Geze Slimdrive Sliding Door System

Slimdrive is an automatic linear sliding door by Geze that specifically has a low height and a striking design which makes it a perfect choice for a versatile sliding door system.


Introduce this sleek and modular designed automatic door operator by Geze to facilitate smooth running of your modern doors


Say no to noise and yes to security but with silence. The device runs discreetly without being a nuisance with a height of just 7cms


You don’t need to spoon feed Geze’s Slimdrive as it comes with an independent error recognition and recording device which eases your burden


The system is as low maintenance as it is and relieves you off the duty of cleaning and lowers your maintenance costs. This sliding door system of Geze comes with the wonderful option of self-cleaning roller. 


Being smart is another striking feature of Geze’s Slimdrive as it can be integrated into other systems via wireless facility.


What is

Slimdrive Sliding Door System by Geze?

Slimdrive is an automatic linear sliding door by Geze  that specifically has a low height and a striking design which makes it a perfect choice for a versatile sliding door system. With a sleek and adjustable design, this sliding door system by Geze comes in a very compact size of 7cms.


The small height makes it versatile to be used at different locations without much alteration to the existing space. Further, the device is discreet and has a noise reduction system which makes it run noise-lessly, a feature cherished at many places and by many people. Geze’s Slimdrive Sliding Door System has an open standard (BACnet) through which it can be networked and connected with other electronic devices as per need. The independent error and recording feature is a masterstroke by Geze, as it reduces the responsibility of vigil of the user. Further, it can also be connected to inputs or outputs for other desired functions. The option of rechargeable battery is yet another attention seeking feature. It covers for situations of emergency power cuts and checks the smooth running of doors even in absence of electric current.


Another reason to befriend this sliding door operator by Geze is that it has a self cleaning mechanism. The rollers do the cleaning on a regular basis that increase the longevity of the product and reduce the maintenance efforts and costs. Not only this, the sliding door system come with options of both mechanical and electrical locks which makes it a handsome choice for all users.

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Application Areas


  • Single and double leaf sliding door systems
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Façades with slim post-rail constructions
  • Glass façades with the highest design standards
  • Opening widths from 700 to 3000 mm possible
  • Door leaf weights of up to 125 kg per leaf
  • Suitable profile systems
GEZE slimdrive
GEZE slimdrive 098

Why you should choose Geze’s Slimdrive Sliding Door System


  • Small size, high versatility
  • Noise free
  • Independent error recognition and recording
  • Self-cleaning roller mechanism
  • Mechanical as well as electrical locks available
  • Configurable inputs and outputs

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