Sliding Door Operators

Robust, intelligent and aesthetic sliding door operators

Automatic sliding door operators are used to secure entrances for hassle free, safe and secure passage. They have smart, intelligent and sustainable features that adapt to entrances as per the population flow.

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Versatile and Customizable

They facilitate ease of use, automatic control, regulated access and security at entrances. These can be used at private, public and commercial spaces for frequently used doors. They are also a good choice for fire protectant doors and emergency escape routes.


Customizable as per your requirements, these sliding door operators target your individual conditions giving you a tailored solution

Key Features

Enhance your security and safety with sliding door operators

Constructed from the most durable materials available, these premium door operators are more than capable of satisfying all the fundamental demands placed on it.

Introduce sleek and modular designed automatic door operators

to facilitate smooth running of your modern doors. If you are tired of manually pushing heavy doors all day, then say goodbye to the rough old days and step into the world of smooth door operation.

Forget all the worries of cumbersome installation and high-maintenance

Save your time with the hassle-free assembly, installation and maintenance of your door

Futuristic modular designs

Aallow you to fulfill your individual requirements via the self-adjustment function of mechanical components, replaceable trail and simple and quick installation. They have got you covered both for manual as well as electric functions.

A tailored solution to your safety issues

with modular sliding door operators that come in different height variants. Upgradation for additional functions can be done as per the needs of the customer.

Embed your entrance with smart,
intelligent and sustainable features.

Adapt your entrances as per the population flow and your environmental footprint with automatically controlled speeds through intelligent object detection and force optimization

Our Brand Partners


Dormakaba is one of the band wagons when it comes to access control and security solutions. They are present worldwide and provide top-notch services for automatic door security. They have a wide array of products that are used at various locations such as at hotels, schools, malls, hospitals, offices, airports, sports centers, shops or homes. They provide door automation services such as sliding door operators.

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Geze provides cutting-edge safety, window, and door technologies for smart buildings. While maintaining their consistency, they are always inquisitive, dynamic, and receptive to the newest trends, markets, and advancements. Automatic sliding door operators by Geze have smart and intelligent features that make them self-adjustable, networkable, self-correcting and sturdy yet handsome systems.
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FAAC, an Italian group founded in 1965, is a pioneering brand for gate automation and physical security solutions in the world. The solutions from the FAAC group enhance security and access control at some of the largest stadiums, airports, and transport hubs. 
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Assa Abloy is one of the biggest brands in the access control industry with over 150 acquisitions and several unique technological platforms. The group has brands like Yale Lock and Sargent Manufacturing under its umbrella. The Group has an unrivaled presence in areas such as access control, identification technology, entrance automation, and hotel security.
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ES 200 Sliding Door Operator

ES 200 Sliding Door Operator by Dormakaba is an electronic gadget that is used to ensure a high level of safety when it comes to automatic door locking systems. It is used for multiple purposes for e.g., in case of safety measures, emergency exists, protection of valuable belongings etc. They act like door guards who provide protection. The only difference being that the protection is done here by a smart electronic device that is fixed at the door and adjusts itself through its parameterization function.

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Slimdrive SL NT

Slimdrive SL NT by Geze is an automatic linear sliding door that specifically has a low height and a striking design which makes it a perfect choice for a versatile sliding door system. With a sleek and adjustable design, this sliding door system by Geze comes in a very compact size of 7cms.

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Powerdrive PL 

Powerdrive PL by Geze is an automatic sliding door system that uses top-notch technology to facilitate smooth working of heavy doors up to 200kg leaf weight. It has a robust drive for handling heavy weights and running the doors smoothly.

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SL 500 Operator

SL 500 Operator by ASSA ABLOY  is a sliding door operator that automates your entrances in a variety of configurations. It makes entrances sustainable as it offers additional sealing through TightSeal, intelligent open and shut system regulating traffic flow, air locking system, timer, sustainable drive mode etc

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A1400 AIR

A1400 AIR by FAAC is a modern automatic door operator with unique and innovative features. A1400 AIR has top-notch technology and is adaptable as it has various assembly options. Its two types of cover, the exclusive leaf attachment systems and the various leaf profiles  enables it to meet variable individual architectural and technical conditions. Hence, the sliding door operator by FAAC is flexible and made-to-measure.

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