Magnetic Perimeter Protection – MPB turnstile

The MPB turnstile from Magnetic is designed to permit access to riders and their bikes simultaneously. It combines pedestrian and bicycle access control by offering a turnstile and a hinged gate. The MPB turnstile access control system is easy to install and maintain as all the necessary components are accommodated in the main beam.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous access for bike and rider
  • Designed for 10 million opening and closing actions
  • Sensitive contact detection for maximum safety


The MPB turnstile and bicycle gate operate on the innovative MHTM™ drive unit or motor drive unit, ensuring low maintenance, energy-efficiency, and exceptional soft-start action. The MPB gate opens automatically when the induction loop sensor detects a bicycle with the as he/she enters the turnstyle — thus providing a secure and rapid access solution for both the bike and the rider. The turnstile gate can also be customised to meet customer-specific requirements and is widely used by bicycle parking spaces.

The two-in-one pedestrian and bicycle access system is part of Magnetic’s perimeter protection products. It is provided in differing materials, three colours and locking systems, as well as additional components such as illumination and direction displays. The MPB is available in two different models – MPB 111 and MPB 112 depending on the technology used to operate the turnstile and hinged gate. Contact Stebilex Systems, a leading physical security solution provider in the middle east, to buy Magnetic perimeter protection solutions including MPB turnstile gate.

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MPB 111

Technology: turnstile/hinged gate / electromechanical/motor-driven

MPB 112

Technology: turnstile/hinged gate / motor-driven/motor-driven