Electronic Article Surveillance

A cutting-edge surveillance system that protects your goods with intelligent sensors and smart programming.

Created to meet a wide range of merchants’ product assortments, shop layouts, settings, and business objectives.

Asset Protection

Top-notch product protection for every kind of merchant- small, micro, medium, and large enterprises. Ground-breaking solutions that cover all kinds of surveillance needs.

Loss prevention services with a consultation

Creation of a tailored strategy from expert and experienced knowledge of loss prevention systems to serve the users’ requirements.

Exceptional Installation and Service

A complete set of installation and service solutions, including remote monitoring, a centralised support team, and field mobility capabilities, are all part of our EAS offering.

What are the technologies used in Sensormatic loss prevention?


Provides a wide detection range for better installation flexibility. It is a robust technology that is less prone to other electronic interference thus ensuring proper functioning.

Radio Frequency (RF)

An anti-theft technology that enhances effortless merchandising for open retailing without having to worry about losing. It is also affordable which makes it an attractive offer.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

One-of-a-kind overhead EAS strategy for stores with open spaces or inside malls. It provides a wide exit coverage and merchandise protection while remaining invisible.

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What is offered by EAS technologies by Sensormatic? (RFID)


  • Our EAS range spans many technologies (AM, RF, and RFID)
  • It includes detection systems, tags and labels, video solutions, source tagging solutions, deactivators and detachers, and shrink management software offering analytics and insights.
  • It is integrated, adaptable, and wide-ranging. We take great pleasure in providing a variety of options and being an innovator.

What are the product offerings by
EAS Sensormatic?

Detection Systems

Reliable anti-shoplifting technology is at the core of EAS solutions.

  • Available in a variety of installation choices
  • Employs trustworthy anti-shoplifting technology to help keep goods safe
  • Made-to-measure detection systems for your requirements
  • Alternatives to assist feed data back into the supply chain
  • Encourages customer satisfaction, store efficiency, and product availability

Available Detection Systems from Sensormatic

Pedestal systems sensormatic 01

Pedestal systems


For a range of exits, aesthetics, and legal needs, Sensormatic detection and protection are available.

Sensormatic Synergy 9.6m Concealed Floor System

Concealed systems


Sensormatic recessed systems and wall or doorframe mounted antennas are examples of covert protection.

Surveillance Zones sensormatic

Surveillance Zones


Efficient departure and/or checkout lane surveillance.


Improve customer satisfaction, increase revenue, and maintain the safety of a variety of products.

  • Innovative and simple-to-use sensors
  • Safeguard anything from clothing and cosmetics to hardware and groceries
  • Wide range of simple-to-apply Sensormatic hard tags and labels in AM, RF, and RFID technologies.
  • Stock challenging-to-protect commodities with Sensormatic anti-theft tagging
  • Choices that match all demands, budgets, and inventory kinds
  • Assisting in shrink reduction and sales growth

Available Sensors from Sensormatic

Sensormatic Safers & Wraps o2

Sensormatic Safers & Wraps


To increase sales and improve the client experience, you may open merchandise for your high-theft products with confidence thanks to Sensormatic safers and wrap anti-theft sensors.

AM:RFID Hard Tags

Sensormatic Hard Tags


Sensormatic anti-theft hard tags give shops a cutting-edge approach to protecting goods so customers may open things with confidence. They are made to handle several high-theft areas.

Sensormatic Labels

Sensormatic Labels


Sensormatic labels offer anti-theft defence and covertly safeguard goods of various sizes and forms, including tiny objects with a narrow or slender profile.

Products for Retail Security

Products for Retail Security


With the help of their collaboration, Sensormatic and MTI are now able to provide a range of retail security items that are specially made to safeguard pricey devices that are exhibited in stores, such as cameras and cellphones.

Sensormatic Safers & Wraps

AM/RFID Hard Tags


With the wide selection of hard tags offered by Sensormatic, virtually any object may be safely protected. Sensormatic anti-theft hard tags give shops a cutting-edge approach to protecting goods so customers may open things with confidence. They are made to handle several high-theft areas.

Detachers and Deactivators

Designed to make it easier to provide a smooth checkout experience in almost any retail setting.

  • Remove hard tags swiftly and effectively from protected items or deactivate labels (POS)
  • Choice of manual and motorised Sensormatic detachers
  • Accommodate everything from the tiniest checkout stands to the biggest DIY store POS systems
  • With different installation options and features.

Available Detachers and Deactivators from Sensormatic

Sensormatic detachers uae

Hard Tag Detachers


A variety of manual and motorised detachers are available from Sensormatic to match our line of hard tags. Due to this, Sensormatic Solutions can provide merchants with product protection solutions that integrate with their point-of-sale systems.

Label Deactivators & Activators

Label Deactivators & Activators


To reliably deactivate active anti-theft labels at the point of sale, Sensormatic Solutions offers a full line of deactivators.

Electronic Article Surveillance

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