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Genuine access control, magnetic locks & electric locks for every door

Gianni Industries, Inc is a Taiwanese company, a pioneer in manufacturing Access Control Systems & Accessories.

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About GEM Gianni

It offers a comprehensive range of products including access control readers, access control power supply units, exit buttons for access control, electromagnetic locks, and electric strikes. The company has achieved over 30 patents, and its solutions focus on pioneering people-centric solutions to ensure seamless security integrations.

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Electromagnetic Locks

GEM manufactures world-class, patented, and redefining electromagnetic locks to keep your door safe and secure all the time. They are reliable, well-designed, and weatherproof.

Buy GEM-1200 Series Electromagnetic LockBuy GEM-600 Series Electromagnetic Lock

Electric Strikes

Introduce better security in your facility by securing your doors with GEM electric strikes. They come in remarkable finishes and offer a robust build quality.

Buy GEM Electric Strike – GK300 seriesBuy GEM GK140/145 Series Electric Strikes

Electromechanical Locks

GEM’s electromechanical locks come with robust build quality, compliant with international ANSI standards, and perfect security solutions for all types of doors.

Buy GEM GML800 Series Electromechanical Mortise Locks

Automatic Door Operators

Meet the hygiene and safety needs of the post-pandemic world with GEM’s automatic door operators. They are easy to install, use, and perfect solution for residential, commercial, institutional, and critical facilities.

Buy GEM Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 Automatic Door Operator

Access Control Systems

GEM is a pioneer in designing and building reliable and incredibly secure access control systems. The product lineup features world-class Bluetooth readers, fingerprint, digital & proximity keypads, protective covers, and credentials.

Buy GEM DG-750 Standalone Digital Keypad with Split ControllerBuy GEM DG-ea400 Fingerprint Biometric & Keypad Access Control Device

Power Supplies

Back up your access control systems with GEM’s safe, secure, reliable, and remarkably efficient power supplies. Depending on the power requirements, they come in three categories: PSB, PSU, and PSM.


Door Access Control Kits

GEM’s single door access kits allow you to control and access your door with a smartphone. All come with a Bluetooth range of 50 meters and support up to 196 users.

Buy GEM LZ BRACKET – LZ-300MBuy Gem Gianni PBH-350 Series

Exit Buttons

GEM manufacturers a wide range of exit buttons depending on the requirements of different facilities. The product lineup includes infrared, Bluetooth, weatherproof, push, wireless, and touch sense exit buttons.

Buy GEM RTS Series Infrared Exit SensorGEM Wave Sense Infrared Exit Device – RTS 860Buy GEM PBT Push Buttons

What Makes Gianni Industries a Pioneer in the Access Control & Security Market?


High-Quality & Super Reliable Products

GEM follows a straightforward and robust quality control system to manufacture highly reliable & top-notch security solutions. All are passed through a wide range of tests and challenging experiment environments to meet international manufacturing standards.


Use of Robotics

To make the manufacturing process error-free and convenient, GEM Gianni Industries utilize intelligent robots. They are responsible for assembling the components and making the manufacturing process more efficient.


Innovation & Automation-Driven Manufacturing System

GEM Gianni uses high-end technologies and automation systems to offer high-quality access control devices and security solutions. With a strong reputation in the market, the remarkable brand continues to manufacture world-class products surpassing global quality standards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is GEM based?

Gianni Industries (GEM) is based in the Tucheng District of New Taipei City, Taiwan.

What is GEM’s specialty?

Gianni Industries (GEM) specializes in designing and building top-quality access control products. With humble beginnings in 1992, the brand has come a long way and holds a renowned reputation globally.

What are the industries served by GEM?

GEM’s popular range of access control and security solutions is catered to meet the sophisticated security requirements of transportation facilities, public institutions, and commercial buildings.

What products does GEM manufacture?

GEM manufacturers an exclusive range of access control and security products including electromagnetic locks, electric strikes, electromechanical push bar, electric drop bolts, shear locks, access control systems, automatic door operator, power supplies, door access control kits, exit buttons, call points and access control accessories.

Where to order GEM products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier distributor of Gianni Industries (GEM) products in UAE, Qatar & other renowned GCC countries. Contact us today to place your order.