Magnetic FlowMotion – mWing Pedestrian Passageway

The elegant and secure pedestrian access control wing gate mWing from Magnetic features short opening and closing times as low as 0.6 –1 second. The versatile parameters of the system allows it to be adapted to meet the on-site requirements. mWing is available for delivery from the first quarter of 2020.

Key Features

  • High throughput with shorter opening/closing times
  • Provides maximum security in both monitored and unmonitored areas
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles

Magnetic mWing features an open housing and free-flowing non-contact passage with a wider passage of up to 900 mm. An ideal solution for companies, airports and cultural facilities, mWing wing gates are built with warm and comfortable mDure material and offer intuitive operations with a robust access controller system – MGC. mWing’s design and operation focus on user convenience, all the while improving security thus augments user acceptance.

With options for various dimensions and accessories, Magnetic mWing allows easy management of high visitor numbers, meanwhile, a wide-lane variant is available for groups of visitors, the transport of material, and wheelchair users. Also, apt security levels achieved through the height of the barrier elements. All this makes mWing is equally suitable for monitored and non-monitored zones. The pedestrian gate is available in more than 20 colour tones.

Latest products under FlowMotion series include mSwing and mWing pedestrian gates (available for delivery 1st Quarter 2020). Upcoming products under the magnetic FlowMotion series include – mTwing (2nd quarter 2020), mSlide (4th quarter 2020), and mFlap (4th quarter 2020). Reach us to know more about magnetic pedestrian gates and traffic barrier solution in the middle east.

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