilex technology experience and our customer success journey.

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