GEM PBT Push Buttons

PBT series push buttons from GEM are an ideal solution for request-to-exit applications and are easy to install. The push buttons are designed for application with any third party access control system.

Key Features

  • Momentary DPDT, SPST, or SPDT
  • Available in several models
  • Optional surface mount box

The latest range of PBT/BTS buttons is also integrated with Bluetooth technology. PBT push buttons offer momentary DPDT, SPST, or SPDT contacts. The push buttons come in ANSI and European sizes and are made with a stainless steel plate. GEM offers a wide range of options including LED-backlit switches and optional surface mount models, all its models are RoHS compliant.

ANSI Size PBT Push Buttons:

PBT-020B-2, PBT-060B, PBT-060B-TG, PBT-020BJ, PBT-160B, PBT-180B, PBT-060BL, PBT-020B-LED.

Narrow Size PBT Push Button:

Mortise Mount

PBT-010, PBT-010L, PBT-019-2, PBT-020-2, PBT-020-4, PBT-020-LED, PBT-025-4, PBT-025J, PBT-026-4, PBT-026J, PBT-200-2, PBT-200J, PBT- 200LED

Surface Mount

PBT-100-4, PBT-160, PBT-025JS, PBT-080, PBT-030, PBT-120-PTE, PBT-120-E, PBT-100-LED

European Size PBT Push Button:

PBT-800, PBT-210UK, PBT-211UK, PBT-425 BS-DR, PBT-425 BS, PBT-400 BS, PBT-400 BS-DR, PBT-400 BS-P, PBT-419 BS, PBT-419 BS-DR, PBT-430 BS-BL, PBT-430 BS, PBT-430 BS-F

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