Paxton10 Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood

Sales Code: 337-610
Introducing the Paxton Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood, a high-quality option for seamless door entry management. It guarantees the highest level of security and convenience with its capacitive 7-inch colour touch screen, two-way video communication, and integrated keypad and RFID reader.

Key Features

  • Premium Touch Screen
    With a 7-inch colour touch screen that offers customisable settings for an improved user experience, you may enjoy clear images and simple navigation.
  • Two-Way Video Communication
    Easily converse with guests by utilising the integrated video calling function, which offers a smooth communication experience.
  • Integrated Keypad and RFID Reader
    EM, Paxton, and MIFARE® token technologies are supported for customisable access control. Grant access safely with the integrated keypad and RFID reader.
  • Weather-Resilience
    This panel has an IPX5 grade, which means it is reliable and long-lasting for outdoor usage in any weather.
  • Rapid Installation & Integration
    PoE technology streamlines power and data transfer, improving installation efficiency, and you may make use of the pre-existing network infrastructure for a quick setup.

The Paxton Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood is your one-stop shop for a convenient and safe door entry system. This touch panel redefines how you manage access to your home with its sophisticated features and elegant design. The Paxton Entry Touch Panel, with its capacitive 7-inch colour touch screen, guarantees simple operation and intuitive navigation. A touch is all it takes to effortlessly provide access, so say goodbye to conventional keypads.

This panel offers customers a variety of access choices with its integrated keypad and RFID reader. It also supports EM, Paxton, and MIFARE® token technologies. You can choose whether you would rather touch your access card or input a code. Not only that, but the Paxton Entry Touch Panel allows you to observe and talk with guests before granting them admission in two ways via a high-quality monitor. It also allows you to tilt and pan the camera to get the best visibility possible.

The Entry Touch Panel is IPX5-rated and built to last, providing dependable operation in all weather. You can rely on your entrance system to stay safe and functional rain or shine. PoE technology, which combines power and data transmission over a single cable, makes installation simple. All you need to do is connect the parts using regular RJ45 or Cat5 cables to get started.

You may include backup IP cameras with the Entry system to provide security and visibility in places where sightlines are constrained. You also have even more control over who enters your facility thanks to compatibility for Net2 and Paxton10 access control software.

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Consult Stebilex Systems now to update your door entry system to the Paxton Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood. With its extensive features and dependable performance, it is the ideal answer for any property. Don’t wait to buy this incredible solution; contact us right now.

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Additional information

Brands Paxton
Product Code/Part Number: 337-610

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the Paxton Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood integrate with existing access control systems?

Yes, the Paxton Entry Touch Panel Surface Mount with Rainhood combines door entry with essential access control software capabilities. It connects smoothly with most current access control systems, including Paxton’s Net2 access control and Paxton10 systems.

What are the specific RFID technologies supported by the integrated RFID reader?

With compatibility with a variety of RFID technologies, including EM, Paxton, and MIFARE® token technology, the integrated RFID reader offers easy access control.

How easy is it to install the Paxton Entry Touch Panel, especially in comparison to other door entry systems?

When compared to other door entry systems, installing the Paxton Entry Touch Panel is quite simple. It may also make use of the network infrastructure that already exists, making installation easier, as components can be readily connected using ordinary patch cables.

Is the two-way video communication feature compatible with standard video calling protocols or is it proprietary?

The Paxton Entry Touch Panel’s two-way video communication function is compliant with common video calling standards. With no proprietary limitations, visitors may use the touch screen to start video conversations, which guarantees smooth communication.

Can the touchscreen interface be customized to display branding or specific instructions/messages?

Yes, you may completely customise the Paxton Entry Touch Panel’s touchscreen interface to show branding, particular instructions, or messages that are relevant to your needs. This will improve both the user experience and the efficacy of your communication.

What kind of maintenance is required for the Paxton Entry Touch Panel, particularly concerning its weather resilience?

Considering how resilient it is to weather, the Paxton Entry Touch Panel requires very little upkeep. It promises resilience and lifespan even in hard situations with an IPX5 rating for outdoor usage in any weather and a rain hood option for further protection.

Are there any additional accessories or add-ons available for the Paxton Entry system, such as backup IP cameras or additional rainhood options?

Yes, there are more add-ons and accessories for the Paxton Entry system available, including different types of rainhoods and backup IP cameras. These alternatives offer increased security and adaptability to particular site needs.

Does the Paxton Entry Touch Panel support remote management or monitoring capabilities?

Yes, the Paxton Entry Touch Panel facilitates seamless access control administration from any location with its remote management and monitoring features. This function gives administrators peace of mind and assures effective operation.

Can the system be expanded to accommodate larger facilities or multiple entry points?

It is simple to extend the Paxton Entry system to handle more entry points or larger facilities. An ACU may be linked to many panels, and more IP cameras can be added for improved coverage and security.

What kind of technical support and warranty options are available for the Paxton Entry Touch Panel?

For the Paxton Entry Touch Panel, Stebilex Systems provides extensive technical support and warranty options, guaranteeing dependable operation and user peace of mind. To find out more or to buy this leading-edge product, get in touch with us right now.

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