Intelligent, Fast & Powerful Speed Gates for Busy Facilities

Take your access control and security standards to the next level with our smart and powerful speed gates. Featuring a contemporary design, they are engineered to offer world-class security conveniently in busy, high-traffic facilities.

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Meet the Most Advanced & Innovative Speed Gates

Introduce a higher level of security and entrance control in your facility with our innovative speed gates. Made from stainless steel and glass, they are designed and engineered to organize human traffic in passageways in the best possible way.

Backed by intelligent algorithms, super-accurate sensors, and industry-leading access control technology, our speed gates are capable of operating efficiently even in the most challenging workspaces.

All the speed gates are brought to you exclusively by Stebilex Systems. We are the premier distributors of speed gates in the UAE & Qatar.

Different Types of Speed Gates

Speed Gates with Sliding Panels

Speed gates with sliding panels are a perfect solution for offering fast and contactless access control to your facility. They are available with different passage widths and add elegance to your entry point.

  • Easy to use & integrate with access control systems
  • Allows up to 60 persons/minute
  • Contemporary design
  • Available with built-in barcode and card reader
  • Automatic opening if power fails

Speed Gates with Swing Panels

This type of speed gate is a perfect combination of comfort, style, and integration capabilities. Featuring glass swing panels, it adds an aesthetic appeal at the entrance point of your facility and offers 2 passage directions.

  • Available in an extended version for people in wheelchairs
  • Compatible with industry-leading access control systems
  • Automatic opening if power fails
  • IP41
  • Also available with built-in card and barcode reader

Key Features

Easy to Integrate with Access Control Systems

Be it a simple barcode reader or a sophisticated access card reader, our speed gates are easy to connect and integrate with all types of access control systems to offer a higher level of security in busy facilities.

Available in Extended Versions for Different Security Requirements

All our speed gates are available in extended versions to offer fast, contactless, and convenient access control to people on wheelchairs, prams, bicycles as well as for transporting large, heavy goods.

Backed by Intelligent Algorithms & Intruder Detectors

Our intelligent speed gates come with a built-in intruder detection system. It prevents unauthorized people from accessing your facility by crawling under or jumping over the speed gate to offer complete security.

Offers High Separation Reliability with Rapid Passage of Persons

All the gate elements are designed precisely and accurately to prevent unauthorized people from climbing over the speed gates and delimiting one area from another. Plus the height of speed gates can easily be adjusted according to your security requirements.

Powered by Innovative Technology

Unlike conventional speed gates, our modern and hi-tech speed gates are backed by innovative technology resulting in maintenance-free, quiet, and energy-efficient gate operation.

Offers Secure and Safe Gate Operation

Visitor safety and convenience are our utmost priority. And to deliver it our speed gates come with protective gears and an impact detection system to offer maximum user safety.

Our Brand Partners


PERCo Speed Gates

PERCo is a leading Russian manufacturer of security and access control systems in the market with over 33 years of industry experience. All of its speed gates are passed through ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and come with a 5-year warranty.

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Magnetic Speed Gates

Magnetic is a pioneer in designing and building systematic speed gates and access control systems. Its products are renowned for ultra-durable build quality and customer-oriented features.
Explore speed gates from Magnetic

  • 60 persons/minute throughput
  • Bidirectional passage
  • IP41 protection, built-in intrusion detectors
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  • Features an elegant, modern design
  • Comes with a remote control panel for easy operation
  • Streamlines traffic by allowing up to 60 persons/ minute
  • Available with passage width of 600mm and 900mm
  • Offers normal-open and normal-closed modes
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  • High throughput with shorter opening/closing times
  • Provides maximum security in both monitored and unmonitored areas
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles
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Buy Magnetic FlowMotion - mWing Pedestrian Passageway in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia
  • Short opening times of 0.3 seconds for a high throughput
  • Easily integratable with all common access control systems
  • Automatic opening if power fails
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Buy Magnetic Access Control-MP MPR retractable gates in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia


Our speed gates are used today in managing traffic and providing best-in-class entrance control in a wide range of facilities and applications.


Schools & Colleges




Amusement Parks


Shopping Malls


Corporate Facilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Speed Gate?

A speed gate is a type of turnstile used in securing entrance points and offering better access control in busy, high-traffic facilities. It comes with sliding and swing gate panels and convenient to use.

What are the different types of speed gates?

Depending on the configuration of glass panels there are two types of speed gates namely – swing speed gates and sliding speed gates.

How about the guarantee and after-sale service?

All of our products come with a manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you a same-day response to your request and the quickest delivery thereafter.