Seamless Access Control with Advanced RFID Long Range Reader – Elevating Security, Simplifying Entry in UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar

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Elevate Security

Our RFID Long Range Reader enhances access control in UAE, Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar.

Smart Integration

Secure your premises with Remote Access Readers and Gate Barrier Integration for top-tier Access Control Services.

Seamless Access

Access control is made effortless with Proximity Card Readers and Vehicle Access Control systems.

Revolutionize Security with RFID Long Range Reader: Enhancing Access Control Solutions for Modern Safety

Experience seamless access control with RFID Long Range Reader, revolutionizing security systems. Elevate your security with our Access Control Services, featuring remote access readers and gate barrier integration.

Elevate your security with cutting-edge technology, enhancing convenience and protection.

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RFID Long Range Reader
Long-Range Reader

What is a Long-Range Reader?

A Long-Range Reader is a device used for access control or tracking purposes, allowing remote reading without close physical contact. It can wirelessly read data from RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) tags or cards at a significant distance, making it efficient for tracking items or granting access from afar. It’s commonly used for access control, inventory tracking, or parking systems.

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Unlocking Access Control Excellence with RFID Long-Range Reader Solutions in UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar

Extended Range

Extend your reach with our RFID Long Range Reader, enhancing access control capabilities.

Enhanced Security

Elevate security measures with cutting-edge RFID technology and Access Control Solutions.

Remote Access

Control and monitor access remotely, adding an extra layer of convenience and security.


Adapt to your specific needs with versatile Entry Access Devices and Remote Access Readers.

Gate Barrier Integration

Seamlessly integrate Gate Barriers for comprehensive Vehicle Access Control.

Tailored for the GCC

Meet the unique needs of UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar with Access Control Services.

Proximity Card Readers

Utilize proximity cards for seamless and secure entry access to your premises.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Long-Range Reader Solution


Ensure the reader works seamlessly with your existing access control system.

Range Check

Assess the reader’s distance coverage, especially for vehicle access and gate integration.

Latest RFID Tech

Opt for up-to-date RFID technology for better security and efficient entry access.

Easy Installation

Look for reader models with straightforward installation and remote access features.

Security Priority

Prioritize security features to keep your business safe and protected.

Service & Support

Check for providers offering comprehensive services and ongoing support.

Supplier Reputation

Choose a reputable roadblocker supplier with a track record of reliability.


Ensure compatibility with proximity card readers for user convenience and versatility.

Leading Brands We Trust

ID Cube

  • With roots dating back to 2005, ID Cube is a renowned global leader in access control solutions.
  • We create top-notch software and hardware for security needs in industries, homes, and critical sites.
  • ID Cube excels in visitor and vehicle access management, striving for a secure and collaborative world.


  • From RFID tech to IoT solutions, HID ensures safety and efficiency across sectors.
  • HID Global assists various sectors, from government to retail, with access control solutions.
  • Trustworthy verification through smart cards, ID printers, and more.


  • PAXTON serves installers worldwide, securing 25,000+ buildings yearly, with a strong global presence in 60+ countries.
  • Headquartered in Brighton, UK, PAXTON has regional offices in 12+ countries, ensuring local support and service.
  • Paxton’s installer-focused products and services make them the top choice for access control solutions.

Our Best-Selling Long-Range Reader Products

IDCUBE IDLR-12 Long Range Reader

  • Exceptional Range
    Access control up to 12 meters, providing secure and convenient entry.
  • Versatile Modes
    Choose from command, timing, or external trigger reading modes for tailored control.
  • Universal Compatibility
    Seamlessly integrate with boom barriers and bollards via compatible controllers.
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HID ProxPro with Keypad 5355 Reader

HID ProxPro 5355 Proximity Reader with Keypad

  • Extended Read Range
    Unlock access to larger spaces with an impressive 8-inch read range, perfect for medium-range applications.
  • Versatile Integration
    Seamlessly integrate into your access control system with options like Wiegand, RS-232/RS-422, or Clock-and-Data interfaces
  • Weatherproof Design
    Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this reader is weatherproof and built to withstand the elements.
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HID Proximity EntryProx Reader

  • Universal Compatibility
    The HID Proximity EntryProx Reader is compatible with all HID proximity cards and key tags, ensuring seamless access.
  • Weather and Vandal Resistance
    Built to withstand the elements, this reader is weather and vandal-resistant, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Advanced Security
    PIN option, 2,000 card load, and location-based card/key tag deletion. Ultimate protection.
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HID Proximity EntryProx Reader
Net2 Entry - Standard panel, surface mount with rain hood

Paxton Entry Standard Panel with Rain Hood Surface Mount

  • Weatherproof Protection
    Safeguard your entry with IPX5-rated rain hood, built for any weather condition.
  • Convenient Access

    Features built-in keypad & RFID reader for easy and secure entry control.
  • Advanced Compatibility

    Seamlessly integrates with Paxton’s door entry system, SIP mode, and various access credentials.
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Airport Access

Enhance security and streamline passenger flow with our Long-Range Reader at airport terminals.

Government Buildings

Corporate Offices

Secure sensitive data and provide seamless access to employees at corporate offices.


Hospital Entrances

Restrict access to sensitive medical areas while ensuring patient care remains seamless.

Educational Institutions

Manufacturing Plants

Safeguard your facility by managing entry and exit with our advanced Access Control Solution.


Educational Campuses

Protect students and staff with Long-Range Reader in educational institutions.

Residential Complexes

Residential Communities

Elevate security for gated communities, ensuring only authorized residents gain entry.

handbag store interior

Retail Stores

Prevent theft and manage foot traffic effectively in retail settings with our access control technology.


Government Facilities

Fortify public safety at government buildings with our cutting-edge access control system.


Data Centers

Maintain the highest level of data security with Long-Range Reader for data center access.

Entertainment Venues

Stadiums & Arenas

Secure large crowds and maintain order at sporting events and entertainment venues.


Hotels & Resorts

Enhance guest safety and streamline check-in processes for hospitality establishments.

parking management 8

Parking Garages

Manage parking access efficiently, reducing unauthorized entry and enhancing safety.


Industrial Sites

Enhance safety measures at industrial sites by controlling entry and exit points effectively.

Public Transportation Hubs

Transportation Hubs

Optimize passenger transit safety and security at transportation terminals.

Strengthen Security with Long-Range Readers: The Backbone of Modern Access Control Systems

Long Range Readers seamlessly integrate into Access Control Systems, enhancing security. These readers use RFID Technology to read Proximity Cards and facilitate Vehicle Access Control. They excel in Gate Barrier Integration, ensuring authorized entry. Behind the scenes, Authentication Protocols and Software verify user identities, bolstering security. This integration streamlines user management, optimizing Access Control System efficiency for a safer environment.

Take your Access Control Solution to the next level with Long Range Readers.

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    Benefit from our expert guidance to implement the perfect access control solution.
  • Quality Assurance

    Rest easy knowing our Long-Range Readers meet the highest quality standards.

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  • Global Presence

    With a presence in UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait, we’re your local access control partner.
  • Tailored Solutions

    We customize solutions to fit your unique access control requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Long Range Reader, and how does it work?

Long Range Readers are RFID-enabled devices that provide safe access to locations by reading proximity cards from a distance. To activate and read the data on the card, it sends out radio waves.

Where are Long Range Readers commonly used?

Long Range Readers are frequently employed in access control systems, particularly for gate barrier integration and vehicle access control, enabling seamless entrance access for authorized people.

What are the benefits of using Long Range Readers in access control systems?

Long Range Readers are an important part of access control services because they make access easier, faster, and more accurate while also enhancing security access systems.

Are Long Range Readers compatible with different access control systems?

Yes, Long Range Readers are configurable to meet various business needs and are compatible with a range of access control solutions.

Can Long Range Readers be customized for specific business needs?

Yes, Long Range Readers may be designed to fit various business needs and can be linked with a range of access control systems.

What are the security features of Long Range Readers?

The long range readers include strong security features, such as encrypted communication and authentication, that guarantee a high degree of security for your valuables.

Do Long Range Readers support hands-free access?

Yes, long range readers often enable approved users to enter without physically producing their cards, improving user convenience.

What sets ID Cube, HID, and Paxton apart as top Long Range Reader brands?

Top Long Range Reader brands ID Cube, HID, and Paxton stand out for their cutting-edge technology, dependability, and extensive range of access control services.

How can Stebilex assist in selecting the right Long Range Reader solution for my business?

By offering a variety of Long Range Reader solutions and professional advice, Stebilex Systems makes sure you get the best solution for your particular company needs.

Where can I find more information and purchase Long Range Readers from Stebilex Systems?

Visit the Stebilex Systems website for additional details and to purchase Long Range Readers, or get in touch with their knowledgeable team for support.